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Newcastle, January 24 - 26, 1931, West Indies tour of Australia

West Indians won by an innings and 1 run

NSW Country 1st Innings
West Indians 1st Innings
NSW Country 2nd Innings
Match Details
New South Wales Country 1st Innings 
O Osland (c)c Grant b Griffith12-----
LR Holmes c †Hunte b Constantine8-----
Arthur Allsopp run out 9-----
Albert Bennett c Grant b Constantine95-----
A Ewers lbw b Constantine19-----
G Bell c de Caires b Griffith9-----
RR Billman lbw b Constantine1--00-
Ernest O'Brien run out 50-----
R Woolston  b St Hill34-----
Ryan James  b St Hill0--00-
Leo McGuirk not out 11-----
Extras(lb 2, nb 1)3
TOTAL56.6 Ov (RR: 4.42)251
Fall of wickets: 1-14, 2-29, 3-29, 4-39, 5-88, 6-94, 7-154, 8-209, 9-209, 10-251 (56.6 ov)
Baron Constantine16.615742.55---00
Herman Griffith1517923.95---01
Edwin St Hill1435623.00---00
Tommy Scott1105603.81---00
West Indians 1st Innings 
Jackie Grant (c)lbw b McGuirk0--00-
Errol Hunte lbw b James1--00-
George Headley  b McGuirk65-----
Frank de Caires  b McGuirk1--00-
Barto Bartlett lbw b McGuirk48-----
Baron Constantine  b Woolston1478993146165.16
Oscar Wight run out (McGuirk)35-----
Derek Sealy not out 60-----
Edwin St Hill c O'Brien b Woolston0--00-
Tommy Scott  b McGuirk7-----
Herman Griffith  b Bennett9-----
Extras(b 22, lb 2, nb 1, w 1)26
TOTAL60.4 Ov (RR: 6.59)399
Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Jackie Grant), 2-25 (Errol Hunte), 3-38 (Frank de Caires), 4-115 (George Headley), 5-155 (Barto Bartlett), 6-247 (Oscar Wight), 7-346 (Baron Constantine), 8-346 (Edwin St Hill), 9-365 (Tommy Scott), 10-399 (Herman Griffith, 60.4 ov)
Leo McGuirk1825852.41---11
Ryan James705215.57---00
RR Billman603103.87---00
R Woolston904323.58---00
Ernest O'Brien1109806.68---00
Albert Bennett3.404018.57---00
G Bell302606.50---00
LR Holmes302506.25---00
New South Wales Country 2nd Innings 
R Woolston c Constantine b Griffith7-----
Albert Bennett c †Hunte b Griffith2--00-
Arthur Allsopp  b Constantine28-----
LR Holmes c St Hill b Griffith35-----
G Bell  b Constantine2--00-
O Osland (c)lbw b Constantine15-----
Ernest O'Brien  b Scott5---0-
RR Billman c †Hunte b Constantine24-----
A Ewers lbw b Constantine2--00-
Leo McGuirk  b Scott14-----
Ryan James not out 0--00-
Extras(b 13)13
TOTAL32.4 Ov (RR: 4.52)147
Fall of wickets: 1-13 (R Woolston), 2-18 (Albert Bennett), 3-59 (Arthur Allsopp), 4-67 (G Bell), 5-98 (LR Holmes), 6-105 (O Osland), 7-107 (Ernest O'Brien), 8-124 (A Ewers), 9-147 (Leo McGuirk), 10-147 (RR Billman, 32.4 ov)
Baron Constantine8.412452.11---00
Herman Griffith812932.71---00
Edwin St Hill602302.87---00
Tommy Scott1005824.35---00
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No 1 Sports Ground, Newcastle
TossNew South Wales Country, elected to bat first
Match daysday (2-day match)
Sat, 24 Jan - day 1 - West Indies 1st innings null/3 (George Headley 52*, Barto Bartlett 15*)
Sun, 25 Jan - rest day
Mon, 26 Jan - day 2 - NSW Country 2nd innings 147 (32.4 ov) - end of match
  • New South Wales Country Wicket-keeper not known