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'My left foot is bigger than my right foot'

And other surprising facts about David Miller, revealed by the man himself

David Miller guides one down to third man, Mumbai Indians v Kings XI Punjab, IPL 2015, Mumbai, April 12, 2015

"Killer Miller": a nickname bestowed by fans on David Miller  •  BCCI

Where were you when you first heard that you were picked to play in the IPL?
I'd just come back from a four-day game and was setting up a new house I'd bought near the harbour in Durban when I got a call from my manager saying I've been picked. I couldn't quite believe it. After a while, I got a call from Colonel Arvinder Singh, who was then the CEO of Kings XI Punjab. It was the first time I was talking to an Indian from India, so I couldn't really understand what he was saying. But it didn't sink in till I got to India. It was quite an epic moment.
How did you react when you heard about the money you were being signed up for?
I opened the calculator and did a US-dollar-to-rand conversion. Couldn't believe it! It was a big thing for me.
From where did your "Killer Miller" tag originate?
It started when I played against Royal Challengers Bangalore and scored 101, in 2013. While I was busy batting, the big screen showed some guys in the crowd with a placard saying: "Killer Miller". It came from there and has stuck with me since.
What has been your best IPL knock?
That one against Royal Challengers in Mohali, without doubt. I've played some enjoyable knocks over the years, but that one defined me and changed a lot for me. I haven't looked back since.
One line of Hindi or Punjabi you've picked up over the years?
"Aap bahut sundar ho." [You're very beautiful]
I was about 40 minutes late for my first professional game. I arrived 25 minutes before the first ball was bowled. I was 18, it was meant to be my debut!
Who has been the biggest influence in your cricket career?
My father. He never gets involved in cricketing situations because he didn't play at the same level, but I'm thankful for what he has given me. He's taught me all the attributes I needed as a professional.
What's the craziest thing you have done on the cricket field?
I was about 40 minutes late for my first professional game. I arrived 25 minutes before the first ball was bowled. I was 18, it was meant to be my debut!
What's the worst sledge ever directed at you?
I don't know, can't remember.
What's the worst sledge you have ever used?
That's more in Tests, where you've time to tick off someone. I haven't played any!
If you were to choose a buddy for an African safari, who would you ring first?
Kyle Abbott.
Tell us one thing about you that your fans will be surprised to learn.
My left foot is bigger than my right foot.
What's the one thing you'd grab and run if your house was on fire?
My cell phone.
Give us one word each that comes to your mind when you hear these names.
Jacques Kallis? Genius. Dale Steyn? Fire. AB de Villiers? Explosive. Virender Sehwag? Freedom.
Is there a question you wish you weren't asked often by journalists at the IPL?
"What's your favourite Indian dish?"
Tell us about a dressing-room incident that leaves you in splits.
Marcus Stoinis has come onto this dog-jaw trick with a few of the guys. There's a whole story behind it. He catches guys with his dog jaw and they feel in his jaw and they fall for it. He's done it to a few guys and that really is funny.
What's your first memory of being a spectator?
It was a local game in South Africa. I was about ten. Jonty Rhodes, Shaun Pollock, Dale Benkenstein were all there. I wanted to meet Jonty at any cost. After the game, I managed to catch his eye. He came over to me, spent a couple of minutes. That's something I'll never forget.
Do you have a travel tip for those wanting to travel in India?
Hand sanitiser! At times, with the weather and with so many people, it could get a little sticky.

Shashank Kishore is a senior sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo