India v Australia - turning points

34.4 Mohammed Shami to Watson, OUT, oh Shami roars as he splatter the stumps with an inducker! Watson has to go straight after getting to his 100. It was a length delivery and came back in. Watson was looking to drive it down the ground on the up, but it missed the inside edge to hit off and middle.
SR Watson b Mohammed Shami 102 (103m 94b 13x4 3x6) SR: 108.51

49.2 Jadeja to Bailey, OUT, Bailey's wonderful innings comes to an end in the pursuit of quick runs as he smashes this Jadeja offering right to long off, who takes a simple catch. Awesome performance from the Australia captain
GJ Bailey c Kohli b Jadeja 156 (138m 114b 13x4 6x6) SR: 136.84

35.4 Faulkner to Dhawan, 2 runs, 137 kph, Dhawan clips this fuller pitched delivery straight through midwicket. This sets off one of the more enthusiastic celebrations you will see as he drops his bat and then pumps both fists and then does a Afridi with his arms outstretched. This is his 4th ODI century.

35.6 Faulkner to Dhawan, OUT, 136 kph, and its all over for Da-One. Looking to improvise a flick behind square on the leg side through fine leg, he ends up stepping out to the off side. Faulkner must have seen this coming as he releases the ball on a middle to leg stump line, which ends up castling the southpaw's wicket. So Dhawan was unable to make this century count for more, but still a fine effort considering the circumstances. Makes that the third century of the match as well.
S Dhawan b Faulkner 100 (150m 102b 11x4 0x6) SR: 98.03

47.4 Faulkner to Kohli, FOUR, 141 kph, take a bow Kohli. Is there a better man when it comes to chasing huge ODI totals? The crowd go bananas as Kohli glides this through third man for the third consecutive boundary of the over to bring up his 17th ODI hundred. Sterling stuff from this Indian batsman

49.3 Faulkner to Dhoni, 2 runs, 137 kph, Dhoni guides this through mid off, with mid off making a hash of it as it deflects towards long on, with the pair running the extra run to get the victory. It sets off delirious scenes from the Nagpur crowd as they roar in approval to what has been a sublime batting performance from the young turks of Indian cricket.