Full coverage of the Sahara pullout

Full coverage of Sahara's pullout as sponsor of the India national team and owners of the Pune IPL team

ESPNcricinfo staff
Sahara India withdrew its Pune Warriors IPL franchise for the second time in as many years, this time after BCCI refused to reduce the franchise fee. The decision comes three years after Sahara purchased the franchise for US$370 million, the highest price paid for any of the IPL franchises. In February 2012, Sahara had cut ties with the BCCI, withdrawing its sponsorship of the India national team and ownership of the Pune Warriors franchise. The decision was announced on February 4, an hour before the IPL 2012 auction - which went ahead without any representation from Pune Warriors.


February 4
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February 5
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February 6
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February 7
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February 8
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February 9
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February 11
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February 12
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February 13
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February 16
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February 17
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May 21
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May 22
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June 25
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October 26
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October 29
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