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Mischief Gal

Parting is such sweet sorrow

It's so hard to say goodbye

Rebecca Lee
Members of Royal Challengers Bangalore's Mischief Gals squad

So long, farewell  •  UB

It's been a bitter pill to swallow. Kind of surreal. The immense adrenaline rush of winning the semi-final, followed by the intense anticipation of the final. The first-over rush when Kumble got Gilly out, and the hope of victory when Ross Taylor was going big guns. It has been a maelstrom of emotions.
Yet as I sit here making my final entry for this blog, there is this sense of calm. True we are all a bit upset. Who would not be, if the team you supported for a month, who came back from the dead in the middle of the tournament, who went out there match after match in the hope of glory, in the search of victory, lost in the finals? And what makes it even harder is that it was not a one-sided affair. The boys fought till the end. From the oldest member of the squad to the youngest, the intent to win was shown clear on the field. But then i guess things like this happen in sport.
But somewhere I am happy. In my entire career of cheerleading, there have been so many times that we have cheered for teams who just could not get their act right on the field. Not so here. This team was right at the top. They turned around, fought with conviction and never gave up easily. It was matter of pride to cheer for them. Because they lived by the game and they fought for their belief.
There is this feeling of a vacuum. Of realising that the roar of the crowds has been silenced. Today evening or tomorrow there will not be another match with 20,000 people screaming their lungs out when a wicket falls or a six is hit. Tomorrow we won't shiver on the stands in the cold of the night. Tomorrow we probably will be back home where people do not really know what the fuss is all about when you talk about cricket. Tomorrow it will be watching a Knicks game on television. I guess it is time to pack up and call for the taxi to the airport.
Every journey has an end. I guess that's the beauty of any journey. Sure, it's been tiring, it's been cold, and for once i am not complaining about going back home for some well-deserved rest. Living for nearly a couple of months on the road and sleeping in hotels can be hectic, and the thought of home definitely sounds nice.
Will I be missing this? Hell, yes! How can you not miss the crowds, the excitement, the adulation and the experience? Both South Africa and India have been etched in my consciousness. From the busy bazaars, to the animal safaris; from the land of the diverse to the land of rainbows - it has been a journey like I have never undertaken before.
So yes the bags are packed and the adieus said. In a matter of a few hours we should be across the Cape, flying back to our families, our friends, Papa John's and Starbucks. Homeward bound.
The last ball has been bowled , the umpires have taken the bails off and we have been left with some snapshots for our family albums. I guess it's time for the closet writer in me to retire as well. Until next time - if there is ever one - adios!

Rebecca Lee is part of Royal Challengers Bangalore's Mischief Gals cheerleader squad