Imran Khan's high-profile marriage to Jemima Goldsmith, the daughter of the late British billionaire Sir James Goldsmith, has ended in divorce after nine years.
The couple's marriage in 1995 caught the world's imagination, although the differences that were evident then - she was 21 and Jewish, he was 42 and a Muslim - have become more apparent in recent years, especially now that Imran has stepped up his political ambitions.
"I sadly announce that Jemima and I are divorced," said Imran today in a statement released by his Justice Movement party. "While Jemima tried her best to settle here, my political life made it difficult for her to adapt to life in Pakistan. This was a mutual decision and is clearly very sad for both of us. My home and my future is in Pakistan."
Jemima, an ambassador for the United Nations children's fund UNICEF, recently moved back to London, in order that their two sons - Suleiman and Kasim - could be educated in Britain. Imran became a Pakistani MP in 2002, although as yet his party has had little support.