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Lumley Castle, where Shane Watson was famously spooked in 2005, looms over the Ashes at the Riverside Ground in Chester-le-Street in Durham


The World Cup wanderlist

All eyes may be on the tournament, but there's more than just matches happening around the 11 World Cup venues in England and Wales

Snehal Pradhan

The North Stand Gang

Meet Wankhede's North Stand Gang

The spectator experience in Indian stadiums can often be unpleasant. One group of fans from Mumbai wants to change that, one chant at a time

Aaron Owen

Spectators at Kensington Oval, Adelaide

Bradmania in Adelaide

Make your way to the suburb of Kensington to see where the Don made his home for six decades

A sign in mud outside a home in the St Lucia suburb in Brisbane as the recovery work after the floods begins

'Vibrant and chilled out'

Brisbane locals and tourists talk about the Queensland capital's weather, restaurants, botanical gardens and river

Aaron Owen

Grape pickers in Barossa Valley

Grapes of Oz

Discover why South Australia's wine region is world-famous

Matiu Workman

Cows on a farming pasture in Waikato

Dullsville it ain't

Hamilton gets a bad rap for being a yokel town, but the locals will tell you there's plenty of fun to be had