1st ODI (D/N), Dhaka, Dec 1 2011, Pakistan tour of Bangladesh
(25.4/50 ov, target 92)93/5
Pakistan won by 5 wickets (with 146 balls remaining)
player of the match

Saadia: "Do we really need to announce the man of the match for this one?" I suppose the adjuticators will next multiple meetings to decide that one.

Hunbbel Meer: "That's one for my Grandsons: 'Sons, I saw that match, when a miracle happened. Afridi was involved in arresting a collapse.'"

Adnan Ozair: "It upsets me that Afridi will finish this match with a strike rate under 100... " Happy now? 24 off 23.

I seem to have riled Travis Rutherford up: "is there such a thing as a 'bizarre fact' in cricket? Aren't the endless bizarre facts what constitute cricket, make it the fascinating game we love to follow, and thus being integral to the game are no longer bizarre. Don't know what that makes it, though. Certainly not an 'ordinary fact'."

Zaidi keeps it simple: "Afridi, Afridi, Afridi..."

Jamil Uddin: "Sid , match is over. But still I am thinking why Nasir has not be given to bowl after having the figure 1-0-1-1." Perhaps Mushfiqur will be asked that at the post-match presentation, which starts now.

Mushfiqur: "It looked like a good track to bat on, we lost a couple of early wickets, credit to the Pakistan bowlers. We need to work on our top-order batting. Last 4-5 years, Shakib and Tamim have been our consistent players, the time has come for someone else to step up. Rubel and shakib bowled well, hopefully in the next match we will bat well also."

Misbah: "It was really looking tough at one stage, the spinners were getting some help, well played by Shahid Afridi. Some balls just straighten, and some turn and bounce. One important thing is, when you have a start you have to carry on, that is a problem with us, many of our batsmen get starts and don't carry on. Afridi is playing wonderful cricket from the day he came back."

Man of the Match is, hold on to your hats, Shahid Afridi: "I want to be consistent in our performance, it is a good practice, the way Misbah is leading the team, the way he is playing, the coach is doing his job as well. The coach decision was good, he told me to go play my own game, I can change my game now (smiles). I tried to experiment with my bowling in this game, and it worked. "

Salman Ahmed sums it up: "Pakistan's Superhero - Lala One!"

Tahir Ti: "I wish I could see Abdul Razzak to Abdul Razzak." Maybe in the next match, which is in a couple of days. See you then. Thanks for all the mails.

Shakib to Afridi, FOUR runs

it's over Afridi gets a thick outside edge past slip to complete the win, it's Pakistan's 20th successive win over Bangladesh. Slightly bizarre fact: The only player to hit a six in this match is Misbah

Shakib to Afridi, 2 runs

there it is, backs away from legstump to make room, slices that fuller delivery towards sweeper cover but can't get it all the way to the rope

Shakib to Afridi, no run

and once again, careful defence, how far away is the big hit?

Shakib to Afridi, no run

Afridi does a passable impression of Misbah, stretching forward and blocking to the off side

end of over 25Maiden
PAK: 87/5CRR: 3.48 • RRR: 0.20 • Need 5 runs from 25 overs
Misbah-ul-Haq16 (46)
Shahid Afridi18 (19)
Abdur Razzak4-1-15-0
Shakib Al Hasan9-3-36-2
Razzak to Misbah, no run

that spins past the face of the bat as Misbah tries to steer an outside off delivery towards point

Razzak to Misbah, no run

pitched up and that is punched towards the bowler

Razzak to Misbah, no run
Razzak to Misbah, no run

the ball trickles towards the off side

Razzak to Misbah, no run

looks to clip this towards square leg but can't get it away

Razzak to Misbah, no run

fuller arm ball, inside-edged back towards the bowler