Australia v New Zealand, World Cup 2011, Nagpur

Martin Guptill was bowled for 10 Getty Images

3.4 Tait to Brendon McCullum, OUT, McCullum has holed out, or has he? Caught at third man by Krejza, but the umpire wants to check if he over-stepped. He landed alright, but the foot skid a few inches forward. Still doesn't over-step so McCullum has to go. Full delivery outside off, Baz looks for the extravagant carve over point, but since his feet weren't across it went off the outside edge, close to the bottom of the bat. He went at that so hard, that it carried to Krejza at third man at good height.

8.5 Watson to Guptill, OUT, oh well, Watto has castled Guppy with another grubber. Bad signs this, for the game. Back of a length from Watto, Guppy may have been better off coming forward in hindsight, but I doubt it would have helped. It just never came up off the track, Guppy played a half-cock forward block, but it kissed the toe of the bat and just shot through onto the stumps. Balls bounce more on nine-pin bowling alleys

13.2 Johnson to Ryder, OUT, caught behind! New Zealand are making no progress here. Johnson hits a good length around off stump and gets the ball to straighten just enough off the pitch. Ryder pushes forward tentatively and gets a thick nick through to Haddin. It's what eventually happens when you let one bowler bowl at a batsman for long periods without making him change his line by rotating strike

14.4 Tait to Styris, OUT, horrific shot from Styris and the implosion continues. Tait pitched one short and wide, Styris went to slash it but it was a bit too far from him. He needed to get a bit closer to the ball but he didn't and the edge is once again taken by Haddin.

16.6 Tait to Taylor, OUT, bowled him! Tait fires a full and fast yorker at Taylor, who had no hope once he made the decision to play across the line. He played around the ball and it crashed into off stump.