Development cricket this week sees the enhancement of facilities with 70 FLICX Pitches marked for both match and coaching purposes. This dramatic increase of pitches for Development Cricket is the initiative of Mr Mohammed Shafique-ul-Huque Heera, assistant Director Development of the Bangladesh Cricket Board. Previous captain of the Bangladesh National Team, Heera is aware of the desperate need for decent facilities and has identified the FLICX pitch as an important element in the Bangladesh Cricket Board's Development Programme.

The FLICX pitch was selected for its application and versatility in portable cricket. It can be easily transported and laid out on any generally flat surface, immediately covering existing sports facilities into cricket fields.

Targeted at junior development cricket, the novel plastic p[itch is ideally suited to both soft and hardball cricket, provides predictable, consistent bounce and can be used for coaching, practice and match requirements. When not in use, the FLICX pitch stores easily, requiring minimal preparation for the next game, or even, the next session.

UV and endurance tested by independent researchers, the FLICX pitch has met the stringent standards of leading international cricket boards. Extensively used in South Africa and in the United Kingdom, the FLICX pitch is endorsed by the English Cricket Board and has been adopted by the International Cricket Board (ICC) for the development of the game in non-cricketing countries. To date FLICX pitches are being played on in over 26 countries, including Australia, New Zealand and America, and has proved successful on surfaces as diverse as beach-sand and snow!

Developed in South Africa for township cricket in 1997, the philosophy of taking cricket to where it has never been played before, breaking down barriers and building sporting communities is driven by the passion of founder and developer of FLICX, Mr Richard Beghin (CEO, FLICX international), currently in Bangladesh to hand over the 70 FLICX pitches to the Bangladesh Cricket Board for Development Cricket.

In South Africa, FLICX have committed themselves to both the development of junior cricket and to do the game itself by initiating and sponsoring the FLICX U-13 Nite Series where young cricketing heroes are recognized in matches held under lights and in an atmosphere similar to the day-night games of senior cricket.

FLICX have also not limited themselves to cricket pitches but supply modular, portable nets, bowling machines, and other cricketing equipment and clothing aimed at development cricket. Additional information on the FLICX pitch is available on and all queries for new pitches can be directed to Richard Beghin on +44900883630.