1st T20I (N), Wellington, Feb 6 2019, India tour of New Zealand
(19.2/20 ov, target 220)139
New Zealand won by 80 runs
player of the match
Tim Seifert
New Zealand

So India are still searching for their first T20I win in New Zealand. With New Zealand 1-0 up in the three-match series, the teams will now face each other in Auckland on Friday. For now, that's all from our side. See you soon.

"Fantastic performance all around," Williamson says. "One of the complete performances you search for. Seifert was excellent. The bowling performance was outstanding. We had runs on the board but bowling and fielding were outstanding. [On the women's game] It was a great game. Throughout the series the two teams have followed a similar trend. Hopefully, they can do that in the next game and we can follow it up."

"We were outplayed in all three departments actually," Rohit says. "We always knew 200 is not going to be an easy chase. We kept losing wickets, that kept throwing us out of the game. We have chased 200-run targets in the past. But when you don't have a good partnership while chasing big totals, it's always difficult. Us as a team, we have chased down the targets, that's why we were playing with eight batsman. We needed that one big partnership which we failed to do."

"It was a great way to start the series," Seifert says. [On opening the innings]: "We decided to see off a couple of overs. [Then it was] just play the game. I have been picked for some reason and I just backed myself."

Tim Seifert is the Man of the Match.

11.15pm A complete performance by New Zealand to hand India their biggest defeat by run-margin. Colin Munro and Tim Seifert started with a blazing 86-run start in 8.2 overs. Krunal Pandya got Munro but Seifert kept hurting India and went on to score a 43-ball 84. Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor and Scott Kuggeleijn played nice cameos to take the side to 219 for 6. India lost Rohit Sharma early in the chase. Shikhar Dhawan and Vijay Shankar took them past 50 but then the wickets fell in a heap as the visitors slipped from 51 for 1 to 77 for 6. Tim Southee was excellent, picking up 3 for 17 from his four overs, while Lockie Ferguson, Mitchell Santner and Ish Sodhi picked up two wickets each.

Mitchell to Chahal, OUT

fuller on the stumps, Chahal looks to slog it towards long-on, misses and gets bowled. And that's maiden wicket for Mitchell in T20Is

Yuzvendra Chahal b Mitchell 1 (7m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
Mitchell to Khaleel Ahmed, 1 run

fuller, just outside off, hits it towards long-on

Mitchell to Chahal, (no ball) 1 run

a high full toss outside off, Chahal hits it towards sweeper cover, called a no-ball for height

end of over 194 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 136/9CRR: 7.15 RRR: 84.00 • Need 84 runs from 6b
Yuzvendra Chahal0 (1)
Tim Southee4-0-17-3
Lockie Ferguson4-0-22-2

shariq: "Offcourse Virat is a better batsman than Rohit and thus he has a great impact as a batsman in indian team success. he alone is 50% of indian strength :)"

Southee to Dhoni, OUT

short of length on middle, goes for the pull, makes a neat connection but ends up hitting it straight towards Ferguson at deep square leg

MS Dhoni c Ferguson b Southee 39 (47m 31b 5x4 1x6) SR: 125.8
Southee to Dhoni, no run

slower one outside off, goes for the cut but it stays quite low and goes under the bat

Southee to Dhoni, FOUR runs

Southee misses the yorker and Dhoni launches it over the bowler's head for a boundary

Southee to Dhoni, no run

length outside off, looks to hoick it on the leg side, misses and gets struck on the pads

Southee to Dhoni, no run

another short one, goes for the pull but mistimes it towards short fine leg, gets it just over Sodhi who stretches out his left hand but the ball just evades him

Southee to Dhoni, no run

short of length, skips down the pulls it towards deep midwicket, denies the single

end of over 183 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 132/8CRR: 7.33 RRR: 44.00 • Need 88 runs from 12b
Yuzvendra Chahal0 (1)
MS Dhoni35 (25)
Lockie Ferguson4-0-22-2
Tim Southee3-0-13-2

Shah: "When Virat captains the side, the Team strength is 95-100%, while Rohit captains the side, Virat's absence makes the team strength to be 70-75% .. So the debate point is , who is the best as captain ? Virat or Rohit?"

Ferguson to Chahal, no run

fuller, just outside off, Chahal pushes at it and gets beaten

Ferguson to Bhuvneshwar, OUT

an excellent catch by Seifert! Fuller outside off, Bhuvneshwar looks to drive, gets an outside edge low towards the right of the keeper, who goes one-handed and grabs it inches above the ground

Bhuvneshwar Kumar c †Seifert b Ferguson 1 (3m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
Ferguson to Dhoni, 1 run

fuller around off, Dhoni hangs on the back foot and drags it towards deep midwicket

Ferguson to Bhuvneshwar, 1 run

a touch fuller around off, taps it towards extra cover for a quick single

Ferguson to Bhuvneshwar, no run

length outside off, stays inside the line and defends it towards cover

Ferguson to Dhoni, 1 run

slower one at 126 kph, length outside off, pushed towards covers

end of over 1711 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 129/7CRR: 7.58 RRR: 30.33 • Need 91 runs from 18b
MS Dhoni33 (23)
Tim Southee3-0-13-2
Lockie Ferguson3-0-19-1
Southee to Krunal, OUT

an excellent bouncer aimed at the head, Krunal goes for a pull, taking his eyes off the ball, can only get a glove on it, Seifert sprints forward and takes a low sliding catch

Krunal Pandya c †Seifert b Southee 20 (24m 18b 1x4 1x6) SR: 111.11
Southee to Dhoni, 1 run

use of feet once again, it's a touch fuller on the stumps, flicked towards midwicket

Southee to Dhoni, FOUR runs

short of length outside off, Dhoni skips down and just dabs it over backward point, using Southee's pace to get a four

Southee to Krunal, 1 run

length down the leg side, Krunal moves away and works it towards extra cover

Southee to Dhoni, 1 run

short of length on the body, pulled towards fine leg, only a single this time

Southee to Dhoni, FOUR runs

short of length, skips down the track and pulls it away, not from the middle of the bat, but Ferguson from deep square leg overruns it, but Santner sprints in from the deep midwicket and puts in the dive, stops the ball from reaching to the boundary line but his other hand brushes the skirting