56th Match (N), Mumbai, May 5 2019, Indian Premier League
Mum Indians won by 9 wickets (with 23 balls remaining)
player of the match
Hardik Pandya
Mumbai Indians

11.16pm Mumbai Indians conclude the group stage with a win, and they'll go into the play-offs topping the points table thanks to a NRR of 0.421. It was all too easy for them as KKR stumbled to a woefully under par 133 for 7. Quinton de Kock went in all guns blazing, Rohit Sharma eased to an unbeaten fifty, and Suryakumar Yadav played a perfect supporting role as Mumbai strolled to a nine-wicket win. This result means that Mumbai will meet defending champions Chennai Super Kings in the play-offs, while Sunrisers Hyderabad have also secured a play-off berth - the first team ever to do so with only 12 points.

"We didn't find momentum after the first six overs, but after that we didn't get going," says Dinesh Karthik. "Wickets falling didn't help much either. The pitch wasn't that easy for stroke making, it held up, and they have a lot of bowlers who are good with their cutters. When Mumbai batted, there was some dew and the ball was coming on to the bat. Sometimes things don't go your way, and that's fine. As a team, we never stopped trying. We'll come back stronger next year."

"That's the role they have given me in this tournament, I just support the batsman at the other end and try to bat as long as possible," Suryakumar Yadav says of his knock and stand with Rohit. "We tried to keep things simple, and just wanted to bat rather than looking too much at the scoreboard. [The match against CSK] is going to be a big game, but at the end of the day, it's just another game. Lets see what happens in the play-offs."

"It was a team effort that pleased me," says Rohit Sharma. "The last press conference I did, I said we don't depend on individuals to take us through. There are several characters who put their hand up. The bowling unit restricted KKR to less than 140, which was a fantastic effort. We used our variations really well. With their start, we though we would chase 180, but we pulled it back and the bowlers showed a lot of character. The business end of the tournament really matters. We didn't start well, but we came back really well in the second half of the tournament. We need everyone to chip in, and that's something that this team has done really well over the years. All the three trophies we have won, we've come good at the business end. IPL is a funny tournament, we just have to be at our best on a given day. We want to cross the finishing line, but there are a few steps we need to take first. [On his fifty celebration, which was directed to his young daughter] She's been coming here every day, watching me, but I didn't get runs. So i gave her something to cheer about today, though she was sleeping when i got my fifty!"

Hardik Pandya is the Player of the Match, and he has this to say: "Getting a Man of the Match award with a bowling performance is great, I'm happy I got this one. As a batsman, when you hit the ball, nothing is better than that. But when you can do something people are not expecting with our bowling, I'm happy. I have no clue [where my six-hitting power comes from], Krunal was just telling me that I generate power with my hip and my core. I've just been hitting the ball since I was young. Eventually it became a habit, and now it's going like its supposed to. I was expecting us to win this one, and now I'm focusing on the Chennai game. It will be a cracking game."

Jay : "What a tournament! Top 3 teams finishing on equal points and only 1 point separating 4-8 ranked teams. "

Abhijato: "As group strage draws to an end: My Cricinfo commentators' XI of the IPL (apologies to any not here, we fans love all BBB-ers): Liam Brickhill, Debayan Sen (fastest openers), Varun Shetty (dynamic), Andrew Miller (witty slip fielder and stable hands), Sreshth Shah (Rahane-sque solidity), the Muthus (like the Pandyas), Hemant Brar (fine all-rounder), Alex Malcolm (puts a 'spin' on things), Andrew McGlashan (the SuperSub) and Shashank Kishore (accurate and fast) (Note: got four foreigners too :)"

Hamza: "IPL table looks like EPL table. The big 3 and then the remaining teams with close points."

Nikhil Tagaram: "Tight slap to all those commentators supporting KKR @ESPNCRICINFO. Post this. I don't mind now SRH losing in eliminator." -- Excuse me?

Sumanth: "Warner and Bairstow ensured srh have chance at playoffs , and now they have. Without even playing crucial matches."

Vinod Rajpal: "@Abhijato : I will frame that !! Cricinfo XI !!"

Jignesh: "I think Nikhil Tagaram means to say to all those who posted comments in support of KKR. not to you Liam" -- Thank goodness!

Nikhil Tagaram: "Sorry Liam, its not to @espncricinfo. As a SRH fan, I was surprised to see 99% comments in yesterday's match and today's match on how KKR should be in playoffs , rather than SRH." -- No worries!

SandyKamHouston: "All I can think of this IPL season... THAT NO BALL NOT CALLED when Malinga bowled last ball against RCB... That is 2 points and the difference between being and not being in play offs for RCB. Cruel. When you can see things on large screen, you should be able to correct your decision. Period. "

Pavan: "Who knows SRH might lift the cup?"

11.45pm And that's all from your commentary team tonight. We hope you've enjoyed our coverage. Before you go, don't forget to check out tonight's Talking Points, which touches both on Uthappa's struggles and Hardik Pandya's game-changing turn with the ball. There's also Deivarayan Muthu's match report with all the details of KKR's KO to enjoy. The stage is set for the first Qualifier between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings on Tuesday. See you then!

Russell to Yadav, SIX runs

and the match ends in a flash! Russell digs the ball in short, Yadav rocks back and lifts his hook shot up and over fine leg to end the game with just under four overs to spare

Bhupathi: "Wowww Is rinku singh a super hero or what ?? He is never tired." -- A commendable effort, especially considering the context in the match

Bhavik: "So what exactly is Rinku Singhs role in KKR?" -- Given how strong he's in the field, I'd suggest it's something of a multi-dimensional role?

Mumbai Indians need just six, and one shot will do it

end of over 167 runs
MI: 128/1CRR: 8.00 RRR: 1.50 • Need 6 runs from 24b
Suryakumar Yadav40 (26)
Rohit Sharma55 (48)
Prasidh Krishna3-0-22-1
Harry Gurney3-0-20-0

And with that, the umpires call for a timeout in the middle

Prasidh to Yadav, 1 run

Prasidh digs this one in, Yadav ramping his uppercut over point ... but once again it's Rinku who sprints around and stops the boundary

Prasidh to Rohit Sharma, 1 run

very full, just outside off, and Rohit angles his blade to direct his drive out to the sweeper

Prasidh to Rohit Sharma, FOUR runs

chipped cleanly over mid off! It was pitched up again and Rohit's eyes lit up as he checked a well-timed drive and sent the ball racing to the boundary

Prasidh to Rohit Sharma, no run

Himanshu: "MI will lose to CSK. Then they will beat DC, and lose to CSK again in the Final. Channeling my inner Dr. Strange."

Prasidh to Rohit Sharma, no run

Rohit makes a little room, but another rapid delivery rises up and over his attempted cut, thudding into the keeper's gloves

KKR FAN: "Thank you KKR.. specially RUSSELL for the entertainment..Come back strong next year..#AMIKKR.. Forever.."

Prasidh to Yadav, 1 run

and he starts with a zippy yorker at just over 140km/h, but it's negotiated easily enough, being dug out past point for a single

Here's Prasidh, possibly delivering the last rites

end of over 1513 runs
MI: 121/1CRR: 8.06 RRR: 2.60 • Need 13 runs from 30b
Suryakumar Yadav38 (24)
Rohit Sharma50 (44)
Harry Gurney3-0-20-0
Sunil Narine4-0-33-0
Gurney to Yadav, 1 run

eased down the ground, and he'll keep the strike for what could be the last over

Gurney to Yadav, FOUR runs

Gurney comes around the stumps and delivers a short ball without much vim, Yadav leaning back and threading a powerful pull through the gap on the leg side to take Mumbai to the brink

Gurney to Rohit Sharma, 1 run

fifty up for Rohit, and he gets there with a backfoot punch out to the sweeper

Gurney to Yadav, 1 run
Gurney to Yadav, FOUR runs

and Yadav immediately times a sumptuous drive right past him! It was full, on his legs, and Yadav timed a checked drive to perfection

Long on comes up to mid on

Gurney to Yadav, 2 runs

pitched right up by Gurney, and Yadav flicks into the leg side. This should have been a dot ball, but Lynn lets it through his legs at midwicket inside the circle, and it's only another athletic effort from Rinku at the boundary that saves the boundary