'Ireland broke the sound barrier last night'

Ireland's win against England makes it to the front page of the Irish Times Irish Times

"This was Ireland's day, Ireland's night and who knows what else beyond. You only hoped the bar of the Royal Gardenia Hotel in Bangalore, where the team are staying, had brought in extra stock."
Lawrence Booth, writing in the Daily Mail, thinks of the post-match celebrations

"To be frank, it wasn't clear what the plan was. Perhaps they thought Ireland weren't good enough to hit length out of the park. If that was the thinking, it was clearly wrong."
Former England captain Nasser Hussain feels England may have underestimated their opponents

"Some bookmakers had Ireland at 400-1 at one stage. I wish I'd not kept my money in pocket."
Ger O'Brien wishes he had bet on his brothers, Niall and Kevin, and their team-mates beating England

"England have conceded 959 runs in three matches - most of those against the Netherlands and Ireland! "
Jonathan Agnew, writing for the BBC, is worried about England's bowling

"With this upset, it proves that whoever plays better cricket on a day will come out as victorious. Obviously it's a lesson for every team."
Darren Sammy, West Indies captain, warns the rest of the sides

"How the mighty have fallen so quickly. England were national heroes after winning the Ashes. Now they are national chumps after this shocking and embarrassing defeat."
Former England captain Geoff Boycott doesn't hold back on his thoughts on England's performance

"England made it easy for them with shoddy cricket. There was a palpable sense of complacency that crept in during the Ireland innings, born undoubtedly of arrogance and a ridiculous belief in their superiority. England were bad but take nothing away from Ireland; they played magnificently and courageously."
Another former England captain, Mike Atherton, is equally scathing

"On the scale of sporting shocks, Ireland broke the sound barrier last night."
The Independent's Stephen Brenkley puts the win in perspective

"I'm flying to India, teach them how to bowl yorkers and use your nous. Embarrassing. Sorry I'm so pissed off with that performance, unacceptable."
Former England fast bowler Darren Gough thinks the current team could do with some expert assistance

"Ireland's sporting heroes rarely bleach their hair blond with a pink mohawk down the middle. Not until now, that is. Kevin O'Brien stunned the world of cricket by hitting the fastest century in World Cup history....did we mention it was against England?
The Irish Times enjoys getting one over its neighbour

"The biggest dilemma they will face in the next few days is whether or not to get rid of those hideous haircuts. Superstitious it may be but they would be fools to change them now."
The Guardian's Andy Bull on what could be Ireland's talisman in this World Cup