It has become one of the talking points of the World Cup: the story of the (sometimes) immovable bails. Five times now the ball has clipped, or even clunked, the stumps only for the zing bails to stay in their groove. It follows similar incidents at this year's IPL and had been seen as far back as the 2015 World Cup.

The ICC say that the weight of the zing bails, which have flashing lights built into them, is not an issue with them coming in at somewhere between the weight of traditional bails and the heavy versions umpires carry for windy days.

Still, when the likes of Mitchell Starc are clipping the timber at more than 90mph, it is probably fair to ask whether it's just an extraordinary turn of events or something that needs to be looked into.

"I think you take the good with the bad in that situation. I suppose with the new - the light-up stumps, the bails seem to be a lot heavier - so it does take a bit of a force," Australia's captain Aaron Finch said after seeing Chris Gayle's stump get flicked by Starc.

"I've seen it a handful of times now in IPL and Big Bash and stuff where the ball rolls back onto the stumps, where the bails traditionally, one of them will pop off. But yeah, I think it's just one of those things that you are aware when you're on the right side of it, you are aware of it a bit easier than when you're not."

None of the incidents at this World Cup have yet proved pivotal to the outcome, but here's a reminder of the five lucky batsmen and unlucky bowlers.

England v South Africa

Rashid to de Kock, FOUR runs, got him, or has he?! What on earth has gone on here? England think they've bowled him! It's flicked the bat on the reverse sweep from outside leg, thumped the outside of the stump and triggered the zing bails but the bails haven't come off, and the ball has gone for four!

New Zealand v Sri Lanka

Boult to Karunaratne, no run, nearly chopped on! Looking to run it down but had no width whatsoever. Guess what? The ball brushed the stumps, the bails shook but didn't come off the groove.

Australia v West Indies

Starc to Gayle, no run, given out but Gayle reviews immediately! Fullish length on fourth stump angled in, Gayle is late driving as there was a definite noise when it passed the stumps... because the ball has in fact shaved off stump. A little peck! The baby smooch! Not a full pucker to dislodge the bails though. Incredible!

England v Bangladesh

Stokes to Mohammad Saifuddin, no run, bowled him ... no, the bails have stayed on! Down the leg side, under-edged into the crease, hops up into the timbers and despite an audible clunk of wood, the wicket remains intact!

Australia v India

Bumrah to Warner, no run, Warner drags it back onto the stumps, but the bails refuse to budge. Clatters into the base of leg stump via a deflection off the boot, but the bails stay put. Banged in short and angling across off, Warner can't get on top of it. He fiddles with it and inside-edges it back onto the stumps. How many times has this happened in this World Cup?