18th Match, Group C, Gros Islet, Mar 22 2007, ICC World Cup
(49.2/50 ov, target 364)249
New Zealand won by 114 runs
player of the match
Lou Vincent
New Zealand

Dhaniram, who retired hurt, doesn't bother to come back out to bat and that completes proceedings at St Lucia, with a comprehensive victory for New Zealand. They are certainly looking like strong contenders at this early stage of the competition. Canada's performances in the group just got better, however, and they did very well today, giving the Kiwis some decent practice. Davison was at his brilliant best, too, with some entertainment early on.

Thanks ever so much for joining us today, hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have. Do come back tomorrow when India take on Sri Lanka in a must-win game for them, while West Indies play Ireland in what promises to be another interesting match.

Patel to Osinde, OUT

another bowled, that one clattering into the off stick, the No 11 driving with a straight bat and missed that one completely

Henry Osinde b Patel 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Patel to Sandher, OUT

well bowled and Patel has to hold both hands up in appeal to confirm the wicket. Full delivery and Sandher swooshes at that one, misses, and the ball just clips the off stick on the way through to the keeper

Kevin Sandher b Patel 2 (5m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
end of over 494 runs
CAN: 249/7CRR: 5.08 RRR: 115.00 • Need 115 runs from 6b
Kevin Sandher2 (5)
Anderson Cummins9 (8)
Michael Mason8-0-60-1
Jeetan Patel9-0-25-1

Speaking of pick, Canada's coach Andy Pick will be pleased with his side's efforts in this, his last match

Mason to Sandher, 1 run

high full toss, at an awkward height and coming straight to the batsman, who does well to pick that one out to square

Mason to Sandher, no run

on a good length, on off, and that's defended back to the bowler who mock-shies it back to the keeper, but doesn't release

Mason to Cummins, 1 run

driven on the up off the back foot to mid-off and that's just the single

Mason to Cummins, no run

wide down off and dying - Cummins gives a headrush of a game swoosh at that one, but connects only with air

Mason to Sandher, 1 run

full toss worked down off the hips to mid-on

Mason to Cummins, 1 run

tries to smash that on the up off the back foot through long-on, but instead the ball rolls into cover

end of over 482 runs • 1 wicket
CAN: 245/7CRR: 5.10 RRR: 59.50 • Need 119 runs from 12b
Kevin Sandher0 (2)
Anderson Cummins7 (5)
Jeetan Patel9-0-25-1
Michael Mason7-0-56-1
Patel to Sandher, no run

defended forward this time to finish off a good over from Patel

Patel to Sandher, no run

turns into the righthander and Lockets shares could go up there as the bowler roars the loudest and gravelliest of appeals - not a bad shout; it would have hit the stumps decides HawkEye... but not the real eye of the umpire

Patel to Bhatti, OUT

horrible - a big heave looking to send that into Row Z, instead it hit middle-and-off and the batsman's on his way

Umar Bhatti b Patel 10 (35m 28b 1x4 0x6) SR: 35.71
Patel to Cummins, 1 run

outside off and that turns in a touch to the righthander who in turn works it back out to point

Patel to Bhatti, 1 leg bye

tickled off the pads behind square

Patel to Bhatti, no run

on middle and changes the length well when he sees Bhatti bouncing down the track and has to adjust his own plans, with a defence

end of over 478 runs
CAN: 243/6CRR: 5.17 RRR: 40.33 • Need 121 runs from 18b
Umar Bhatti10 (25)
Anderson Cummins6 (4)
Michael Mason7-0-56-1
Craig McMillan3-0-21-0

"Vettori! Vettori! Vettori!" beseech the crowd. Vettori obliges with a wave and gets a cheer for his efforts.

Patel back into the attack

Mason to Bhatti, 1 run

hip-height full toss worked to Fleming at short midwicket who bungs it back in underarm

Mason to Cummins, 1 run

worked out to midwicket

Mason to Bhatti, 1 leg bye

wide and angled at the lefthander - McCullum screams a ridiculous appeal - that was missing leg by a long way

Mason to Bhatti, 2 runs

slower ball, so wide and slow that the batsman really should have done better than to just drive that slowly to inside the cover boundary

Mason to Cummins, (no ball) 1 run

overstepped and the batsman steps into that one and drives it through cover

Mason to Bhatti, 1 run

low full toss and that's bunted behind point

Mason to Bhatti, no run

on leg, crashes into the leg, and that's half an appeal - the 'Ow? bit - but the ball was clearly straying down