3rd ODI, Hobart, Dec 20 2007, New Zealand tour of Australia
(34/50 ov, target 283)168
Australia won by 114 runs
Player Of The Match
134* (133)
Player Of The Series
241 runs
end of over 3410 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 168/10CRR: 4.94 RRR: 7.18
Jeetan Patel1 (2)
Brad Hogg 6-1-49-3
Brett Lee 9-0-47-3

Australia, then, win the game convincingly by 114 runs and with around 15 overs to spare. They have regained the Chappell-Hadlee Series with a 2-0 win, which is only just given how well they have played in the tournament. I wonder who will be the Man of the Series, my money's with Ponting for his two centuries. Yes, indeed it is Ponting who picks up the Player of the Match and the Series. Read Peter English on what it means to him, and for a full recap of the day's play.

A modest Ponting told Nine. "It's been a good couple of weeks to tell the truth. I feel like I've played OK. It's been a great series, it always is and once again Australia's played some great cricket so it's been an exciting week for us.

"I think the build-up this week has always been about this game being a final, we have prepared well for it, you've seen a bit more intensity today, that's what I expect for the game.

"We pack up early to go straight to Melbourne before we start training for the next series. India have got a bit of confidence and I know those guys are looking forward to that series."

So, little time off before the next international series, and India are in town already. We'll be back on Boxing Day, tune in then if you get the chance. Until then, thanks very much for joining us over this series.

Hogg to Gillespie, OUT

drags short and swung to Symonds at midwicket and that's all over

Mark Gillespie c Symonds b Hogg 24 (29m 24b 3x4 1x6) SR: 100
Hogg to Gillespie, no run

straight delivery, Gillespie backs away, exposing the sticks, but misses the cut and the ball bounces over

Hogg to Gillespie, FOUR runs

straight drive back down the ground

Hogg to Gillespie, FOUR runs

driven over cover

Hogg to Patel, 1 run

has a swing, lobbed away towards wideish long-on, and he's off the mark

Hogg to Gillespie, 1 run

turned back in to him, defended on the back foot and they grab a single

end of over 3314 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 158/9CRR: 4.78 RRR: 7.35
Jeetan Patel0 (1)
Mark Gillespie15 (19)
Brett Lee 9-0-47-3
Brad Hogg 5-1-39-2
Lee to Patel, no run

pushed right up there, Patel defends

The end of a fighting innings, and with it any last remnants of hope the more optimistic fans may have had

Lee to Styris, OUT

full yorker from the top drawer, Styris backs away and his middle stump is shattered

Scott Styris b Lee 75 (130m 79b 9x4 2x6) SR: 94.93

...and just as well I got that in there...

A bit of a late hat-tip for Styris's fifty, that got lost in the commotion of the technical issues

Lee to Styris, 2 runs

bouncer on leg, pulled through midwicket

Lee to Styris, FOUR runs

flat six across the line, oh hang on, was it, that hit the rope. The video umpire is getting a call. Ah, he's signalled four

Lee to Styris, FOUR runs

driven square through the off side, another clean strike just behind point

Lee to Styris, FOUR runs

lofted down the ground, a straight hit and a two-bounce four