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Virat Kohli wants reviews for wides and high full-tosses

"We have seen how big these things can be in a high-profile tournament like the IPL"

The DRS, at present, only allows players to review lbws and decisions involving edged catches. Should its scope be expanded to allow reviews for wides and no-balls for high full-tosses? Virat Kohli certainly thinks so.
"I am going to speak as a captain," Kohli said during an Instagram Live chat with his India team-mate KL Rahul on the Puma India handle. "As a captain, I would like to have the ability to review a wide, which could be a wrong call, or a waist-high full-toss, which could be a wrong call.
"We have seen this historically how big these things can be in such a high-profile tournament like IPL and in general T20 cricket.
"It is a fast-paced game and you can miss a small margin and we have all seen this is a big factor. If you lose the game by a run and you are not able to review that wide, it could make a massive difference in someone's campaign."
Rahul agreed with Kohli. "If that rule comes in, it is very good," he said. "You can give a team two reviews and say you can use it for whatever."
At present, teams are allowed only one review per innings in T20 games, including in the IPL.
Asked if there were any other rule changes he would like to see, Rahul made a radical suggestion. "If someone hits a six over 100 metres, it should be given more runs," he said. "I will ask my bowlers about this."
Kohli's Royal Challengers Bangalore go head-to-head against Rahul's Kings XI Punjab on Thursday in Sharjah.