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10th Match, Sylhet, October 06, 2022, Women's Asia Cup
(19.5/20 ov, T:117) 117/6

Thai Women won by 4 wickets (with 1 ball remaining)

Player Of The Match
61 (51)
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OK, then! After a riveting finish to the game, the Asia Cup is well and truly wide open. See you soon for more cricket, and congratulations to all fans of Thailand cricket!

Presentation time.

Chantham is the Player of the Match: This knock I just wanted to enjoy the game and play with the target. Wanted to get the job done. (Confident at the chase?) I just aim to enjoy the game, everything is automatic.(Any plan?) Just play according to the ball. (Spin was a challenge?) Actually it made me work hard. Not easy to get runs against spin."

Losing captain Maroof: "(Disappointed?) Quite disappointed the way we batted. The batters haven't shown the intent. (Batting let your side down?) Of course, set batters were there and they weren't able to put a good score. (What target were you setting?) 130 plus would be a good total. They didn;t show intent, that was disappointing for me as a captain. (Bowling make-up, only one seamer?) We have bowled Kainat in the middle, but she hasn't bowled according to plans so we didn't use her today.

Winning captain Chaiwai: Very excited. Pakistan are a strong side. We want to beat every team but at the moment we just enjoyed our fielding and batting. I want my team to have fun and the win comes automatically. (Specific plans) In the last two games, we didn't bowl correct length and line. Today they did it pretty well."

12.03pm The semi-final spots are well and truly up for grabs. Thailand have 2 points now, and with games against UAE and Malaysia to follow, they will back themselves to take four more points and make a strong case for the semi.

Tanzir: "Very happy for Thailand, my home for the past 20 years! Great feeling to beat a team like Pakistan. "

12 noon The Thailand players run onto the field. Big hugs, and you know what, they are still alive in the Asia Cup. Pakistan are disappointed but Maroof is the first one to go up to the Thailand players to congratulate them. In this small-ish chase, what Thailand needed was a few batters giving their star batter Chantham some support, and that's what they did.

But don't forget the contribution from the Thailand bowlers. All their bowlers were tidy, and Pakistan's batters were sluggish. Even Ameen's 56 took her 64 balls. Back to the drawing board for Pakistan.

StuieD: "Great win by the Thai girls. Can't tell you how good it is to see these young women beat a truly good side. Commiserations to the Pakistani side, but a great result for Women's world cricket."

JOYDEEPSINGHGIL: "Ameen nida dar made 68 runs in 86 balls means in 14.2 overs, cost Pakistan this match the way I see it. and dropped catches and missed run out chances too"

Diana Baig to Boochatham, 1 run

full on off, and she slogs it over the midwicket infielder. Lands safe! And Thailand pull off a massive win!!

Thailand one run away from their biggest win in T20I cricket. Their experienced batter is on strike.

Irfan : "Cricinfo pop-up commentary nice of you to join the rest of us :)"

Diana Baig to Kanoh, 1 run

scores tied! Full just outside off. Bunted to mid off and they scurry for one! Fielder tries to get a direct hit but Kanoh would've been safe

Glory shot? Or do it in singles? Do Pakistan bring in more infielders to stop the single? Kee[er standing up now, to stop them from taking a bye.

Diana Baig to Kanoh, 2 runs

full just outside off stump. Tries to drive but inside edge takes it past short fine leg. Two more!

4 needed off 4. The Sri Lanka squad is on the boundary line with smiles too.

Diana Baig to Kanoh, FOUR runs

OMG! Nearly a waist-high full toss just outside off. Kanoh comes down the ground and thumps it over the bowler's head. Ball dribbles away to the straight boundary and the Thai camp is on its feet!

batters chatting in the middle.

Diana Baig to Boochatham, 1 run

full outside off but she drags a sloggy shot to deep midwicket. Hit too well, and that means they can't consider taking a second run

Nine to win, eight for a super over.

Diana Baig to Boochatham, 1 wide

full outside off and a bit of movement further away from the left-hand batter. Past the tram-lines, and that's an extra!

Baig will bowl. Massive over for Thailand cricket fans. Pakistan would like to stay unbeaten, though. Long on and deep midwicket are there. Deep extra cover too.

end of over 196 runs • 1 wicket
THI-W: 107/6CRR: 5.63 RRR: 10.00 • Need 10 runs from 6b
Rosenan Kanoh2 (2b)
Nattaya Boochatham1 (1b)
Nida Dar 4-0-26-2
Nashra Sandhu 4-0-17-1
Nida Dar to Kanoh, no run

good length ball, a bit wide outside off. Looks to cut but the ball stays low. Nine needed off six for the Super Over

last ball of the penultimate over.

Nida Dar to Kanoh, 2 runs

flat length ball outside off. Punched to long off gently, meaning they can come back for the second

Ankur: "what a match, thai women playing an extraordinary game !!" -- Pakistan once again massive favourites after the last wicket though

Nida Dar to Chantham, OUT

is that six? The camera pans into the stands but then refocuses --- taken at deep midwicket! Tossed up outside off stump, she goes for another slog from outside off. This time Ameen goes for the catch attempt, and taken.

Natthakan Chantham c Omaima Sohail b Nida Dar 61 (51b 5x4 2x6 77m) SR: 119.6
Nida Dar to Chantham, 2 runs

deep midwicket doesn't go for the catch! She had top-edged the attempted slog sweep. Lots of Pakistan players shout 'catch it' but the fielder opts to save the four

Nida Dar to Chantham, 2 runs

dangerous second run attempted, but not cleanly picked up by the bowler! Bunts this ball to long off, where there's an outfielder, so the second was on.

Nida Dar to Chantham, no run

punches this to cover, but only to the fielder! 16 off 11

What a finish on the cards, folks!

end of over 184 runs • 1 wicket
THI-W: 101/5CRR: 5.61 RRR: 8.00 • Need 16 runs from 12b
Natthakan Chantham57 (47b 5x4 2x6)
Nattaya Boochatham1 (1b)
Nashra Sandhu 4-0-17-1
Nida Dar 3-0-20-1
Nashra Sandhu to Chantham, 1 run
Nashra Sandhu to Boochatham, 1 run
Nashra Sandhu to Maya, OUT
Phannita Maya st †Muneeba Ali b Nashra Sandhu 2 (6b 0x4 0x6 6m) SR: 33.33
Nashra Sandhu to Maya, no run
Nashra Sandhu to Chantham, 1 run
Nashra Sandhu to Maya, 1 run
end of over 179 runs • 1 wicket
THI-W: 97/4CRR: 5.70 RRR: 6.66 • Need 20 runs from 18b
Natthakan Chantham55 (45b 5x4 2x6)
Phannita Maya1 (3b)
Nida Dar 3-0-20-1
Kainat Imtiaz 1-0-11-1
Nida Dar to Chantham, SIX runs
Nida Dar to Maya, 1 run
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