The Australian Cricket Board (ACB) today announced that it had received advice from the ICC Anti-Corruption Unit that its investigation into the claims made by former Pakistani player Qasim Omar reported in the media today, does not involve any current or former Australian player.

ACB Chief Executive, Malcolm Speed, said that the Anti-Corruption Unit has advised that the claims related to the visiting sides and not to the Australian team.

"The ICC Anti-Corruption Unit has confirmed to the ACB that this investigation is focusing on foreign players and officials. Two members of the Unit have confirmed that no current or former Australian players or official is under investigation," said Mr Speed.

It is understood that the claims raised by Omar that were initially made public some time ago relate to the period 1984 - 1987.

Mr Speed said that the most concerning issue raised by the allegations for the ACB was the suggestion that an Australian bookmaker was involved in the activity.

"Clearly the ACB would be very interested to know if this person exists. If he does and he is still working as a bookmaker we want to be able to ensure that he no longer has anything to do with the game of cricket."