Choice of Game
A well deserved finale to a short but wonderful tournament and an equally fitting finale to two of the most prolific cricketers of their nation. It wasn't really a question about choice. Why would anyone in their right minds, with access to tickets, miss the final of the World T20 in their home country?

Team Supported
A substantial portion of the stadium at the beginning of the match was supporting India, though a small and significant number was also supporting Sri Lanka. However, as the match moved forward the balance in the crowd considerably shifted in Sri Lanka's favor. I like the Indian team - they are well rounded and they have an incredibly talented player in Virat Kohli. But as I have already mentioned in my previous fan report I genuinely believe Sri Lanka deserved to win this one.

Key performer
As Darren Sammy had said so correctly during his press conference, 'the Almighty wanted Sangakara and Jayawardane to end on a high'. The key man was undoubtedly Kumar Sangakkara, who won the game for Sri Lanka and was adjudged Man of the Match. It must also be said that the Sri Lankan win was a team effort, with everyone putting up their best performance on the field. A honorable mention to Virat Kohli too - he is definitely the future of Indian cricket and was thoroughly deserving of the Man of the Tournament award.

Shot of the day
The winning shot by Thisara Perera was the shot of the day for me. Luck today was in favor of the Lankans rather than the Indians, and it was evident from the toss to the edges that went in Sri Lanka's favour.

One thing I would change about the match
My first thought was nothing, I wouldn't want to change anything about the match, but as an afterthought I realized, I would have loved Bangladesh in the final. As far as T20 matches go this was a cracker, the rain before the match actually made it better, the atmosphere was cooler and the breeze was lovely. This time I was sitting far away from the speakers which meant I couldn't understand or properly hear the emcee and I was absolutely fine with it.

Fancy dress index
Two individuals in the adjoining stands caught my eyes. They were wearing lungis and England's jersey (not the solar red version). To top it off they had the colourful Malinga wig on. They were looking absolutely dapper. It topped off the wonderfully colourful month of fun that we have had in Bangladesh, and today was its climax.

The music wasn't very audible in the stand I was sitting in. We kept ourselves entertained quite well. There were multiple rounds of Mexican Waves and lots of spontaneous chanting - in support of India, Sri Lanka and even Bangladesh. The Bangladesh cricket team's performance was questionable but I believe Bangladesh as a host performed its part well.

Marks out of ten
I would give it a grand total of 9.5 out of 10. Some would say it was a one-sided contest but I was in the stadium and I can vouch for the effort India made to defend the total that was given to them. I feel privileged to have been part of the hosting nation which has successfully entertained so many international teams and a memorable tournament. Hopefully everyone appreciated the hard work that goes into making a tourney of this magnitude possible, and enjoyed the proceedings live or on TV.