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Mountain bike challenge tests the team

What a magnificent morning, 7.30am and it is hot

Katrina Keenan
What a magnificent morning, 7.30am and it is hot! There is something to be said about the air out here in the country - fantastic. The golf course is looking pretty inviting but there won't be time for this on this trip.
We have a number of team activities this morning followed by lunch and then we hit the mountains - on bike.
Armed with mountain bikes we charged off towards the designated course for what we thought would be a pretty cruisy afternoon cycle - not to be. As usual things were pretty competitive early on with a couple of team members getting out to an early leadthey soon fizzled out and were over taken by most of the group. A couple of people were worse for wear after an unsuspecting gear change during some of the hill climbs - I never really was a fan of the "boys" bike with that bar through the middle. Nevertheless it was all good fun. A few casualties along the way, Haidee (Tiffen) with a flat tyre and Kate with the chain off but other than that we completed the 2 hour endurance challenge and still had a bit left in the tank to enjoy a soak in the Hot Pools.
After the pools we headed back to Christchurch but not before we enjoyed an outstanding meal at the Norwester Cafe in Amberley. The ostrich wasn't on the menu but we were pretty happy with the variety from hot salmon, chicken, groper, steak and a number of vegetarian delights. The meals were outstanding and the presentation was awesome. A quick trim milk latte and we were back in the team mini van to return to Lincoln - our home for the next 6 weeks.