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How Chahal swung the seesaw contest with a hat-trick (in a four-wicket over)

A peek into our ball-by-ball commentary as it captured the match-turning 17th over

Yuzvendra Chahal is mobbed by his teammates after a match-turning spell, Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals, IPL 2022, Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai, April 18, 2022

That's the match!  •  BCCI

The match was in the balance. Shreyas Iyer had played a captain's knock to give his team a shout in a huge chase of 216. Yuzvendra Chahal's first three overs had been plundered for 38. The equation for Kolkata Knight Riders was down to a manageable 40 off four overs, with six wickets in hand. Chahal was back for his fourth, and he weaved magic. Here's how ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball commentary captured the drama as it unfolded.
16.1 Chahal to Venkatesh Iyer, OUT
Googly, beats the full-blooded swing down the ground and has Venkatesh stumped! It was a full ball that turned away from off and the batter had danced down the track but missed the ball. The keeper completed the dismissal and Chahal is chuffed!
Jackson was out to a googly against RCB
16.2 Chahal to Jackson, no run
Tossed up outside off stump gets the inside edge of the cover drive. Falls in front
16.3 Chahal to Jackson, 1 run
Full ball on the legs is turned to square leg
Discussion between Chahal and Sanju is on. Directions are being sent to the fielders deep on the legside. There are three fielders in the offside in the deep.
16.4 Chahal to Shreyas Iyer, 1 wide
Wide outside off on a full length is well past the tramline
16.4 Chahal to Shreyas Iyer, OUT
Given LBW, Iyer reviews! It was a full ball that beat the whip towards deep midwicket. Iyer is walking as the Hawk-Eye's prediction comes in. It shows the ball was pitching in line and was hitting leg. Chahal knew it was out right away and roared as soon as it was given out.
16.5 Chahal to Shivam Mavi, OUT
Taken at long-on! A full ball outside off has Mavi reaching out and trying to heave it to the legside, but he only manages to top-edge it this steepler to Parag as he takes it at a comfortable height to have Chahal on the verge of a hat-trick.
Slip in for the hat trick ball. Googly incoming?
16.6 Chahal to Cummins, OUT
Caught behind! He has done it! Takes the outside edge as Cummins pushes at that, Sanju with a smart grab. Chahal celebrates with a leap and a slide to take him to the jolly pose at the boundary with the elbow on the ground. The hat-trick has RR firmly on top!