13 Wickets taken by India's bowlers using the short ball this World Cup, the most for any team. Australia have taken eight wickets using the short ball, while Pakistan and South Africa have taken seven each.

9 Years since India have bowled out the opposition in four consecutive ODIs. The last time India managed this was in 2006 against England, West Indies and Australia (twice). India have bowled out their opposition in each of the first four games of this World Cup, against Pakistan, South Africa, UAE and West Indies.

5 Number of times that West Indies have been bowled out in a World Cup match against India, their most against any team. England and Australia have bowled out West Indies four times each in a World Cup game.

10 Instances of West Indies losing four wickets for 50 runs or less in an ODI against India. The only team against whom West Indies have been in such a situation on more occasions is Australia, against whom this has happened 14 times.

8 Runs scored by West Indies in the first five overs. Their lowest five-over score against India, since 2001, is 6 for 2 in Bulawayo in June 2001.

12 Runs scored by India in the first five overs, their second-lowest against West Indies since 2001 and the lowest when chasing. India's lowest five-over score against West Indies is 11 for 0 at Port of Spain in June 2002.

17.1 The bowling average of India's pacers in four matches this World Cup, the best average for India's pacers in any ODI tournament where they have played at least four matches.

3 Consecutive World Cup matches that India have now won against West Indies. India achieved wins against West Indies in the 1996, 2011 and 2015 World Cups. India lost three of their five World Cup encounters against West Indies prior to 1996.