4th Quarter-Final, Canterbury, Aug 15 2015, NatWest t20 Blast
(20 ov, target 143)142/6
Lancashire won (lost fewer wickets)
player of the match
Jos Buttler
end of over 205 runs • 2 wickets
Lancs: 142/6CRR: 7.10 
James Faulkner4 (3)
Arron Lilley0 (0)
Matt Coles4-0-22-3
Mitchell Claydon4-0-29-1

You can't ask for more! Lancashire advances to the finals day as they lost fewer wickets. Wicket of Prince at the penultimate over starts this nail-biter which was almost a easy-peasy outing till then for the Lancashire, and Coles made it even interesting with two wickets in the start of the last over, but Faulkner gets the required four runs and ends it in a tie.

Buttler named man of the match. That's all for tonight, stay cool and safe. Happy weekend, cheers!

Coles to Faulkner, 2 runs

fuller length delivery which hits the stumps at the bowler's end off the drive of Faulkner, deflection gets it down towards the long-on and gets back for the required couple, this will do for them..

3 off 1, if tie, Lancashire will advance as they lost fewer wickets.

Coles to Faulkner, 2 runs

back of a length well outside off, reaches for it and gets it at the inside half of the bat, went to wide of long-on..

Coles to Faulkner, no run

a dot now..slower length delivery outside of as Faulkner gets down for a hoick and is beaten

5 off 3 balls.., hat-trick ball..

Coles to Croft, OUT

another wicket, two in two, swinging pendulum..on a length and outside off, strides forward and tries to slices that away over the cover region, not enough elevation onto it as it went towards the sweeper who gets under it and catches it with both hands..

Steven Croft c Cowdrey b Coles 4 (8m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.67
Coles to Buttler, OUT

oh my Lord! Buttler gone, this game is still even, short of a length and outside off, a bit slowish I assume. Buttler reaches for it and tries to slap it down the ground, top edges it which skies towards the sight screen, Blake ran across from long-on and pouches it

Jos Buttler c Blake b Coles 53 (43m 37b 5x4 3x6) SR: 143.24

Buttler on strike..

Coles to Croft, 1 run

fullish and outside off, works it away through cover for a single

6 off 6

end of over 197 runs • 1 wicket
Lancs: 137/4CRR: 7.21 • RRR: 6.00 • Need 6 runs from 6b
Jos Buttler53 (36)
Steven Croft3 (4)
Mitchell Claydon4-0-29-1
Ivan Thomas2-0-26-0
Claydon to Buttler, FOUR runs

brilliant from Buttler, gets to his fifty, more importantly releases the pressure. Pushes full and outside off, bends down and using the pace reverse sweeps that to the right of diving short third man

Claydon to Croft, 1 run

fullish and wide outside off carves it away through cover point

11 required off 8 balls..

Claydon to Croft, 2 runs

low full toss outside off, works it out with an open face to the right of third man, gets back for the second as he dives full length to reach the crease..

Claydon to Croft, no run

on a length and outside off, Croft is beaten

Claydon to Croft, no run

fuller length delivery and outside off, pushes it straight to backward of point

Claydon to Prince, OUT

holes out to the man at the deep, some twist? A nothing delivery but a wicket and that too of Price, goes for 62. A full toss on the middle as he flicks that straight and flat into the hands of deepish midwicket, Denly hardly moved from his place, comfortable catch

Ashwell Prince c Denly b Claydon 62 (74m 50b 5x4 1x6) SR: 124