Samoa English Cricket Association appoint new CEO and Head of Development

The President of Samoa English Cricket Association, Seb Kohlhase recently announced a major development in local English Cricket, in the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer and Head of Development for the sport of English Cricket.

"Laki Uaea Apelu has accepted the almost meagre financial conditions that we have been able to offer to take up the position of CEO and Head of Development of SECA. He starts immediately" stated Seb Kohlhase, "we hope that we will soon be able to remunerate more realistically in the future" he continued.

"Uaea has probably the best track record for initiating and seeing through a sports development program in Samoa". "All are aware that his period with Rugby Union saw an extremely effective Development Program initiated to the point that the earlier beneficiaries have now reached international hights. We have similar hopes for Cricket" said Seb. "From our own relatively meager efforts we now have two school players in our National Team. The inherent abilities are there and what our new Professional can achieve really excites us" stated an excited President.

"Uaea's role is more than just establishing school and other programs; it is to provide a centralised administration and a ongoing basis for the sports administration in Samoa. This will attract more confidently our sports International and Local agencies as well as sponsors that will see real value for their investment," concluded Mr. Kolhase.

In turn Uaea commented "certainly I have commitments to other areas including the Samoa Sports Academy, Squash and still Rugby but I have the time and, I believe, the experience to handle this exciting task. Many principles are common and complementary. The challenge that excites me is the relatively free opportunity that I have to design and structure the mechanisms and programs needed to achieve the objectives that I am set by Crickets Executive Management Committee. I just hope that the confidence in me that the Association seemingly unanimously holds continues and they continue to apply their expertise and give me the guidance and assistance that invariably I will need". "I have always had an involvement in the sport of Cricket but none of the national team need fear for their position, maybe a few of the Golden Oldies might-especially if I give them some fitness tests!" he concluded.