Bangladesh v West Indies, World Cup 2011, Mirpur

Kemar Roach is pumped after dismissing Junaid Siddique Getty Images

0.3 Roach to Tamim Iqbal, OUT, a hush falls over the Shere Bangla as Tamim departs for a duck. The ball was fuller and wider outside off stump and Tamim, who let the previous two go, chased this. He went really hard at the ball, aiming to lash it through cover, but ended up nicking it to second slip, where Sammy caught it. And look at those celebrations ... massive wicket

3.3 Sammy to Imrul Kayes, OUT, caught behind! Short of a length but closer to the body outside off stump. Kayes stays in his crease, moves on to the back foot and pokes at the ball with an open face. Tentative shot with no real purpose and the outside edge is taken by Thomas.

8.2 Roach to Junaid Siddique, OUT, lbw! Siddique falls to another yorker. But he wants a review. Roach delivered a lethal yorker on middle stump, made more lethal by Siddique's decision to play across the line towards midwicket. The ball struck him full on the front shoe and that is hitting middle stump. That review was in hope more than anything else. Bangladesh tottering ...

10.2 Benn to Shakib Al Hasan, OUT, bowled him! Another flighted delivery that dips on Shakib outside off stump, Shakib didn't really do anything. He should have come forward but he stayed in his crease and made a limp effort at defending. The ball pitched just outside off and spun into the left-hander, beat the bat and hit the stumps. Benn roars.

17.1 Roach to Mohammad Ashraful, OUT, West Indies are screaming in joy. The Mirpur crowd don't know how to react. It was a full delivery outside off stump and Ash went for a big drive through the off side and getsa thin nick through to the delighted keeper.

18.5 Benn to Rubel Hossain, OUT, Benn does a Afridi. He fires a yorker and the batsman had no chance. Bangladesh have folded up for their lowest score ever! Crazy crazy day at Mirpur. Benn roars. His team-mates have a laugh. Bangladesh are all out and and the home crowd is getting angry and restless.