2nd T20I, Kingstown, Jul 28 2013, Pakistan tour of West Indies
(20 ov, target 136)124/9
Pakistan won by 11 runs
player of the series
end of over 2011 runs
WI: 124/9CRR: 6.20 
Tino Best17 (9)
Samuel Badree1 (1)
Sohail Tanvir4-0-20-2
Saeed Ajmal4-0-21-2

5.15 pm Pakistan move up to No. 2 - behind Sri Lanka - in the ICC rankings for T20 teams. Their bowlers were outstanding today. Ahmed Shehzad and Umar Akmal gave them a par score to defend and the bowlers stifled and dismantled the West Indies top order. The contest was over inside the first six overs of the chase.

That brings to an end Pakistan's fruitful tour of the Caribbean. They go home with an ODI and T20 trophy. For West Indies, a disappointing home season comes to an end. They beat Zimbabwe a few months ago, but did not make the tri-series final (India and Sri Lanka did) and then suffered two series defeats against Pakistan.

Dr. Dot: "That score doesn't come CLOSE to displaying just how badly the Windies got beaten. Sad, really. I feel sorry for their fans."

Ali: "For me Ajmal was the best bowler in the 2nd innings he stopped the runs when the runs were flowing from other end!"

Akhtar Farooq: "Good thing was that we witnessed excellent matches, close contest in ODI and T20. This is what perfect entertainment is."

Here's the presentation ceremony ...

Sammy: "We could have restricted them, but they played well in the end. We lost a lot of wickets in our first six overs, and then it was a difficult task for Pollard and Bravo to come and score at 12-13 runs an over. We just didn't bat well enough at the start. I think we as a batting team have to give ourselves a chance. We have different types of players and I can't tell them how to go about batting, but when you have a difficult pitch, you have to give yourselves a chance and capitalise in the end." Sammy is saying these wickets suit Asian teams touring the Caribbean, slow, dry surfaces that assist spin more than pace.

Umar Akmal is the Man of the Match.

Ali Imt: "Great series this was, pretty close contests. Wish there was a Test series as well, would have been the Icing on the cake."

Zulfiqar Babar, in his debut series, is the Player of the Series.

Hafeez comes up to collect the series trophy. "It was a tough tour, credit goes to the team and the coaches for their hard work. We did not play well in the last two tours so we needed this victory. Once we scored 135, we had four spinners in our team and we were confident. Thanks to Misbah, we got the momentum from the ODI series and carried it into the T20s. I'm really happy to see youngsters coming into the team, like Umar Amin. And Zulfiqar Babar also performed."

And that brings us to the end of this series. We hope you've enjoyed our coverage of it. That's all we've got for you today, thank you for all your emails. It's time to get some sleep. Cheers!

Tanvir to Best, 1 run

and that's that, Pakistan take the series 2-0. The last ball is carved out through cover for a single

The Pakistan players are allowing themselves a smile now.

Tanvir to Best, no run

it's a slower ball that nearly shaves leg stump after Best fails to connect with his swing

Gautam: "Its great to see Umar Akmal behind the stumps, energizing the team. Did very well with the bat too today. Been a while since a wicket-keeping Akmal did well for Pakistan on all fronts."

Tanvir to Best, no run

it's in the blockhole outside off stump, Best can't get bat on it and he swings his bat in frustration after missing the shot

Tanvir to Best, SIX runs

Best is reducing the margin of defeat here, he clears his front leg, gets under a slower ball and blitzes it over the straight boundary. Or have I spoken too soon?

Tanvir to Best, 2 runs

clears his front foot and slogs through midwicket, he's not timed it well so they can run two because the fielder has to run in from the boundary to get to the ball

Tanvir to Best, no run

the slower ball outside off stump, Best swings hard but misses

Tanvir to Badree, (no ball) 1 run

the first ball is a no ball, played to backward point for a single. Free-hit coming up. I'm not sure how that is a no ball. The back foot did not touch the side crease and the front foot was fine.

So West Indies need 23 runs off the last over ... a situation that could make heroes and villians.

end of over 198 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 113/9CRR: 5.94 • RRR: 23.00 • Need 23 runs from 6b
Tino Best8 (3)
Samuel Badree0 (0)
Saeed Ajmal4-0-21-2
Shahid Afridi3-0-29-1
Ajmal to Best, 2 runs

Best charges again and heaves the ball over extra cover, Afridi runs to his left from long off to field

Ajmal to Best, no run

Ajmal slanted the ball across the right-hander from round the wicket and beat the outside edge. Akmal whipped off the bails and appealed for a stumping. Did Best lift his back leg? He did, but it was back down in time

Ajmal to Best, SIX runs

Best has hit this far enough! He charged the bowler and muscled the ball over Afridi's head on the long off boundary

Badree is the last man ...

Sri: "The top 4 WI batsmen scored 5 of 32 balls! You don't score that slow even in ODIs, much less in T20. They lost the match then and there. Late fireworks is for the crowd. WI can't from here."

Ajmal to Sammy, OUT

the ninth wicket falls, Sammy clears his front foot and tries to clear the straight boundary, he only succeeds in hitting it to Afridi at long off

Daren Sammy c Shahid Afridi b Saeed Ajmal 1 (10m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 25
Ajmal to Sammy, no run

Sammy tries to heave behind square but misses and is hit on the thigh

Ajmal to Sammy, no run

this is such ridiculous cricket. Sammy tried to pull the ball over deep midwicket and ended up top edging it straight up in the air. the ball was landing in the middle of the pitch and both the bowler and the keeper went for the catch. They eventually bumped into each other and dropped it