The controversy over MS Dhoni's wicketkeeping gloves has been resolved quietly, with the former Indian captain wearing a new pair of mitts on Sunday against Australia at The Oval.

Dhoni was pulled up by the ICC after India's World Cup opener against South Africa on June 5 for breaching regulations concerning clothing and equipment.

On Sunday morning, Dhoni stepped into the ground for warm-up drills before the toss, holding a fresh pair of green gloves without the dagger emblem that was embossed on his previous pair. Dhoni is an honorary lieutenant-colonel in the Parachute Regiment of the Indian Territorial Army. The dagger is similar to the regimental emblem.

Dhoni wore the dagger-free gloves when India came onto the field, having set Australia a target of 353.

The BCCI's initial response to the ICC saying Dhoni's gloves contravened regulations was to send a request to the ICC asking whether there was room for "flexibility" - where Dhoni could be allowed to carry on wearing the gloves with the dagger insignia. Rejecting the request, the ICC explained that Dhoni had breached two regulations: one relating to display of "personal messages", and the other concerning the logo on his glove.