New Zealand Cricket's board of directors is set to undergo an overhaul, following its adoption of a new constitution at a special general meeting on Friday. As per the new constitution, an "appointments panel" will recommend candidates for the eight-member board of directors, and the 28 members of the NZC will then vote to endorse - or reject - the candidates.

While the current directors are eligible to seek re-election to their posts, NZC chairman Chris Moller announced at the meeting that he would step down from the role in September, following the elections. "I have been chairman of New Zealand Cricket for three years and a director for five years, the same duration that I chose to be involved in New Zealand Rugby and being chairman is a hugely time consuming role," Moller was quoted as saying in a NZC release. "I also think it is in the best interests of cricket in New Zealand for a new chairman to be inducted into the ICC during the tenure of Alan Isaac as president."

It was decided that the appointments panel will comprise a convenor who is nominated by the board, the chairpersons of three of the major associations (the six major associations will be represented on the panel by annual rotation) and one person nominated by Sport New Zealand, the government organisation responsible for sport. The first panel includes NZC president Stephen Boock as convenor, Auckland Cricket chairman Rex Smith, Northern Districts Cricket chairman Lachlan Muldowney, Otago Cricket chairman Murray Hughes and Sport New Zealand's John Wells.

As per the new process, vacancies on the board of directors will be publicly advertised, and anyone can apply for the posts. The adverts will go out on July 13, and the appointments panel will process the applications over the next ten weeks. It will advise NZC of its recommended candidates on September 10, and the voting will be on September 19 at the board's next special general meeting. Until then, the current directors will remain office.

The new board of directors, based on the appointment panel's recommendations, might be paid salaries. This recommendation is pending approval from the board; it will have to be ratified at its annual general meeting.

The new constitution was drawn up in consultation with "a wide cross-section of the cricketing community", including the NZC's six major associations and 22 district associations. Previously, the directors were appointed by one NZC board member, one representative of the major associations and two persons from the New Zealand Institute of Directors, an organisation that promotes best corporate governance.