New Zealand v Zimbabwe, World Cup 2011, Ahmedabad

Scott Styris is delighted to send Brendan Taylor back Getty Images

1.2 Southee to Coventry, OUT, direct hit from mid on, and Coventry is in trouble. Fuller delivery from Southee, moving away from middle and off, Coventry gets half forward and drives without much timing to mid-on. Bennett does reall well, charging forward, swooping on the ball and under-arming into the sticks at the bowler's end. Coventry was not running full-tilt. He wasn't stretching fully. He's caught short by half a foot or so.

14.3 Vettori to Chakabva, OUT, this is turning into a nightmare for Zimbabwe. As if all the troubles were not enough, Rosco pulls off a blinder now. Dan gets Chakabva to reach outside off and go for the drive, the edge flies to the right of Taylor at slip, who puts out his right hand quickly and takes it cleanly. Dan has struck twice in his opening over.

23.1 Styris to Taylor, OUT, Scott strikes, out of nowhere. Nippy full offcutter from Styris and Taylor was taken completely by surprise, can't blame him after all those gentle trundlers Scott served up before this one. He wafts across the line as this one darts in on the toes, Styris gets the decision in his favour instantly, no reviews left for Zimbabwe anyways. Their last specialist batsman falls.

0.6 Panyangara to Guptill, FOUR, an entirely forgettable first over from Zimbabwe. Over-pitches the final delivery on leg stump. Guptill's just smashed a decent ball for six, so in balance, he's been charitable in getting just four off this poor ball. Drills it straight back for four. Guptill is in a hurry and he's taken 14 from the first over.

22.3 Cremer to Guptill, FOUR, well, not Zimbabwe's day this. Flighted well outside off, and sharp turn away from Guptill. He was clearly fixed by it and ended up getting an outside edge through third man for four. New Zealand edge closer to a resounding win.