11th Match, Bready, Jun 27 2021, Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Twenty20 Trophy
(20 ov, target 128)111/9
Leinster won by 16 runs
Player Of The Match
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Scorecard summary
Leinster Lightning127/8(20 overs)
North-West Warriors111/9(20 overs)
end of over 202 runs • 1 wicket
NWW: 111/9CRR: 5.55 
Ross Allen6 (8)
Josh Little 4-0-16-2
Barry McCarthy 4-0-20-3

At the half-way stage 127 never looked like a winning total, yet the Warriors batters showed how hard it was to score runs out there.

McCarthy picked up two early wickets once again, which meant that the Warriors big hitters were in alot sooner then they would have liked. McClintock top scored with a run a ball 35, but only three other batters made it into double figures.

Gavin Hoey's four over spell for only 12 runs ground the Warriors innings to a halt and he has been named the Player of the Match. Maybe the Lightning management might give him a number now....

The Lightning pick up four points for the win and are now only 4 points behind the Warriors in second place. Sets up the final festival well when we get to it in September.

Thanks for following along today, the next game starts at 4pm. Please join me then, this is Justin saying goodbye from Bready.

Little to Young, OUT

Young looks to pull the ball into the legside again, this time he does get some bat on the ball. The ball hangs up in the air for a long time and Balbirnie runs in from the deep to take the catch.

Craig Young c Balbirnie b Little 8 (19m 13b 0x4 0x6) SR: 61.53
Little to Young, no run

Young plants the front foot and looks to drive the ball, misses once again. This has been an excellent over from Little so far

Little to Young, no run

goes to pull the ball and misses

Little to Young, 2 runs

pulls the ball towards cow corner, Balbirnie is on the boundary, dives to complete the catch and then flicks the ball back into play. Great fielding as Balbirnie was falling over the rope

Little to Young, no run

short ball, Young tries the pull shot again and is beaten for pace

Little to Young, no run

comes round the wicket to angle the ball back into Young, Looks to pull the ball into the legside and misses

end of over 195 runs
NWW: 109/8CRR: 5.73 RRR: 19.00
Ross Allen6 (8)
Craig Young6 (7)
Barry McCarthy 4-0-20-3
Simi Singh 4-0-20-2

Last Over, Warriors need 19 for the win.

McCarthy to Allen, no run

Allen is down on one knee and looks to hit the ball square on the off-side. Misses and Tucker runs quickly towards the stumps so that they don't decide to run a bye

McCarthy to Allen, no run

outside off, Allen thinks it's going to be called wide and doesn't play a shot

McCarthy to Allen, 2 runs

hit the ball to deep extra cover, turns back quickly for the second run

McCarthy to Allen, no run

Allen backs away towards leg and looks to pull the ball into the legside, misses as the ball just passes his off-stump

McCarthy to Young, 1 run

slower ball again, legstump line and Young helps it round the corner, O'Brien fields

McCarthy to Young, 1 wide

slower ball, Young tries to scoop the ball and misses. Drifts down the legside

McCarthy to Allen, 1 run

full ball, hit up to long-off, Young is back on strike

end of over 185 runs
NWW: 104/8CRR: 5.77 RRR: 12.00
Craig Young5 (6)
Ross Allen3 (3)
Simi Singh 4-0-20-2
Josh Little 3-0-14-1
Simi Singh to Young, 2 runs

hits the ball out to deep point, Young turns quickly at the non-strikers end and comes back for the second, just beating the throw in from the deep

Simi Singh to Allen, 1 run

hits the ball past a diving Singh to long-off

Simi Singh to Young, 1 run

hits the ball to long-on

Simi Singh to Young, no run

defends back to the bowler

Simi Singh to Young, no run

Young looks to heave the ball into the legside, misses and Tucker takes off the bails again. Not out

Simi Singh to Allen, 1 run

works the ball through square leg, brings the 100 up

end of over 174 runs • 1 wicket
NWW: 99/8CRR: 5.82 RRR: 9.66
Ross Allen1 (1)
Craig Young2 (2)
Josh Little 3-0-14-1
Simi Singh 3-0-15-2

Three overs to go and the Warriors need 29 runs, 2 more quick wickets for the Lightning and they would pick up a bonus point....

Little to Allen, 1 run

hits the ball hard at backward point, the fielder does well to get his body behind the ball and stop it.

Match details
Bready Cricket Club, Magheramason, Bready
TossNorth-West Warriors, elected to field first
SeriesCricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Twenty20 Trophy
Player Of The Match
Gavin Hoey
Gavin Hoey
Match days27 June 2021 - day (20-over match)
Ireland Image
Alan Neill
Ireland Image
Roly Black
Match Referee
Ireland Image
Graham McCrea
PointsLeinster Lightning 4, North-West Warriors 0