The heave
Three batsmen in India's top five were bowled playing ugly shots, but Virender Sehwag will cringe the most when he sees a replay. He came down the pitch to Robin Peterson and, although Sehwag does not need to reach the pitch of a delivery to play a good shot as most batsmen do, swiped rashly across the line and missed the ball by a good six inches.

The trip
Fielders are taught to watch the ball into their hands but Dale Steyn might have done well to keep a slightly better eye on his surroundings as well when Yuvraj Singh launched Johan Botha over long-off in the sixth over. So intent was Steyn on completing the catch, he did not realise he was right on the boundary, and he tripped over it with arms outstretched, almost colliding with the hoardings. The worst thing was, the ball cleared the ropes by a good eight metres.

The sweep
The slog-sweeping of a medium-pace bowler is becoming more common but few batsmen can control the stroke, given the pace of the delivery. But that's exactly what MS Dhoni did when Jacques Kallis pitched one full in the final over of India's innings. Dhoni knelt and played a conventional sweep to Kallis, and the ball didn't leave the carpet until it hit the boundary.

The one-two
Peterson was caught at point playing a reverse-sweep off R Ashwin, but received a reprieve when it was discovered, upon review, that Ashwin had bowled a front-foot no-ball. The next ball was a free hit, and Peterson thought he'd attempt the stroke once more, but with Ashwin bowling flatter and faster, it turned out even worse for the batsman, and he had a stump uprooted.

The cheer
India have become Sri Lanka's nemesis over the last two years and the home crowd have realised that, at present, India seem to have the mental edge. As a result, the biggest cheer of the evening was reserved for a single, remarkable only because it was the run that took South Africa to 122 and put Pakistan in the semi-finals ahead of India. Sri Lanka fans added their voice to the Pakistan supporters celebrating in the stadium - though they are unlikely to be cheering with such unity when the teams play each other on Thursday.

Andrew Fernando is ESPNcricinfo's correspondent in Sri Lanka