In September 2013, Lalit Modi was found guilty on eight different charges of "various acts of indiscipline and misconduct" by the BCCI's disciplinary committee, which led to his expulsion from the BCCI. Here are the charges in brief

Rigging bids
When the invitation to tender (ITT) for rights to two new franchises that were to be auctioned in 2010, it was claimed that Modi had added two onerous conditions to the ITT without informing the BCCI, though he claimed he had informed this verbally to the then BCCI president Shashank Manohar.

Ruling: Modi had done this to favour two bidders and exclude healthy competition.

Arm-twisting franchises
When the Kochi Tuskers Kerala franchise was bought by Rendezvous Sports World Pvt Ltd, Modi was charged with favouring another bidder and had threatened a "representative" of the Kochi franchise to give up the rights, failing which he could impose various sanctions that could harm the new entrant.

Ruling: The charge stood, Modi deemed to have asked intrusive questions about the ownership details of the Kochi franchise.

TV rights issue
There were three charges against Modi in the issue of TV rights for the IPL. Firstly, that the awarding of global and Indian broadcast rights between 2009-2017 with WSG, entered into on March 15 2009, was never intended to be performed. Secondly, that Modi, without any authorization of the board, did not insist on WSG repaying the Rs 112.5 crore signing fee. Thirdly, that Modi, despite knowledge of the nature and value of the facilitation agreement, obligated the BCCI to ensure its compliance vis a vis WSG Mauritius and further obligated the BCCI to make the payment if MSM defaulted - a "serious misconduct".

Ruling: First charge not proved, second and third charges stood proved.

Internet rights
Charged with failing to disclose links to owners with interests in Internet rights.

Ruling: Charge stood.

Twitter comments related to Kochi franchise and the BCCI
Charged with disclosing shareholding pattern of the Kochi franchise, and "misconduct" for tweet that threatened to "expose certain individuals in the BCCI".

Ruling: Cleared of first charge, second charge stood.

Planning a rebel league with clubs in England
Charged with indiscipline and actions "detrimental to the interest of the BCCI".

Ruling: Charge stood.

Theatrical rights
Charged with awarding theatrical rights to a company without the approval of the governing council. The original company then assigned the rights to a third party after Modi's approval.

Ruling: Charge stood.

Free commercial time deal
Charged for actions detrimental to the board after signing an agency without permission of the governing council.

Ruling: Charge stood.