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ESPNcricinfo Luck Index - Russell and the no-ball

The no-ball that reprieved Andre Russell ended up costing Kings XI Punjab 29 runs, according to ESPNcricinfo's Luck Index

When Andre Russell got a second chance after being bowled off a no-ball from Mohammed Shami in the 17th over, you could sense that it would be a key event in the innings. On 3 off 5 balls at that stage, Russell went on to bludgeon 45 from the next 12 deliveries to propel Kolkata Knight Riders to 218.
According to ESPNcricinfo's Luck Index, which puts a quantitative value on every lucky event in a game, Russell's reprieve helped Knight Riders score an extra 29 runs. This is calculated after taking into account the runs that the other batsmen, coming in after Russell, would have been expected to score off those 12 extra balls that Russell was lucky to face.
Given that the final margin of result was only 28 runs, it could be argued that the no-ball actually cost Kings XI the match (though it's true that both teams would have approached the second innings differently had the target been 190 instead of 219).
Twenty-three of Russell's 45 runs came off five balls from Shami, who will now surely pay extra attention to fielders inside the ring, given that the no-ball was called as Kings XI only had three inside the circle for that delivery.
The 29 extra runs that Knight Riders scored makes this the luckiest event of IPL 2019. Keep watching these pages as ESPNcricinfo tracks the luckiest and unluckiest players and teams throughout IPL 2019.
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