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England vs West Indies, 1st Test at London, ENG v WI, Jul 10 2024 - Ball by Ball Commentary

1st Test, Lord's, July 10 - 12, 2024, West Indies tour of England
121 & 136

England won by an innings and 114 runs

Player Of The Match
7/45 & 5/61
WI 2nd Innings
Full commentary
end of over 476 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 136/10CRR: 2.89 
Gudakesh Motie31 (35b 5x4)
Gus Atkinson 14-2-61-5
James Anderson 16-7-32-3

1.34pm: Right, that's a wrap. So long, Jimmy, and thanks for all the wickets. Oh, and by the way, there was actually a Test match at Lord's as well as Anderson's leaving do: here's Alan Gardner's report from the third day's play for a reminder of the details. Thanks for your company throughout these two-and-a-half days, and we'll be back for the second Test at Trent Bridge on Thursday. Cheers!

More Anderson to Sky: "[Best year?] I feel like you go so up and down. Some series you feel amazing and then the next one, you're not quite on it. Playing against Kohli in the early days, you feel like you could get him out every ball; now, you feel like you can't get him out at all and feel so inferior. [Low points?] The start of 2006 I got a stress fracture after a one-day series in India. I was sat at home in a corset for about six weeks. I just thought, I'm not that good anyway. Is it worth it? I missed six months of cricket. It was my family that talked me into keeping going and putting in those hard yards of rehab to get back at it. The Ashes last year when Broady retired, I got five wickets in the series and thought 'am I done here?' When you don't get the wickets you want, you have to keep improving. There's been quite a few times throughout my career with injuries, selection, not getting picked for that tour in West Indies, you think, 'this could be it.' But my love of my skill is what's kept me going.

"[Bowling coach?] It'll definitely be different because you're not contributing in the manner that you're used to. Myself and Stuart, our job in that team was to pass on knowledge, make young guys in that group feel confident and comfortable. I feel like that's what you need at this level from a bowling coach, to give guys confidence to go out there and perform and their best. I think we've had five debutants take a five-for under Baz and Stokesy. My job is just to be there and be a shoulder if they need me. I've got experience of certain conditions and ways of bowling, fields to set that I can pass on. And I feel like I've studied the technical side of the game enough... I'm really looking forward to it. [How would you like to be remembered?] Decent. I've never really thought about that. I love the sport so much. I'd love for there to be people out there who have taken up the game because of watching me bowl. That would make me feel satisfied... there are kids and grown-ups out there -- I've been playing that long -- that have taken up swing bowling because of watching me bowl."

Anderson is speaking to Sky now: "My feet are killing me," he says. They're now playing him a montage of his best moments, narrated by Mike Atherton. We're back. "I tried to enjoy the week. I just wanted to enjoy every minute, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy doing something I've loved for 20-odd years. Thankfully it swung a little bit at times and the pitch did enough throughout the game to test the batters out. I'm a competitive person, no matter what I do, I'm competitive at it. That is the thing I'll miss the most, that battle with a batter. That's something I've taken pride in over the years. I got a little bit emotional walking onto the field when the two teams were lined up. I just tried to settle in and get wickets. Maybe I tried a bit too hard towards the end. Forgot to put my hands on and dropped a catch! [Ashes?] To be honest, obviously there's a little bit more on it, but unlike Stuart [Broad] I don't feel like I ever rose to the occasion, I gave it everything regardless of the opposition. I didn't completely nail Ashes cricket. Maybe I was trying too hard at times. It's incredible to be involved in those sorts of series. Enjoyed every minute of it. I know you're trying to make me feel old but it just makes me feel proud that I've played with so many unbelievably talented cricketers... seeing that talent up close, I feel so lucky to have done that."

1.15pm: We're still waiting for one final Anderson interview with the Sky team. Meanwhile, a statement has landed from the ECB with Richard Gould (CEO) and Richard Thompson (chair) paying tribute.

Thompson: "I was lucky enough to be at Lord's when Jimmy made his Test debut 21 years ago and while his prodigious talent was immediately obvious as he took a five-wicket haul, no-one could have predicted the significance and sheer longevity of his bowling genius. Seeing him then get his 700th wicket at Dharamshala and now as the curtain comes down at Lord's I feel very privileged to have seen how his extraordinary career has unfolded."

Gould: "Jimmy has rightly earned a place as one of the all-time iconic names from world cricket. It is testament to the way he has combined his rare talent with outstanding professionalism and work ethic that he bows out still bowling so well more than 20 years after his Test debut. There was nothing more enjoyable than watching him slice through opposition batting line-ups who were helpless in the face of the skills and precision he crafted over two decades. It has been a privilege to witness and matched only by the humility he has shown while standing at the top of the game."

12.57pm: More cheers from Lord's, another round of 'Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy!' as Anderson waves, then applauds the crowd. He hugs his daughters on the outfield, and is led over to speak to the media.

"Full refund just announced over the PA," Andrew Miller tells me. Just the 12.1 overs for the crowd today... if Motie and Seales had survived for another 18 balls, the crowd would only have got half of their money back!

Anderson at the presentation: "I have [made peace with it]. It's been an amazing 20 years. Overwhelmed by the reaction from the crowd. To contribute to a win, something I've tried to do throughout my career, every time I've pulled on this shirt it's been about trying to win games for England... [Emotion?] It has been different. Up and down. Seeing my girls ring the bell on day one, walking out today with both teams lined up... it's been incredible. The reaction of the crowd has been phenomenal. Can't quite get my head around it. An amazing 20 years. [Family?] You can't have a long career without a support network behind you. Every player would say the same. We go on tour for a long time. It's their journey as well as ours. To see my kids ring the bell, amazing moment for them. I hope they've had as good a time as I have. [Memories?] Winning series and winning Test matches has been the only thing that I've been interested in. Winning in Australia, winning in India, becoming the No. 1 side in the world and contributing in those series, those are the things I'll remember. And playing with some of the greats. Really special.

More Anderson: "[Aches and pains?] You have to have a sadistic side to be a fast bowler. It does hurt. I enjoy walking off after bowling 25 overs in a day and feeling sore, feet hurting, legs hurting. I probably won't miss not being able to get out of bed and sit on the toilet first thing in the moment. [Test cricket?] The amount of emotions you go through in a game, the ups and downs that Test cricket brings. When the captain throws you the ball at 6pm, it shows a lot about your character and things you might not know you had, how deep you can dig. The situations you get in, actually managing people, working in partnerships. Things like that have helped me away from cricket as well. [Best format?] It's been a while since I played white-ball cricket but I feel like Test cricket is the perfect game. You go on a rollercoaster through the match... the satisfaction you get after a win whether it's three, four, five days, there's no better feeling than that. White-ball and T20 has been amazing for the game but sometimes you might get the rub of the green. There's no amounts of luck that will help you win a Test match. [Atkinson?] He's been magnificent. It's downhill from here after 12 on debut! What an amazing week he's had. The thing I love about Gus, he went to India in the winter, didn't play but worked so hard on his game and his run-up. I'm sure that will help him going forwards. He's going to be an amazing cricketer for England. We've got a great group of young bowlers coming through. Really looking forward to working with them."

12.47pm: Now ECB chair Richard Thompson has joined the presentation. He shakes Anderson's hand, and presents him with a painting of his 700th Test wicket. Now there's a VT playing over the big screen, narrated by Nasser Hussain, including a montage of plenty of off stumps being knocked back. Now a standing ovation from the crowd, who have all stayed to pay Anderson tribute.

Ben Stokes is the winning captain. "Really good start. A long time between games for us, so to put in a performance like that... very, very clinical, batting, bowling, and particularly in the field. [Debutants?] Before the game starts it's always amazing seeing two young lads coming in and receiving those caps... for them to go on and put performances in like they did is very pleasing. Two guys with very high ceilings. The future for those two looks very, very good. [Atkinson?] You don't want to mark him down as just someone with out-and-out pace. He's very skilful as well. Taking 12 wickets on debut at Lord's, what an amazing start. To see him come out here and deliver the performance he has is very exciting. [Debutants' success under Stokes?] I didn't realise that until Jimmy mentioned it after Gus got his seven wickets. For the guys starting their careers, it's about making sure they know they can express themselves in the way that they want to. For me and Brendon, it's about not adding to that and making them feel as comfortable as possible. [Own bowling - knee?] Great to be back and able to contribute with the ball. Felt in really good rhythm in both innings. [Anderson?] I could be here for 15 minutes saying words about Jimmy. An incredible inspiration for so many people. A lot of young people have looked up to him and wanted to emulate his career which is going to be very hard to do... very lucky to keep him in the dressing room. To have someone like Jimmy speaking to them and offloading his learnings is great for us going forwards. Sometimes you can be a bit lost for words. [One quality?] The desire to get better. He's 41 and always looking to improve himself as a bowler. He wants to always contribute to the team and every single time he's walked onto a field for England, he's done that."

Kraigg Brathwaite is the losing captain. "We disappointed ourselves with the bat. Just over 100 runs batting first, you're behind the game. With the bat, we didn't come to the party at all in this game, and with the ball, we still could be better. But it's a positive that we bowled them out. [Inexperienced team?] The guys have to believe it as well. They have a lot of ability and talent. This is the world stage, the international stage, against a good team. They have to be strong mentally. [Lack of red-ball practice?] That was a good thing that [Jayden] had. Some of the guys had the T20 World Cup... sometimes it takes a bit of time for fast bowlers to get into it. [Josephs will be better for the run?] I believe so. We've got to be disciplined. It has to be an all-round performance. The batters, including myself, have to come to the party and make West Indians proud. [Confident you can come back?] It isn't the first time we've lost the first Test of the series... we've got to work extremely hard. [Anderson?] He's a legend of the game, but I won't miss it [facing him] at all!"

12.36pm: Time for the presentations. Gus Atkinson is Player of the Match for taking 12 wickets on his Test debut. "It's been an incredible week. I just want to say thanks to Jimmy. Playing here in his last Test has been incredible, and to do so well has been incredible [too]. Growing up, Jimmy was someone I'd come here to Lord's to watch. I was at mid-off looking over at Jimmy running in thinking, 'I've seen this so many times on the TV'. It was amazing. What's so good with this group is you're allowed to come in and be the player you want to be. To come in this week and do so well is fantastic. [Pope] Seeing him play for England for a few years has made me want to do it. To join him has been pretty cool. [IPL withdrawal?] I struggled a bit with rhythm at the start of the season with Surrey and needed a few red-ball games with Surrey leading into this. A lot of people asked me, was it the right decision? But I think I can say now, yeah, it was."

12.32pm: The England team are walking back down the Pavilion steps, back out onto the outfield. And now Anderson walks down behind them. The PA announcer says that he has been awarded honorary life membership by MCC. That earns him a hug from the club's president Mark Nicholas, who then presents him with a decanter engraved with the details of his farewell. More applause from the Lord's crowd, who sing: "Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy! Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy Anderson."

12.25pm: Stay tuned for the presentation shortly. While you're waiting, here is Vish Ehantharajah's piece from earlier this week on six of Anderson's best dismissals. Sky are showing a lovely montage of messages from some of Anderson's old team-mates - including KP, Swann, Vaughan, Strauss and Broad - as well as his parents, wife and daughters.

Abinash Das: "James Anderson - The epitome of grace, skills and silent execution without fuss or fanfare with sheer longevity in test cricket."

12.15pm: Nasser Hussain is in the England dressing room with James Anderson on Sky Sports. Amazing access. Here's Jimmy: "I'm still gutted I dropped that catch, to be honest! It's been an amazing week. I've been overwhelmed by the reaction... just proud of what I achieved. This morning was quite emotional with the two teams lined up and the reaction from the crowd was pretty special... playing for 20-odd years is an incredible effort, especially for a fast bowler, so I'm just happy I've made it this far. Playing for England is the best job in the world. I've been privileged to do it for a long time. We talk a lot in the dressing room about creating memories. It's not just for us, it's for our families as well... they've been incredible support back home and allowed me to play as long as I have. Grateful for what they've done for me, and grateful they were here. I've been lucky to play with some of the most talented cricketers that have ever played the game, but more importantly, some really good blokes and some friends I've made for life... Part of me is a little bit jealous that these lads get to experience it for the next few years.

More Jimmy to Nasser: "The advice I'd pass onto them is enjoy every moment, because it's a great ride. There's no better feeling, I know it looks like we've dominated but we've had to graft... Gus was amazing on debut, and Jamie Smith. Sitting in here and celebrating those performances together is an incredible thing. I feel about 55 after the overs I've bowled this week! The aches and pains you wake up with, I'll miss them the least. [Lancashire?] Can you let me enjoy my Guinness first? I've not really thought that far ahead. I'm going to stick around with these guys for the rest of the summer, help the bowling group out... I've not looked that far ahead. [2003 memories?] I was in the opposite corner to you, trying to avoid one of your rants! Incredible to think of the players in that dressing room then."

SamChe: "Gus may not have beating Jimmy's BBI on debut but did beat his BBM with that wicket. We have been spoiled with fairytale endings, but for someone with the selflessnes of Jimmy, this is probably the ending this deserved. He will be pleased to pass the team to a ready and willing new generation..."

Mark Long: "From Vermeulen to Da Silva,and 702 in-between. What a career. Thanks for the memories Jimmy. Thanks for the memories!"

Hayes: "First game I ever watched was Hayden score 380 against Zimbabwe. Now every cricketer from before that moment has retired. Makes me feel old!"

Afeef: "Anderson getting better and better with age was something remarkable and I consider myself lucky to have watched him play. Farewell to the legend, I'm gonna miss him."

Anderson's final analysis as a Test match bowler: 188 matches, 350 innings, over 40,000 balls bowled, 704 wickets at 26.45 at 32 five-wicket hauls. Extraordinary. The third-highest wicket-taker in Test history and the leading seamer. That record will never be broken.

"There's a sense of immortality here for James Anderson," says Ian Bishop on Sky Sports' coverage. Nobody in the crowd has left Lord's, with the presentations to follow shortly. More from Bish: "Fast bowling isn't easy. This is an arduous, demanding task, physically as well as mentally."

Saifi: "Has to be the most emotional retirement of all times in all sports. Jimmy would have not gotten the same emotions had he retired from the sport years ago. Absolutely thrilled to witness one of the greatest careers of all times in the best in the forms of cricket"

12.05pm: A crushing England win, by an innings at 114 runs. But this moment is all about James Anderson. He waves to the crowd as he leads England off, with Motie and Seales waiting to let him take in this ovation at Lord's. He shakes hands with the West Indies players and staff, then gets a hug from Brendon McCullum as he heads towards the Long Room. 3 for 32 in his final innings as an England cricketer.

Niks: "Really feeling sad today. Thanks Jimmy for your contribution to this beautiful game. It's not over yet!"

Vishal Bansal: "Farewell Jimmy!! You have been an inspiration for fast bowlers generations to come. 188 tests as a fast bowler is freakish stuff."

Ramapriya: "A 179-over Test!"

Jazz: "Thanks for the memories Jimmy! We'll miss you!!"

Atkinson to Seales, OUT

picks out Duckett on the deep midwicket boundary! Atkinson has five in each innings on debut, and 12 in the match. Back of a length, swung away on the pull with a decent connection, but straight to Duckett who takes a good catch on the rope, keeping his balance. And James Anderson's 21-year, 188-match Test career is over. He is one of the first over to Atkinson to give him a congratulatory hug.

Jayden Seales c Duckett b Atkinson 8 (12b 1x4 0x6 22m) SR: 66.66
Atkinson to Seales, no run

yorker on off stump, 88mph/142kph, dug out to mid-off via the toe

Fergie: "Right, enough now. Get this last wicket and win the game. Sentimentality and a lack of ruthlessness has long been to England's detriment."

This is also Motie's highest Test innings, admittedly from a small sample

Atkinson to Motie, 1 run

back of a length, 87mph/140kph, Motie clears his front leg and toe-ends it through mid-off

Atkinson to Motie, no run

back of a length, up on his toes to steer towards point

Atkinson to Motie, FOUR runs

top-edged over the keeper! This is the highest individual score of the match by a West Indies batter now. Short ball, Motie has a swipe and the thick edge flies away, out of Smith's reach

Craig Cook: "Get 'im (Anderson) off - going at two an over now"

Atkinson to Seales, 1 run

banged in halfway down at 88mph/141kph, pulled away off the hip down to long leg where Bashir fields... he's on for a TFC

Atkinson has one more over before the drinks break.

Kiri : "This is the highest partnership of the innings now"

end of over 467 runs
WI: 130/9CRR: 2.82 
Gudakesh Motie26 (32b 4x4)
Jayden Seales7 (9b 1x4)
James Anderson 16-7-32-3
Gus Atkinson 13-2-55-4
Anderson to Motie, no run

strangled appeal for lbw, but it's an optimistic one. Umpire Rod Tucker says no, clearly sliding down the leg side and probably over the top of the stumps too

Anderson to Seales, 1 run

fullish, angling in towards leg stump at 79mph/129kph. Seales looks to flick it away off the pads and gets a thick inside edge which loops up tantalisingly... but Duckett can't get there in time, running in from deep square leg

Motie has overtaken Athanaze to become West Indies' top-scorer in this innings, by the way.

Anderson to Motie, 1 run

strays onto the pads, worked calmly out to deep backward square leg

Anderson to Seales, 1 run

angling in from a good length, inside-edged into the back pad and it drops near his feet, into the off side. Motie calls Seales through for a scrambled single

Goes around the wicket.

Tim: "This Windies fightback is all a ploy to get Jimmy to score the winning runs"

Anderson to Seales, FOUR runs

half-volley, driven down the ground for four! Overpitched, just enough width for Seales to throw his hands and crunch him through mid-off

Anderson to Seales, no run

fullish, angling across the left-hander from over the wicket. Seales swipes at thin air, making no contact

Another for Anderson. No. 11 on strike. Two slips. "Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy," sing the crowd.

end of over 4514 runs
WI: 123/9CRR: 2.73 
Gudakesh Motie25 (30b 4x4)
Jayden Seales1 (5b)
Gus Atkinson 13-2-55-4
James Anderson 15-7-25-3
Atkinson to Motie, FOUR runs

what do you call that?! Atkinson goes full and straight, targeting the base of off stump. Motie clears the front leg, gets down on one knee and carts him away through wide mid-off! Outrageous batting, pure hand-eye coordination

Atkinson to Motie, 2 runs

back of a length, clears his front leg and smears over wide mid-on. Anderson jogs back and throws it in, to more loud cheers from the crowd!

Atkinson to Motie, 2 runs

short ball, Motie clears his front leg and plays an ugly hoick over midwicket. No timing, off the splice. The crowd cheers as Anderson gets around to do the fielding

Atkinson to Motie, (no ball) FOUR runs

edged past the diving Brook in the slips! Angling across at 89mph/143kph, much fuller length. Steered away via the outside edge, just past Brook's left hand at third slip... and Atkinson has overstepped

Noman Zeb: "Forcing my eyes to stay dry, so sad today, another evidence that we are not anymore kids... Bye Bye Jimmy "

Atkinson to Motie, no run

short and wide outside off, Motie is very late attempting to slash a cut away through the off side

Nikhilesh: "Perhaps Stokes should take off Anderson to protect his figures."

Susanta: "USA should offer a good deal to Anderson and play him another 5 years!!!"

Atkinson to Motie, no run

back of a length, angled across him at 85mph/137kph. Motie shapes to pull but can't get bat on ball

Atkinson to Seales, 1 run

angled across him, 87mph/140kph, punched to mid-off for a scampered single

Atkinson continues

end of over 446 runs
WI: 109/9CRR: 2.47 
Gudakesh Motie13 (24b 2x4)
Jayden Seales0 (4b)
James Anderson 15-7-25-3
Gus Atkinson 12-2-41-4
Anderson to Motie, no run

inswinger towards off stump, pushed defensively to mid-off. Motie considers the single but Stokes prevents it

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