4th match (D/N), Cape Town, April 19, 2009, Indian Premier League
(13.1/20 ov, T:102) 104/2

Chargers won by 8 wickets (with 41 balls remaining)

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A clinical win, really. The pitch had its share of benefits for the bowlers but a score of 101 proved totally inadequate. Laxman's fall had perhaps provided a window for Kolkata to claw back in, but Rohit and Gibbs played sensibly to see off a nervous phase, and then opened up -starting with the Agarkar over - to hasten the end. So we've had three matches that have been fairly one-sided in this tournament so far, but it's good to see the bowlers, especially the spinners, having a major influence on the outcomes. We'll get you the details from the presentation shortly.

McCullum: "The runs were just not enough. We just weren't up to the standards. The top order struggled and Deccan handled the conditions very well. We never really gave the pitch any opportunity to play to our strengths, and we need to bounce back well after this. It was tough for the bowlers with such a low score to defend."

Glichrist: "It was an ideal start, something we've been working towards. We've had the intensity that you saw today in our training camp, and we've tried to learn from the experience last year. It was fantastic to see the guys unveil their fielding skills today, and we need to replicate this in the future matches. We suffered a lot of defeats last year in games that were 50-50, but we need to build up the momentum further."

RP Singh is the Man of the Match for his four-for.

RP: "It's an amazing feeling. It's a much better wicket than the ones in India with some bounce and swing. Edwards set the tone, he bowled superbly from the other end."

That's all we have for you guys today. Thanks for tuning in, sending us your feedback and remaining patient through the rain breaks and troubles with the floodlights. It's been a pleasure bringing you the coverage, and do log in again tomorrow for the game between Bangalore and Chennai which will be played in Port Elizabeth. Here's hoping the weather there turns out to be better, and that we see closer contests than the largely one-sided ones we've over the first two days. Until then, it's Siddhartha Talya signing off. Adios!

Henriques to Gibbs, FOUR runs

takes him just one ball as Gibbs dances down to cream that over cover for a boundary, that was all power and got to the ropes in a flash

Henriques has the privelege of finishing this off

end of over 139 runs
DC: 100/2CRR: 7.69 RRR: 0.28
Rohit Sharma36 (32)
Herschelle Gibbs39 (25)
Murali Kartik 4-0-23-0
Chris Gayle 1-0-14-0
Kartik to Rohit Sharma, no run

spun away to beat the outside off, he got forward to defend but wasn;t to the pitch and didn't read the spin

Kartik to Rohit Sharma, no run

shorter on leg stump, went straight through to strike him on the pads as he tried to turn it away, but was going down

Kartik to Gibbs, 1 run

tossed up down leg, swept down to fine leg for a single, just two more needed now

Kartik to Rohit Sharma, 1 run

worked away through square leg for a single

Kartik to Rohit Sharma, SIX runs

beautifully struck, not much effort there, just pure timing, flighted and he cashes in, getting to the pitch to clear long-off comfortably

Kartik to Gibbs, 1 bye

spat off the pitch and turned to deceive Gibbs, slightly short on middle but zipped away as he got forward to defend, even McCullum was taken bu surprise

end of over 1214 runs
DC: 91/2CRR: 7.58 RRR: 1.37
Rohit Sharma29 (28)
Herschelle Gibbs38 (23)
Chris Gayle 1-0-14-0
Murali Kartik 3-0-15-0
Gayle to Rohit Sharma, no run

tossed up outside off, not much spin on that one, left alone

Gayle to Gibbs, 3 runs

three more, swept down fine, fetched it from outside off, McCullum moved well to his left but it beat him, was timed well but fine leg got across to cut it off

Gayle to Gibbs, SIX runs

the end is near now, tossed up on middle, plants his foot forward and slog-sweeps that well over deep midwicket

Gayle to Gibbs, no run

gets froward and pushes it to midwicket, much straighter

Gayle to Gibbs, FOUR runs

fired in full outside leg stump, poor ball really, Gibbs paddles that smartly into the vacant fine-leg region for a boundary

Gayle to Rohit Sharma, 1 run

on middle and leg, moves across and pushes it wide of square leg

Gayle comes on

end of over 118 runs
DC: 77/2CRR: 7.00 RRR: 2.77
Rohit Sharma28 (26)
Herschelle Gibbs25 (19)
Murali Kartik 3-0-15-0
Ajit Agarkar 1-0-17-0
Kartik to Rohit Sharma, 1 run

punched off the back foot towards a deepish mid-on for a quick single

Kartik to Rohit Sharma, no run

short on middle, dropped into the leg side using his wrists

Kartik to Rohit Sharma, FOUR runs

easily done, quicker through the air, bowled full on middle, hit it cleanly through the line over the bowler's head for a boundary

Kartik to Rohit Sharma, no run

short on the off stump, chopped down to point

Kartik to Gibbs, 1 run

they're doing this easily, pushed between point and cover

Kartik to Gibbs, 2 runs

flighted outside leg, swept down wide of short fine for a couple

Kartik to continue

end of over 1017 runs
DC: 69/2CRR: 6.90 RRR: 3.30
Rohit Sharma23 (22)
Herschelle Gibbs22 (17)
Ajit Agarkar 1-0-17-0
Murali Kartik 2-0-7-0

These two, after taking some time to settle in after the fall of Laxman, have added 34 to ease any nerves and almost shut Kolkata out of this. The Agarkar over could well prove the decisive over in the second innings.

Rocker: "The girl who was selected today is not cheerleader of Deccan Chargers, but is a local student from the Stellenbosch University. Looks like Jenny was just havin' some fun in a bikini. And oh yeah....the coat is for "obvious" reasons!!"

Agarkar to Rohit Sharma, FOUR runs

Agarkar has been punished, just in his first over, I don't think we'll see more of him this match, dropped it short again and Rohit pulled it all along the ground wide of midwicket