5th ODI, Gros Islet, Jul 24 2013, Pakistan tour of West Indies
(49.5/50 ov)243/6
Pakistan won by 4 wickets (with 1 ball remaining)
Player Of The Match
63 (93)
Player Of The Series
260 runs

Oh boy. Those are pretty serious quotes from Bravo about "key decisions". He has not uttered the word "umpire", but it no mystery what he is talking about. I am not going to comment whether what he is saying is right or wrong - you can always go back and read our ball-by-ball commentary - but this could get him into trouble with the ICC. I can still see Ottis Gibson have a long chat with the match referee David Boon. Possibly he is trying to understand on what basis was Darren Bravo given out but not Misbah. They seemed pretty similar cases, to be fair to him. Anyway, I hope they make an official complaint about it, and not just make suggestive noises in press conferences. If they make an official complaint, only then will we know if the umpires were right or if they had made a mistake.

Meanwhile, Pakistan get the trophy and pose for the photos. They still have two more matches left before they leave these shores, the two T20Is on Saturday and Sunday. See you there then

Quotes from the presentation

"Today we lost," says Dwayne Bravo, "but the guys fought. You have to give credit to them. Must congratulate Pakistan, and well done to my boys too. The matches could have gone either way. Even today a few key decisions went against us. We can't fault the effort of the players. The series could have gone our way if some key decisions had gone our way. If you bowl well, 242 was going to be a challenging total. I liked how we believed right until the end. Those key decisions at crucial times cost us. A learning process to me. A new role for me. With the talent we have, I enjoy leading the team. We can't turn things around overnight, but with the talent we have we can become a very dangerous team."

"Pretty satisfying," says Misbah-ul-Haq, who is also the Man of the Match and Series. "A win is always good, especially after the losses in South Africa series and Champions Trophy. I knew this pitch was really good to bat on, and if we kept batting till the end, nothing was impossible. The bowling has obviously been our strength. Everybody bowled really well, which was the key in this win. Always tough to bowl first, especially in pressure games like this, but everybody was really positive, that we were going to chase well."

Afridi and Ajmal erupt with joy. Some of their team-mates rush onto the field. Misbah walks on coolly. All smiles in the Pakistan camp. West Indies are expectedly distraught, but there are handshakes all around. The series has been played tough but largely in good spirit

So Pakistan have finally won the series although they had to endure a nervous end. They began well with the ball with left-arm quicks Junaid Khan and Mohammad Irfan leading the way. Towards the end, they lost their composure a bit, conceding 74 in last six overs. The same happened with the bat. Ahmed Shehzad and Misbah led them with fifties, but it took an exceptionally nervous last over for them to make it. We will shortly bring you the quotes from the presentation

Holder to Ajmal, 1 run

gets a low full toss which he has hit it straight to mid-on. Ajmal is not sure whether to go for it. Afridi wants him to. So that at least Afridi gets the strike. Pollard, though, misses the stumps from close range. And Pakistan have won 3-1

"Saamne, saamne," Afridi is still telling Ajmal. [Hit straight]

Holder to Ajmal, no run

slower ball, Ajmal slogs, is beaten. The game is still alive

"Saamne marna," Afridi tells Ajmal. [Hit it straight]

Holder to Ajmal, no run

nearly another wicket. Full and straight, Ajmal is beaten, is hit on the pad outside the line of off. Wants the single but is rightly sent back

In the dressing room, Whatmore stands up and hugs some PCB official before applauding Misbah's effort. He gets a standing ovation from everybody. Pakistan have won the series already. They need a single to make this a 3-1 win

Holder to Misbah, OUT

Misbah, you little tease. How do you even manage to do this? The game is still alive. Low full toss, hit straight down straight short midwicket's throat. Before leaving, Misbah has a word with Afridi. And also the new batsman, Ajmal

Misbah-ul-Haq c Bravo b Holder 63 (161m 93b 5x4 1x6) SR: 67.74
Holder to Afridi, 1 run

nearly that twist. Afridi attempts a cute little ramp, is beaten by a full toss. Misbah calls him through for a leg-bye, Sammy shies from square leg, misses by inches. He has gone had this hit

Two required off the last over. is there still a twist left? I don't think so. Here is Holder. Seven men inside the ring, but none of them catching

end of over 4913 runs
PAK: 241/5CRR: 4.91 RRR: 2.00
Shahid Afridi12 (5)
Misbah-ul-Haq63 (92)
Dwayne Bravo 5-0-41-0
Tino Best 10-2-48-3
Bravo to Afridi, 1 run

short, skiddy, hits him high on the pad, but can't deny him a leg-bye

People have begun to leave the ground

Bravo to Afridi, FOUR runs

poor bowling from Bravo. Short and wide and meek with a strong leg-side field. Afridi crunches it past point for four

Misbah to Afridi: "Ab bolein jada hai, run kum hain. Idhar maar, idhar khali hai." [Now balls left are more than runs required. Hit on the off side, it is vacant]

Bravo to Afridi, SIX runs

and Afridi wins the bouncer challenge. Looks like the regulation-paced one, head high, Afridi stands tall, doesn't bother transferring the weight back, and hooks. Takes the deep midwicket on, and clears him. Now less than a run a ball for Pakistan

Bravo to Misbah, 1 run

Misbah moves across, Bravo bowls full and straight. Clipped to square leg for one

Now square leg goes back, fine leg comes up. Long-on goes back

Bravo to Afridi, 1 run

quicker short ball, Afridi moves across to try to drag it to leg, but is hit on the body. However, the leg-bye is taken, and Misbah is on strike now

Third man goes back now. Long-on comes up to mid-on. Now mid-on, Sammy, and midwicket, Best, exchange places

Bravo to Afridi, no run

slower bouncer as expected. Afridi wants to ramp it over third man, but makes no connection

That couple has brought Afridi on strike. I am suspecting Bravo and Holder will bowl these overs. Bravo is bowling the 49th. Could even be Samuels for the 50th

Bravo to continue round the stumps. He has done well so far, has Bravo. Sammy and Bravo having a ling chat. The field is set for the bouncer. Fine leg, two midwickets and long-on are back. Slower bouncers more like. Third man is in