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Denis Streak: a statement

Heath Streak's father insists his son never resigned or threatened to do so

The following is a statement issued by Denis Streak regarding Heath Streak's dismissal by the Zimbabwe Cricket Union:
As a father to Heath Streak, I am alarmed at the various press reports regarding my son's position with the Zimbabwe Cricket Union. My son himself cannot make a statement as he considers himself bound by his contract with the ZCU, which limits his ability to make any press statements.
I am fully aware of the situation, as Heath has obviously discussed matters with me. Heath, at no time, tendered or threatened to tender his resignation as captain or as a national player as alleged by the ZCU. All he said was that if his concerns were not addressed he would "consider possible retirement from international cricket".
In the circumstances the ZCU, in my view, have acted unlawfully in terminating Heath's position as captain and a member of the Zimbabwe national squad. I am aware that he is seeking legal advice regarding this issue and enjoys overwhelming support and encouragement from both his fellow players and the cricketing public in Zimbabwe.
Denis Streak