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19th Match (N), Manchester, Aug 5 2021, The Hundred Men's Competition

9.10pm: Match abandoned, they've pulled the plug already. Nothing to see here, other than Manchester Originals going top of the table on run rate thanks to their second Old Trafford washout.

"This one is done. Who's going to explain to all the new fans of cricket the Hundred is bringing in why both teams didn't just get 25 balls each?" Best disabuse them early, Pete. It's a silly sport (and that's why most of us are still here). Good night everyone, we'll be back for more tomorrow!

9pm: Evening all. Not ideal this... The groundstaff have brought all the heavy-duty covers out now, and the radar for Manchester isn't great. Sky saying they need to get back on by 9.38pm for a 25-ball reply by Brave. Yes, I know, they could've played a 25-a-side game already by now. Cricket ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Time for change behind the keys. Here's Alan Gardner to lead our drop-by-drop coverage of this shower.

8.51pm: That will probably be that for the Originals innings. It's pelting it down again and the covers are coming on. The main hover is already out there before the players have made it over the rope. Umbrellas up in the stands. And the sheets are being pulled out across the main square, too, which will add to the delay.

Rain: "Well, that's close to three 25 ball innings! If this match is abandoned, then do not blame me!"

Looks like a replacement ball because the old one was so wet. They have a look in the box and throw the new one to Mills. It's really heavy now... and they're off.

Anjum: "Inzamam ul Haq used to do that as well. Particularly throwing with both hands."

Mills to Munro, 1 run

yorker, dug out to long-on

Mills dries the ball as best he can but it looks absolutely soaking.

The rain is getting a little heavier, but they're staying out there for the time being.

after 70 balls9 runs
MO-M: 97/3
Colin Munro40 (27)
Sam Hain12 (12)
Chris Jordan 1/34 (15)
Jordan to Munro, 1 run

on a length, Munro clears the front leg and punches down to long-off

Jordan to Munro, 2 runs

backs away, Jordan digs a slower-ball bouncer into the pitch, and Munro jumps to cut it away over the off side. Davies slides to the right on the rope to cut it off

Jordan to Hain, 1 run

slips out as a full toss, punched down to long-on

Jordan to Hain, FOUR runs

yorker, 87mph, Hain shuffles across and gets a thin tickle to flick it past the leg stump for four! Wry smile from Jordan. That's the problem with the yorker, high-reward but high-risk!

Jordan to Munro, 1 run

half-volley, 87mph, clipped off the pads down to long-on

20 balls left, how will Vince split them up? Mills will surely bowl 10 of them. Jordan will bowl this set, so might well bowl the penultimate set as well. Stays with the round-the-wicket ploy to Munro

after 65 balls6 runs
MO-M: 88/3
Colin Munro36 (24)
Sam Hain7 (10)
George Garton 0/24 (15)
Garton to Munro, 2 runs

short on the hip, pulled away but Lintott does brilliantly, diving to his right on the fine-leg boundary to cut it off. Poor ball, but he gets away with it

Garton to Munro, no run

on a length, big swing and a miss

Garton to Munro, no run

bring out the reverse, and Garton reacts with a slower ball on a length. Thin edge, de Kock makes a superb stop diving to his left, throws off balance, and just misses the stumps

Garton to Hain, 1 run

shuffles across, Garton follows him and lands his yorker. Dug out to cover via the toe

Garton to Hain, 2 runs

attempted yorker, very wide outside off and a low full toss, squeezed out to deep point

Garton to Hain, 1 wide

slower ball, down the leg side as Hain misses out on the pull

Garton is back for another set of five.

Aj: "So Tymall Mills fielding right handed and bowling left, I've never seen that before" -- Pretty unusual for sure. I think Samit Patel does it. And possibly Jack Leach..?

after 60 balls14 runs
MO-M: 82/3
Colin Munro34 (21)
Sam Hain4 (8)
Chris Jordan 1/25 (10)
Jordan to Munro, FOUR runs

in the slot, angled into Munro's arc at 89mph, and Munro thumps him back over his head for a one-bounce four! Jordan is proving expensive tonight. Misses his length, and long-off had no chance running round

Jordan to Munro, 2 runs

wide yorker, 87mph, squeezed out down to third man on the boundary. Slight fumble from Mills and a wayward throw to allow them back for the second

Hain struggling for timing on Hundred debut.

Jordan to Hain, 1 leg bye

Hain gives himself room outside leg and Jordan follows him. Skiddy, 88mph on a length, down to short third man via the thigh pad

Jordan to Munro, 1 run

pace-on, thumped away to deep cover. 87mph

Jordan to Munro, SIX runs

slower ball on a length from round the wicket, and Munro picks it early, heaving a pull over midwicket for a six that flies 10 rows back! Sat up nicely and Munro freed his arms. 85 metres and Munro is up and running!

Jordan back for his second set of five. Three boundaries and a wicket in his first.

after 55 balls3 runs
MO-M: 68/3
Sam Hain4 (7)
Colin Munro21 (17)
Tymal Mills 1/8 (10)
Mills to Hain, 1 run

another slower ball, angled across him, steered to point for a scampered single. Great set of five from Mills

Terry: "Brave well on top……but won't get chance to bat to win the game. Cricket's rain rules are daft" -- Just got to hope the radar is wrong!

Mills to Munro, 1 run

slower ball, on a length, punched to cover on the edge of the ring

Mills to Hain, 1 leg bye

hard length, 88mph, just a leg bye as it skews into the covers via the thigh pad

Mills to Hain, no run

shuffles across, looking to whip it away to square leg, but is beaten for pace as Mills hits 87mph

Mills to Hain, no run

hung wide outside off on a length, Hain skips down to give himself room and then offers no shot to the slower ball

35 balls to go, and Mills comes back for his second set of five.