Bob Simpson, the former Australian Test captain and coach, has criticised the bowling actions of several young Jamaican players, and is urging local coaches to step in and correct the flaws. After completing a three-week coaching clinic in Jamaica, Simpson said he saw glitches in the action of several fast bowlers and offspinners.

"It all comes down to the coaches not being vigilant enough with the players," Simpson said. "The coaches and umpires have to step in." Simpson said that local umpires needed to recognise that calling bowlers for throwing was in the long-term interests of the player involved, and the game as a whole. "If you are going to allow youngsters to develop a particular style of bowling which won't conform with the Laws of the game, and they can finally be caught sometime along their career, is it fair to them?"

In May, the Jamaican fast bowler Jermaine Lawson was reported to the International Cricket Council for a suspect action, while bowling for West Indies in the Test against Australia in Antigua. Lawson has not played competitive cricket since, but has undergone training to correct his action. "It seems a tragedy to me that if someone has an action which doesn't conform," said Simpson, "that it should be finally judged in the glaring publicity of all the media ... that of itself is a great shame."