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'I'd be a pro golfer if not a cricketer'

Marcus Trescothick on alternative careers, his only Test wicket, and the hardest bowlers to face

Marcus Trescothick unsuccessfully appeals for the wicket of Inzamam-ul-Haq, Pakistan v England, 3rd Test, Karachi, 1st day, December 7, 2000

Bangers the bowler: in 2000 in Karachi, Trescothick took his only Test wicket - Imran Nazir  •  PA Photos

What is the best innings you have ever played?
I scored 86 against Pakistan in an ODI at The Oval in 2003. I didn't make a ton but I felt like I could do absolutely anything that day. I felt like I could hit the ball wherever I liked. It was one of those days where it was like, "God, I'm invincible today."
What victory celebrations did you enjoy the most?
It'd have to be after the Ashes in 2005. When else? Winning that series was such an amazing achievement and everything that followed was just great. Going round London, and meeting the Queen was incredible. It was one of those things where you just have to sit back, take it in and enjoy it.
Who is the best coach you have played under?
Duncan Fletcher was very good for me. He developed my game and always backed me. I always felt I had his support. The pair of us seem to connect well.
What is the quickest spell you have ever faced?
Brett Lee at Perth in the 2002 Ashes was rapid. It didn't help that I was playing particularly average at the time but one spell was so quick that it felt like he was bowling at the speed of light. He got me out in both innings in that match.
Who is the most naturally talented team-mate you have played with?
Kevin Pietersen can do some stunning things. It'd have to be him.
Which bowler has been the hardest to face?
Shane Warne. He's just a genius with the ball in hand. He will always be one of a kind, chirping away, doing whatever he likes with the ball.
What is your favourite shot?
The cover drive.
How many grips do you have on your bat?
One and a half. For no technical reason other than the fact it's comfy.
Who is the best fielder you have ever seen?
Ricky Ponting.
What is the one piece of advice would you give to 16-year-old Marcus Trescothick?
I'd tell him to train harder and work harder.
You have one Test wicket. Do you remember who it was?
I do! It was Imran Nazir in a Test match in 2000, caught at cover by Ashley Giles.
So what happened to the bowling boots?
It's a mug's game, isn't it? (laughs) I enjoyed bowling but it takes its toll on the body, so I had to hang the bowling boots up.
What is the one rule in cricket you would like to change?
If you bowl left-arm spin from over the wicket, to a right-handed batsman, and drift down leg, it shouldn't be a wide.
Who is the most superstitious cricketer?
Neil McKenzie. He's a fruit cake! He always had to have the cups in a certain place. The toilet seat had to be in a particular position too. Us cricketers are a superstitious bunch and he was worse than anyone.
Who is the biggest practical joker?
Anthony McGrath. I played with him a few times for England and he's hilarious. It was always a laugh with him around.
Who is the most fun on a night out?
Ashley Giles. The pair of us are good mates. Some people used to mistake us for one another, too. We were like brothers.
If you could be a professional at any other sport, what would it be?
Golf. A lot of cricketers play a lot of golf and I'm one of those.
So which cricketer is the best golfer?
Paul Collingwood is a very, very good player.