Gibraltar's Christian Rocca and Bahrain's Imran Sajjad have been reprimanded for breaching the ICC Code of Conduct during the World Cricket League Division 7 in Guernsey. The pair were reported by the on-field umpires Niels Bagh and Paul Baldwin and third umpire Richard Smith and found guilty of "using language that is obscene, offensive or insulting" during the match between the two sides on May 19.

David Jukes, the match referee, said: "Both players failed to meet the prescribed standard of behaviour which was set out in the pre-tournament captains meeting. Having both recognised their shortcomings in this respect by pleading guilty and apologising they have each received an official reprimand and have been warned of their future conduct."

Both Rocca and Sajjad pleaded guilty to the charge and apologised to each other for their actions.