Comparing teams across different eras is a proposition that comes with umpteen caveats. How long was a side consistently good for? Did they win away? Sure, they won away, but did they win in unfamiliar conditions, outside their home continent? Can they do it on a cold Tuesday night in Stoke? And all of that is precisely what makes sporting debates engrossing and fun.

India have been a force to reckon with in Test cricket for a while now, and since 2013, they've just lost one Test at home in their last 32. Under Virat Kohli, they have taken home dominance to a whole different level, and added a series win in Australia earlier this year. So how do they compare with the greatest Asian sides of all time?. Tell us by casting your vote(s) below. (Note: the nations mentioned in the away column represent the four top teams of that time)

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Oh, and you can also listen to a detailed debate on where Kohli's lot stand among other Asian giants, on the latest episode of our Stump Mic podcast, featuring an Indian, a Pakistani and a Sri Lankan each.