2nd T20I (N), Colombo (RPS), Jul 28 2021, India tour of Sri Lanka
(19.4/20 ov)133/6
Sri Lanka won by 4 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
40* (34)

So, the three-match series is levelled 1-1 with the final game tomorrow. We will see you then. Ta-ta for now.

Dasun Shanaka: I thought if we could contain them to a low total, we could chase it. We were not able to capitalise in the first six overs. But DDS and Wanindu Hasaranga bailed us out. I should thank the BCCI and SLC for this opportunity because this is a huge opportunity for young guys in these times.

Shikhar Dhawan: The surface had turn and it was stopping a bit. Of course, we knew one batsman was short and we knew we had to construct the innings smartly and we had to content ourselves at some point. But yeah, we were 10-15 runs short. I am very proud of the boys because we gave a very good fight. That never dying attitude and taking the game to the last game while defending just 132, hats off to both bowlers and batters.

Dhananjaya de Silva is the Player of the Match. "I am very happy to contribute. In my mind, I wanted to bat till the 20th over. I thought this was my opportunity. When you play against India, it's very tough."

Pratik: "So Ishan Porel likely to make debut tomorrow " -- Let's see. For now, it's the presentation time.

vignes: "That slipped waist high ball from Bhuvi sadly turned out to be the winning factor. nevertheless , India put on honest fight despite the weekender team."

Sumanthgutta: "I am rooting for Rahul Dravid to play his 2nd T20I tomorrow"

Thanks, Karthik. Yes, it proved to be quite a close game despite India putting up only 132.

11.27pm A good, tight game, but in the end you'd say India just didn't have enough on the board. Just the one four and the one six in DDS's innings, but the low target meant it was still crucial, with Hasaranga and Chamika Karunaratne pulling off a few big hits at the other end to reel in the asking rate. A good effort overall from India's bowlers, and from their lopsided and severely weakened team.

That's all from me tonight. I'll hand it back to Hemant to bring you the presentation.

Sakariya to Dhananjaya, 1 run

and that's that. Full, angling in towards off stump, and he makes room to squeeze it to the right of Kuldeep at short third man. It's going towards his wrong hand, so they can sneak a quick single to finish the game off

Just the one to win now. DDS is winded after running all these twos, but he's taken his team to the brink of victory. The field has come in now, everyone saving the single. Sakariya goes around the wicket.

Sakariya to Dhananjaya, 2 runs

short, finishing at chest height over off stump, pulled towards deep square leg, and it takes its time getting to the fielder, so the batters can run two once more

Sakariya to Dhananjaya, 2 runs

and now it's 3 off 3. Nicely played. Full slower ball slanting away from off stump, and DDS opens his bat face to steer it into the gap to backward point's left. Excellent diving stop, but he can't prevent a second run

5 off 5

Sakariya to C Karunaratne, 2 wide

there's that big back-and-across step, and Sakariya floats this further across the right-hander. Back of a length, finishing well outside off. Misses the pull, and Samson fumbles it behind the stumps to concede an extra run. Went to him on the bounce

But DDS has achieved the adjective of getting Karunaratne on strike. 7 off 5.

Sakariya to Dhananjaya, 1 run

slower ball, length ball angling across to off stump. Looks to clear his front leg to flick over midwicket, only manages to send it a short distance into the backward square leg region

And it comes down to eight off the last over, with a debutant to bowl.

end of over 1912 runs
SL: 125/6CRR: 6.57 RRR: 8.00 • Need 8 runs from 6b
Chamika Karunaratne12 (6)
Dhananjaya de Silva34 (30)
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 4-0-21-1
Chetan Sakariya 3-0-26-1
Bhuvneshwar to C Karunaratne, 2 runs

wide line again, back of a length, and this time Karunaratne reaches out and manages to connect with his slash. Slices it in the air, but he manages to clear backward point

Bhuvneshwar to C Karunaratne, no run

shortish, wide, and it seemed to be past the wide tramline, but Karunaratne had taken that big step back and across. Reaches out to slash, and can't connect. Tight call, went in the bowler's favour

Two more balls in this over, with Karunaratne still on strike.

Saini's being led off the field by India's physio now.

Ganesh Natrajan: "There's no dew. There's rain" -- Ah, yes.

Bhuvneshwar to C Karunaratne, 2 runs

length ball wide of off stump, and that's well played, goes back and across again and just about manages to clear the leaping extra-cover fielder with a flat-bat slash. Saini is clutching his left upper arm now. He seemed to land awkwardly on it after jumping up at full stretch to try and catch the ball

Bhuvneshwar to C Karunaratne, SIX runs

wham. This man can really hit them. Is there some dew? Possibly, because he sends down a thigh-high full-toss just outside off, and he's sitting deep in his crease having taken a big step back and across. Great position to launch it away over wide long-on

Bhuvneshwar to Dhananjaya, 1 run

back of a length on off stump, seems to nip in a touch. Opens up at the hip and flat-bats to long-on

Bhuvneshwar to C Karunaratne, 1 run

back of a length outside off, chopped to extra-cover off the back foot

The DLS par for six wickets down right now is 116, it seems.

20 from 12. And it's begun raining. Rahul Dravid has the DLS sheet in his hand. The groundstaff are poised with the covers, but it looks like they'll continue playing. The umpires were actually about to pull the stumps out, but I think it stopped raining in the nick of time.

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