The five Tests so far Bangladesh side have played, gave a valid picture of the cricketing plight of the country in comparison to the others very clearly. They lost all those matches and this result is not a bolt from the blue for a newcomer like Bangladesh. They are the recent inclusion in the arena of the longer version match, who played with giants.

Bangladesh bore the thought of loosing all those matches in their mind before they took on India, Zimbabwe, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Their quality to accept a supposed defeat did not unburden the pressure off them. They played poorly yet, especially in the last two Tests where they were forced to pack up with two more days still to spare.

There was only a tinge of displeasure in the minds of the countrymen when they lost in the inaugural match against India after that valiant start in the first innings and utterly collapsing in the second. They showed signs that they set out well as they hung on to the fourth day before yielding.

As to play in Zimbabwe, the first Test lasted for four days. They fought till the middle of the fifth day in the second Test, which brought a source of jubilation in the camp. A mixed feeling rippled through the cricket fans all over the country close to the one felt against India.

We all knew Bangladesh would have to play in unfamiliar tracks in Pakistan or Sri Lanka and it never crossed our minds that the team would foil the recognized demons of world cricket. What we wanted is a long cherished desire - the squad will give their best in a practical and sensible way. Did things go along with our lowest amount of expectation?

Since it is the game of cricket that bears the hypothesis that expectation may turn into dust here at any moment, we do not have much to say but unable to endure these humiliating defeats either. Everyone was thunderstruck to look at the result; they feared that the time had come when Bangladesh's getting Test status would be questioned.

Among the four, the last innings in Colombo showed the team's capability to resist the assaults and the temptations from the hosts. It happens when someone has no options but to fight to hold the ground under his feet. A 326 and a century along with it is only a solace after three horrendous innings. Let alone telling about our bowling merit, they did what they possibly could do in those batting paradises.

This 326 is our sole achievement in this tournament so far. If the National Team build up a habit to feel that they have no emergency escape except fighting - more innings like 326 would show up.