3rd ODI, Bristol, Sep 24 2017, West Indies tour of England
(39.1/50 ov, target 370)245
England won by 124 runs
player of the match
Moeen Ali

6.30pm: Plunkett and Mo cleaned up for England today. Miller's report will contain all the gory details, and we'll be back for more with the fourth ODI on Wednesday. Thanks for all your comments, stay classy in the meantime. Bye!

6.15pm: Right, here we go with the presentations... Jason Holder, West Indies captain: "The back end of the bowling, we took punishment, didn't nail our yorkers and paid for it. [Two spinners?] Thought we had a good balance of the side, we needed to close the innings off better. It's been an area of concern for a while. I thought we could have executed a lot better. On a small ground, we paid for it. 300-320 was probably a par score. We got off to a pretty decent start with the batting. We kept up with the run rate but kept losing wickets. We've got to be better in the field, sloppy at times. Ownership needs to be taken among everyone. [Positives?] The way Chris played was exceptional, Jason Mohammed chipped in. We need one of the top four to get a hundred."

England captain Eoin Morgan: "Yes, delighted losing the toss, being sent in during an early game texted our defence but our start was good and we were in control until four or five down, when Moeen came to the crease. He was the difference between the two sides. When we bowled, I thought the wicket improved a lot, we were up against it but came through. On a small ground, a good wicket, it can be difficult to defend but our guys bowled well, executed their plans, especially against a guy like Gayle. Mo's always pretty chilled, philosophical about things. Winning is very important in the context of the series and he was outstanding today. [Plunkett] He's been Mr Reliable, come in and bowled quick, managed to extract plenty out of the pitch. [Oval selection] We're going to play our strongest team and hopefully win the series."

Moeen Ali is Man of the Match: [Best ODI innings?] "Yeah, I think so, everything seemed to come off today. Nice to get in and play a few shots. [Partnership with Woakes] Just that we wanted to take it to the 42nd over, hit the bad ball and let loose after that. There was one hack I had that went to third man and I tried to keep my shape and then I connected with one... and it was nice. [Batting at No. 7] I enjoy the responsibility of that situation, I can play a few shots. I feel good, very confident in my own game. But the main thing is to trying to win the series."

6.05pm: Moeen's monster-mash hundred, a five-wicket bag for Plunkett; catches held, run-outs effected: England go 2-0 up in the series with two to play. While Chris Gayle was opening up a can of whup-ass on the Nevil Road postage stamp, West Indies had a glimmer of a chance - but his failure to dive for the line going for a quick single saw him dismissed for 94 and pretty much ensured England would go on to wrap things up. Bristol hasn't had much luck with the weather over recent years but they were treated today, with 28 sixes setting a new record for ODIs in the the UK.

Plunkett to Holder, OUT

pitched up, slugged down the ground - taken by Moeen at long-off! Five-for for Plunkett, his first in ODIs, Holder hitting out defiantly but falling at the last as England win by 124 runs. Pretty clinical, that

Jason Holder c Ali b Plunkett 34 (43m 26b 1x4 3x6) SR: 130.77
end of over 394 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 245/9CRR: 6.28 • RRR: 11.36 • Need 125 runs from 11 overs
Miguel Cummins4 (5)
Jason Holder34 (25)
Adil Rashid6-0-34-3
Liam Plunkett8-0-52-4
Rashid to Cummins, FOUR runs

round the wicket, flighted on off stump and swept with the spin to deep backward square leg

"Well Alan! Pardon me for being out of context, but why Plunkett isn't in contention for the Ashes?" You are pardoned, waqarjutt. He's not had much of a red-ball season (and hasn't played a Test in a few years)... but, with the injuries mounting, he could come into the conversation. Although I think they're more than happy with his white-ball form, as it is

Rashid to Cummins, no run

floated up full and Cummins swats a cross-batted shot to square leg

Rashid to Cummins, no run

tossed up, straightening on off stump, Cummins gets into line and defends

Rashid to Cummins, no run

pushed through, a flatish slider outside off, again past the bat

Rashid to Cummins, no run

flighted, the googly again, spinning away from the left-handed No. 11, into the gloves

In comes Miguel Cummins... Slip and leg slip in

Rashid to Taylor, OUT

timbaaaaaahhhh! Taylor fails to pick Rashid's googly and is bowled off his pad. Three for Rashid and the end if nigh for West Indies

Jerome Taylor b Rashid 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

The batsmen crossed, so the new man Jerome Taylor is on strike

end of over 389 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 241/8CRR: 6.34 • RRR: 10.75 • Need 129 runs from 12 overs
Jason Holder34 (25)
Liam Plunkett8-0-52-4
Adil Rashid5-0-30-2
Plunkett to Bishoo, OUT

round the wicket, puts it on a length, Bishoo swings across the line - and top-edged to backward point! Done by a cutter from Plunkett and taken securely by Morgan, looking up into the lights. Bishoo, bashoo, boshoo

Devendra Bishoo c Morgan b Plunkett 12 (14m 14b 2x4 0x6) SR: 85.71
Plunkett to Holder, 1 run

length, arrowing in on the stumps, Holder turns it through the leg side

Plunkett to Bishoo, 1 run

angled across the left-hander, runs the ball away square

Plunkett to Holder, 1 run

fullish, scooped down the ground towards long-on o the bounce

Plunkett to Holder, SIX runs

pitched up and rifled back over long-off, clean strike for six by Holder! That's the 28th six of the match - a record for ODIs in England

Plunkett to Holder, no run

short outside off, tapped down behind square

end of over 374 runs
WI: 232/7CRR: 6.27 • RRR: 10.62 • Need 138 runs from 13 overs
Devendra Bishoo11 (12)
Jason Holder26 (21)
Adil Rashid5-0-30-2
Liam Plunkett7-0-43-3

"@Phil Short: '... play for the White Rose county?? Most of them not often!!!" chunters Peter

Rashid to Bishoo, no run

does him with the Bosie again, drifting away past the bat... and this time Buttler does break the stumps. They check with the third umpire but his back foot didn't look to have lifted and on we go

Rashid to Bishoo, no run

quick on off, topspinner, I think, gets into line and blocks

Rashid to Bishoo, no run

tosses up the googly, nicely bowled and Bishoo is all at sea feeling for it, manages to keep the back leg in though as Buttler prepares to dislodge the bails

Rashid to Bishoo, no run

flighted, this straightens on off as Bishoo sweeps again, hit on the pad

Rashid to Bishoo, no run

pushed across, comes across on off and taps the ball away

Rashid to Bishoo, FOUR runs

full toss from Rashid, gets down low and sweeps hard, sent flat behind backward square and into a gap for four