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No need to make a decision now - Dravid

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January 28, 2012

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Rahul Dravid at the post-match presentation, 4th Test, Adelaide, 5th day, January 28, 2012
Rahul Dravid: "We're not playing another Test match for seven to eight months so we'll see how it pans out." © Getty Images
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Rahul Dravid has said that he has not made a decision on whether to retire or not. There had been reports in the media about Dravid's imminent retirement after the defeat in Adelaide, which prompted the Indian team management to issue a statement saying that none of the senior players were about to quit. That point was reiterated by the acting captain Virender Sehwag, and now Dravid has said there was no need to make decisions immediately.

"I am definitely nearer the end than the beginning, there is no doubt about that," Dravid told Channel Nine. "I haven't made any decision and there is no need to make any decisions now, we're not playing another Test match for seven to eight months so we'll see how it pans out. At my stage in my career it's always about taking it a series at a time and not looking too far ahead, so we'll see what happens."

Dravid was in bad form during India's 0-4 whitewash in Australia, scoring only 194 runs at an average of 24. His failure came after good performances in his previous two series - 319 runs at an average of 64 against West Indies at home, and 461 runs at an average of 77 in England.

None of the other India batsmen averaged over 40 either in Australia and their collective failure led to India's second consecutive 0-4 overseas whitewash. Dravid said it was important that India try and regain ground as a Test team.

"We haven't done so well abroad over the last couple of series but I'm hopeful that some of the young kids will come through. It might take a bit of time but we'll build up a strong base.

"India needs to be a strong Test-playing nation, there are not too many countries playing cricket and I think if India is competitive in Test cricket it does make a difference."

India now play a tri-series in Australia, against the hosts and Sri Lanka, after which they travel to Bangladesh for the Asia Cup in March. The Indian Premier League is scheduled for April and May, after which India will play more limited-overs cricket. Their next Test series is only in August, at home against New Zealand.

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Posted by brandcent on (January 31, 2012, 5:38 GMT)

Rahul Dravid is a true legend, a bad series does not mean that it is time for him to retire...he has a great warrior of indian cricket and has contributed immensely...a salute to his spirit and the way he plays for the team...keep playing rahul till d time u r wishes r wid u...

Posted by   on (January 31, 2012, 4:30 GMT)

Sir, I agree with your decision. No need to quit because of one series failure. He may be on 39, but played extremely well against WI & Eng on that same 39. He says 'I am nearer to the end, there's no doubt about that' which means he has the thought of quitting in a few months or after few series. If Dravid is selfish, how about SRT who never even say 'I am at the end of my career' when asked about his retirement. SRT never even comes infront of media and remember it is always Dravid who boldly faces media be it a success or failure. Don't force him to quit, he knows pretty well when to retire.

Posted by a1234s on (January 31, 2012, 3:45 GMT)

all this talk about this 'selfless' wall is just that.. talk... he has failed in Australia and his runs in England were pretty useless. cant remember the last time he played a meaningful inning. he has been dropping catches, got bowled 7 times in Australia.

Dravid, please retire and give the youngsters a chance.

Posted by JayPadia on (January 30, 2012, 19:44 GMT)

Now that Rahul Dravid is not going to to play in the ODIs in Australia, is he going to play in the Duleep Trophy? He has to correct the flaws he picked up and get more practice and score runs in competitive cricket and not just in the nets.

Posted by jerryman on (January 30, 2012, 18:19 GMT)

in all fairness the BCCI should invite Bangladesh & Zimbabwe for a 5 test series each in India. This will give these players 20 innings to improve their stats and retire.. If sachin cannot complete his 100 -100th by then its time to hang up his boots... This will have a happily ever after ending for the fans

Posted by 12thUmpire on (January 30, 2012, 16:36 GMT)

BCCI can adopt a simple strategy. Limit test tours ONLY to Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, and West Indies. Organize several Limited Over Internationals against Kenya, Holland, Ireland and Afghanistan, preferably at Wankhade and Brabourne Stadia. Let's then see why god won't get his hundredth ton, and why all the legends can't fill their boots with several international records!

Posted by Freewheeler on (January 30, 2012, 14:43 GMT)

The biggest grouse I have is not the seniors, but Gautam Gambhir and Harbhajan Singh - two otherwise good players whose skills have gone for a toss with the IPL. The test team for 2012-13 season should be:

Openers: Rahane, Mukund, Wasim Jaffer if required. No 3: Kohli, Pujara No 4: Tendulkar (replaced by Badrinath in 2012) No 5: Sehwag, Rohit Sharma No 6: Tiwary, Raina, Yuvraj, or Jadeja (if playing 5 bowlers) Wk : Saha/ Karthik No 8 : Pathan No 9: Ashwin/ Rahul Sharma No 10: Ojha/Zaheer No 11: Zaheer/ Yadav

Reserves: Iqbal Abdulla, Suryakumar Yadav, Gambhir, Aaron, Ishant, Praveen kumar

Not to be ever considered: Vinaykumar, Mithun, Sreesanth (who masquerade as 'fast' bowlers with no all round cricketing skills)

Posted by   on (January 30, 2012, 14:41 GMT)

i feel so bad and sad after reading some posts from people who have myopic memory. it was dravid who was blazing runs overseas last year.... tendulkar dint even bother to go to west indies and rather preferred IPL duties over National Duties...... Nobody ,not even media points out finger on sachin tendlukar..... if players are to be judged they should be judged with equal eyes..... Media sparks a fire about retirement of BIG GUNS and People blindly follow media without using any rationale..... i feel pity for them..... RD scored heavily last year..... Has anyone dared to point finger on Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar ??.....Answer is NO. ...sadly, people are so coward to take his name just becoz he has plethora of records with him.....

Posted by Urajapakse on (January 30, 2012, 13:18 GMT)

Time is up Rahul, not only for you, It is the same for VVS & Sachin also. You have done a magnificent job for your country & now it is time to go.

Any cricket loving person who has common sense knows what happened to great WEST INDIES side after that bunch of GREAT CRICKETERS left in late eighties. They did not have enough time to groom young cricketers because they depended on those seniors. WHAT IS THE STATUS OF THEIR CRICKET TODAY.

So don't be SELFISH. I am sure that you don't want that to happen to your country.

Attn. Sri Lanka aging cricketers also. Please leave HONORABLY. Nothing lasts for ever.


Posted by Al_Bundy1 on (January 30, 2012, 12:55 GMT)

@Dravid-Gravitas - The best day for Cricket in India will be when BCCI throws out Laxman, Dravid and Tendulkar. I agree that Dravid was less selfish than Tendulkar. By not retiring now he has brought himself in the same greediness level as Tendulkar. All 3 of them need to go NOW.

Posted by   on (January 30, 2012, 12:50 GMT)

we have not found a full time replacement of dada for some time now n u guys are telling that all three should retire immediately........agreed that the big three failed but also see the other batsman vira only avrg 37.....gambhir n sehwag below englanh raina failed against short pitch stuffs...rahane failed badly in d practice australia...pujara has jst started playing first class games n havnt scored any big scores....where r the replacement guys.IF BIG THREE RETIRES THEN I AM DAMN SURE INDIA WILL DOWN LIKE WEST INDIES OR U CAN SAY AUSTRALIE CONSIDERING THEIR PERFORMANCE BEFORE THIS SERIES 4 THE LAST 3 TO 4 YEARS.

Posted by   on (January 30, 2012, 11:21 GMT)

Nobody is questioning Dravid's credentials . Or the fact that he has been a great servant to Indian cricket. Just as the 83 World cup win changed the face of Indian cricket with the emergence of players like Azar, Shastri, Vengsarker the 2011 WC win marked the end of a golden era of Indian cricket. It is time for Sehwag, Dravid, Laxman and Dhoni to step down from the test team immediately with Sachin and Zaheer to to be phased out over the next eighteen months or so. You need to put a spitting , snarling mongrel like Kohli in charge with a bunch of young cricketers who are willing to fight for their country. Some of these young cricketers will either sink or swim. Gambhir, Mukund, Rahane,Tendulkar, Rohit, Kohli, Patel,Ashwin, Ishant, Varun and Yadav would look like a good starting point with Irfan,Pujara, Harbajan, Sreshant and Mishra as back up

Posted by   on (January 30, 2012, 11:04 GMT) is a passionate topic but let us be consistent and have one yarstick when we talk. If we want to use performance than of the 3 Dravid has at least an excellent England tour and a relative better West Indies tour than both VVS and Sachin. If we want to use age then VVS is the best option to stay. If we look at overseas record then all 3 are better than anyone else - probably better than most across the world. It took Virat Kohli a long time - from the West Indies tour to the fag end of the Australian one to show signs of settling. If you drop all 3 seniors today our new middle order will take 2 or 3 series to settle. We did introduce fresh faces in the middle order - MSD and Virat in Australia, Yuvi and Rohit earlier. Why isnt anyone really talking about more responsibility from the captain- he has played all 3 of the last series and nothing to show. The selectors did slowly give Virat, Rohit, Yuvi and Raina a chance. MSD and Virat consistently and the others less due to injury

Posted by anver777 on (January 30, 2012, 10:24 GMT)

My kind message to Dravid is to quit Ind gracefully before Ind drops u from the team... you have done great services to Indian cricket, but now is the time to safeguard u'r name "Indian Wall" for ever,before it collapses !!!!!!

Posted by Kirk-at-Lords on (January 30, 2012, 10:23 GMT)

Regrettably, a legendary player has crossed the line. The fine balance between individual greatness and team unity has been upset. Until this moment, Rahul Dravid has been selfless. His sacrifices included opening the batting in England. Now, in AUS his age-related technical flaws have been brutally revealed by disciplined fast bowling that was full and swinging. The Wall was completely exposed. His only answer: Wait for over half a year, and I will let you know AFTER the next series. This obliterates the period when a younger replacement (obviously Virat Kohli) could mentally and physically prepare himself for the arduous role. It encourages another great but definitely lesser light (VVS Laxman) to adopt a similar course. Perhaps worst of all, it tranquilises Viru Sehwag at the very time when he needs to be galvanised into playing for his place. The last time that happened, Viru produced a century at Adelaide. This time at Adelaide, he got 1/10 of that. His advice: no worry

Posted by Jaijo on (January 30, 2012, 8:47 GMT)

But whether seniors are there or not, we will watch cricket because we lllllllllloooove cricket.

Posted by Abhimanyu on (January 30, 2012, 8:27 GMT)

Do not forget that Dravid and Laxman were picked in the squad because India wanted to win in England and Australia. Now, since India have failed to do that, there is nothing left that these guys can do for this Indian team. Can't believe, India will be stuck with such selfish players for another couple years since our Indian selectors don't have what it takes to drop them (not taking about Tendulkar). Only thing the Indian cricket fans can do now is watch them make runs on flat pitches at home and extend their personal records for the next 2 years

Posted by   on (January 30, 2012, 8:21 GMT)

Now is not the time Dravid!! It will be after few more whitewashes :( Shoni is a brilliant captain... he deserves a young fighting team with likes of rohit, pujara and raina. Hopefully Yuvi will make a test comeback once he is cured from that tumor.

Posted by Haleos on (January 30, 2012, 8:19 GMT)

@ammar7may - very well said. But that was true a couple of years back. VVS and Dravid to retire ASAP.

Posted by Biophysicist on (January 30, 2012, 7:31 GMT)

@Dravid_Gravitas: You were spot on with the comment "Article after article, rumour after rumour are churning out against Dravid and VVS and not even a mention, I repeat, not even a mention of another senior who kept failing and playing inconsequential cricket for more than an year now". Despite his failure in the Australia series, and the relatively better performance of Tendulkar, Dravid averages considerably better than Tendulkar in the last one year (SRT, 11 tests, 778 runs, no hundreds, HS 94, avg 37.04; RSD, 14 tests, 1225 runs, 5 hundreds, HS 146, avg 51.04). Indianpunter may note the above stats!

Posted by Rahul_78 on (January 30, 2012, 7:28 GMT)

Dravid is a reasonable man. He knows his time is up. But announcing his imminent retirement immediately doesn't suit his understated nature as it will only add fuel to the fire raging in media and on social networking forums about Indias batting disaster. Next test is quite a few months away. He will announce his retirement in due course when all the hype and hoopla has died down over the 8 test losses. Indian fans owe a lot to this true servant of Indian cricket. He should be allowed to bow out with dignity and respect. He has done enough to have little leeway.

Posted by Nirmal250187 on (January 30, 2012, 7:05 GMT)

We Shouldn't Come Conclusion with one Series.We have to remember Dravid's Play at critical condition. He saved lot of matches.Fans Should Support them at losing time also.

Posted by karthik_raja on (January 30, 2012, 6:48 GMT)

I don't know wht u fans r expecting..?? Except for 03-04 tour, Dravid has never mastered playing in Aus.. U can chk his scores urself.. We always played competitive cricket in Aus thanks mainly to Lax and SRT and some occasional good performances frm bowlers.. Dravid has never performed well in Aus & SA.. And it is no different this time.. He has always been bad runner and slow fielder.. In Aus, only positive has been his "slip catching" and "seeing of new ball".. Bt, that too has taken a "Big beating" in last few series.. Surely his reflexes r dying.. Bt, such a legend he is.. He deserves a better treatment.. He shud know whn to hang his boots.. Same with Lax.. Whose indifferent form has cost us so many matches recently.. SRT has always looked in good touch.. Like Ponting said. "I am playing good. bt, I hv been getting OUT" Bt, the pblm is wid the batting support, he is receiving and the 100th ton pressure by media/fans..

Posted by espncriccritic on (January 30, 2012, 6:48 GMT)

This is further to the comments of Dravid_Gravitas. Am not a big fan of dravid, but yes, why isn't anyone urging sachin tendulkar to retire? mind you, dravid was the lonely warrior in england just a few months ago. he was good in the tour against west indies too. whereas both sachin and VVS flopped in all three tours. So I don't understand how can one even ask dravid to retire. If one among the three needs to retire, that should be either SACHIN or VVS, and NOT DRAVID.

Posted by satish619chandar on (January 30, 2012, 6:46 GMT)

I would suggest to rest all the seniors including Sehwag for a couple of series.. Let the younger team play together for a couple of series.. Let them play with sense of security and if still failing, best two of them should be taken and rotated with a couple of seniors seniors..

Posted by D.Sharma on (January 30, 2012, 6:20 GMT)

What has Sachin done since SA?... NOTHING, and people still want him in the team. Dravid has only failed in this series and people want to drop him. Funny.

Posted by SamRoy on (January 30, 2012, 6:08 GMT)

@Dravid-Gravitas I hope they (Dravid, Laxman) are thrown out of the team. If required throw out Tendulkar as well. Drop Sehwag and Gambhir temporarily (till they get back into form playing domestic tournaments). And never select Dhoni for Eng, SA and Australia.

Posted by lsd123 on (January 30, 2012, 5:56 GMT)

I'm not Indian. So i'm looking at a neutral eye. I think not only Dravid should get the blame. If Dravid get retire , |I think Tendulkar and VVS should retire. I think Tendulakara should play only ODIs not for Tests. Dravid is number 1 test batsman in India over a decade. (Sorry Sachin u re the best ODI batsman and NOT the best Test batsman)

Posted by shantiratnamaj on (January 30, 2012, 5:49 GMT)

the retirenment talk has dialuted the real problem! What if Sachin, Laxman and Dravid were 32 years old and they performed badly the same way they did (except Dravid) in the last 8 test matches? you would DROP them and give the next best the chance. This is the problem and the problem is not retirenment. Never ever in the past the same team of batsman have played in the 3rd and 4th test after losing the 1st and 2nd test. There for please accept this is JUST politics that Dhoni being the captain does not want to give chance to many youngsters unless they are in his good books. Retirenment and phasing out selecting squad is the selectors job i agree but isn't it the captain who choose the best eleven for the match? why he did not play Irfan Pathan or Rohit Sharma after losing 1st and 2nd test? can someone explain please?

Posted by sriram177 on (January 30, 2012, 5:36 GMT)



CAN ANY ONE BEAT THIS TEAM .................

Posted by squarepeg on (January 30, 2012, 5:22 GMT)

First get the God to stop playing for his 100 C record. Dravid looked totally out of sorts, that can happen in one series. But, overhyped MSD and aged Laxman are clear candidates for the chop. Unless MSD can bat at over 45 average, he is a liability since he is an indifferent 'keeper. Neither should Sehwag or Gambhir take their position as guaranteed. A team can play with one maximum two players searching for form; not 6 (Sehwag, Gambhir, Ishant, MSD, Laxman, Dravid) and 2 yet to prove they are test-class (Ashwin, Umesh Yadav).

Posted by venkatesh018 on (January 30, 2012, 5:03 GMT)

A decision to postpone the inevitable retirement announcement and thereby invite the ignominy of someone sacking him is so uncharacteristic of a very proud cricketer like Rahul. Hope better sense prevails when he reaches home and he does announce the decision immediately.

Posted by joseyesu on (January 30, 2012, 4:42 GMT)

Though we miss you, please retire(Dravid, Sachin, Laxman) and Sehway you need to be given VRS and let these 8 months be a time to set up the mind of youngsters like Rohit, Pujara, Badrinath...It is good if we have some seperate players for test match. Enough of discourage to Team INDIA. You brought UP and you brought down

Posted by nickcarter80 on (January 30, 2012, 4:38 GMT)

One of the aspects of being a great cricketer is, knowing when to retire. Greats like Imran Khan, Steve Waugh, Murali, Aravinda …etc. all retired when they are performing well and when the people were asking them not to retire. These so called Indian greats are definitely not on that league and I'm sure they will not retire or give a chance to youngsters until they get axed (even I'm sure in case of players like Tendulkar, BCCI will not axe him even if he can't hold the bat any more.)

Posted by Arachnodouche on (January 30, 2012, 4:16 GMT)

What is this "Service To The Nation" tosh that everybody keeps talking about? They're not the armed forces for God sakes! They are handsomely compensated, above and beyond all limits of decency, for playing a stupid game. We don't owe them anything.

Posted by Dravid_Pujara_Gravitas_Atheist on (January 30, 2012, 4:12 GMT)

@indianpunter, I'm right here mate :). I still think Dravid is the right man for the job of captaincy.

Posted by zico123 on (January 30, 2012, 3:19 GMT)

Ishant is not unlucky, he should learn from Stuart Broad or Siddle, both of them were so ineffective last year when they used to bowl short, now they are bowling full and they got rich dividents, Ishant sharma with his pace, height, swing, if he bowls full he will definitely get bag full of wickets, he has discard the notion that bowling short is his natural length, that is rubbish. if he keeps bowling short he would not continue to not get wickets, and he would have to consolde himself saying he is unlucky

Posted by zico123 on (January 30, 2012, 3:08 GMT)

Duncan Fletcher may be is not bad, but still it doesn't hurt to change the coach, may be he is just unlucky for Indian cricket, also time to change the bowling coach, under Eric Simmons we see no improvement in our bowling unit, why can't India take Wasim Akram or Glen Mcgrath as bowling coach.

Posted by Al_Bundy1 on (January 30, 2012, 2:59 GMT)

I won't retire until I can't see the ball coming in due to poor eyesight...or i am unable to catch a ball due to weak hands. But wait, aren't you doing that already? What are you waiting for? Did the so-called GOD of cricket tell you not to retire now? Where is HE? How come HE is never around when HIS team needs HIM?

Posted by   on (January 30, 2012, 2:54 GMT)

Dravid's technique fully exposed.......................Bold 7 times out of 9 recently.................................I wonder y dont all teams attack his stumps while keeping 2 mid wicket fielders alongwith legside dominent field..........................................Dravid hardly ever gets cault in slips so teams shouldn't waste fielders in slips

Posted by zico123 on (January 30, 2012, 2:48 GMT)

Pujara should be drafted in the Test team immidiately. Pujara, Rohit Sharma, Ajinkye Rahane and Kohli - these young players should be persisted with in Test cricket, they are future of indian cricket.

Posted by zico123 on (January 30, 2012, 2:45 GMT)

Kohli has to tell himself he can be one of the best in the world in Test cricket, he should take Test cricket more seriously an show the world the same.

Posted by zico123 on (January 30, 2012, 2:45 GMT)

Dhoni is playing as wicket keeper/batsman/captain in IPL, CL, T20, ODI, Test, it is hurting India that its captain is mentally and physically exhausted, either he has to quit wicket keeping/captaincy in IPL and CL, or he has to quit captaincy in Test cricket.

Posted by zico123 on (January 30, 2012, 2:44 GMT)

make Gambhir captain, responsibility might bring the best in him and he might start scoring tons after tons, like Clarke.

Posted by zico123 on (January 30, 2012, 2:44 GMT)

no need for any of the veterans to retire, rather senior players should be rotated, so that more young players get to play against weaker opponents, and against stronger opponent indian team should be picked on merit be it senior or young players.

Posted by zico123 on (January 30, 2012, 2:32 GMT)

BCCI's priorities are wrong, Ranji trouphy 4 day match tournament should be India's no. 1 domestic tournament, not IPL. over importance to IPL is doing big damage to Indian cricket.

Posted by McGorium on (January 30, 2012, 1:48 GMT)

I think it's about time all three of them, namely Dravid, Tendulkar and Laxman retire. The youngsters can't do much worse, and atleast it will be useful experience. Maybe the next home test series would be the best swansong. The selectors can tell them that this is their last series, do whatever you need to do (like your 100th 100, or any other meaningless achievement). Dravid is getting old (shows in the way he's getting bowled like a tail-ender), and VVS is as stiff as a tree. SRT started the series fluently, but I can't see his utility in the side if all he makes is attractive 40s-60s. Rohit Sharma can't do much worse as a #4 batsman. While you're at it, sort out the top order as well. Sachin's batting record at #4 had much to do with Dravid's ability to occupy the crease and dull the new ball. With 1,2,3 going in quick succession in this series, the middle order's lack of technique (VVS, Dhoni, etc) has been exposed. Maybe get a genuine opener and have Gambir at #3 or something

Posted by   on (January 30, 2012, 1:39 GMT)

@waza1234- you are absolutely correct. There is no need for retirements, just drop them and let them prove their fitness and ability to play. In the meantime, use the youngsters. Simple.

Posted by Sports4Youth on (January 30, 2012, 1:36 GMT)

@ Cricket_Commentator : ... Sir, Thanx for sharing your feelings with me. I appreciat your fealings. I also had these feelings untill recently. let us see one case in point. Brian Lara, he is to the WI's what sachin was for us. Yet he retired at between 36-37 yrs of age. Infact he was more important to WI as they did not have a Galaxy of stars like India. Nor did they had any good youngsters coming through. But yet, he felt that time was correct between 36-37 for him to hang the boots. Same goes to our own legendary Sunny Gavaskar. These gentlement are able to hold their heads high in esteem. I am afraid SRT, Dravid, VVS have missed the bus long back. Now soon they will have to be brushed aside purely on the grounds of bad form and age. Also put yourself in the shoes of the selectors and think how u will prepare 4 the next oversees assignment which is 2 yrs away. Ofcourse u don't expect these 3 to go on tour again after 2 yrs. Now tell me who u will select in the home series.

Posted by   on (January 30, 2012, 0:40 GMT)

well this is the dravid tht saved india in england n i bet no one can ignore tht...ya this series was bad 4 him bt gambhir sehwag dhoni?? plz their performance is nt evn close to dravid's. as for dravid, plz retire with sum dignity left rather than spoiling ur reputation playing for a country tht has no unity at the moment :)

Posted by bouncer3459 on (January 30, 2012, 0:39 GMT)

Now they are looking for the home tests on the dead wickets to make some hundreds again and the media who needs these falsely erected statues will again start singing praises of them and the real problem will be forgotten as bad dream. This will lead to the younger players again getting ignored and some of them may not be in great shape when they get their chance next time. Its time to stop being selfish. I am sure they can still play IPL for sometime and still make good money - The reason for their NON-RETIREMENT OR RELUCTANCE TO RETIRE.

Posted by   on (January 30, 2012, 0:15 GMT)

Dravid pls retire, its not about bad form coz its happen with every player but the thing is that you are 39 now and by the next test you will be near 40.There are so many players waiting on the bench. DONOT BE SELFISH.

Posted by fr_cricket on (January 29, 2012, 23:46 GMT)

better decide soon before getting fired...

Posted by Amit_Cric_Crazy on (January 29, 2012, 22:04 GMT)

okay great !! So Dravid, if you wish to take 1 series at a time, can we pls start from this unforgettable Aussie tour, how about that? What records r u still bent upon chasing, r u chasing Sachin??? I know you'll end up breaking his record but then we don't want a Old Grand Dad for Kohlis, Rohits etc etc ! Retire Right NOW !!!

Posted by BillyCC on (January 29, 2012, 20:54 GMT)

Perhaps the vision of Greg Chappell is now coming into fruition, albeit a couple of years later than what he thought. In those couple of years, India became Number One, but now they face the prospect of many years with a much lower ranking. In their hearts, Tendulkar, Laxman and Dravid know they need to retire for the good of the team over the next five years. But they are now stuck, because the reserve players are probably not ready and have not been properly groomed.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 20:54 GMT)

‎8 straight losses in 8 out-of-India Test matches in juicy pitches for India. What to do? Prepare a juicy pitch in Mohali, India's fastest pitch. Choose 4 teams from young India probables - the Robin Bists, the V Saxenas, the A Mukunds, the Badrinaths, the C Pujaras. Play three 5 day games - two semis and a final. And short list five young Indian batsmen with the best average and most runs in these games. Tell the seniors (including Sachin) that they will one more Test series to play after which they would have to retire. If they don't oblige, axe them. Bring in the youngsters so chosen (along with Rohit Sharma, who would be a certainty) into the Test team. Persist with these youngsters even if they fail for about 10 Tests. That's the only way forward.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 20:50 GMT)

Dravid was the best batsman in 2011 and highest scorer. He performed in Jamaica & England, definitely much tougher conditions than Australia barring WACA. And he was virtually playing as an opener in every match. Its the failure of openers that lead to his failure. Dravid id still the best India has got. Dont be overawed by Kohli, his century was made in Adelaide (a batting strip) not Perth. Kohli sucks and has pathetic attitude. Dhoni's inept and baffling captaincy dint help much. Bad series for RD, SRT & VVS. Wake and smell the coffee, will you???

Posted by zaf100 on (January 29, 2012, 20:19 GMT)

I think it's selectors job to decide whom to pick for national sides not for players to decide when to leave. Unfortunately in sub-continent there is no culture of retiring gracefully unless your name is Imran Khan. Sponsorship and money play a big part in India so difficult for players to retire. They wanted to squeeze any rupees they can before they go. If India wants to be a force in test cricket outside India then they have to make difficult decisions and ask seniors to retire gracefully or face the ignominious of dropping from the team. Laxman and Dravid must go now Tendulkar after scoring his 100 international hundreds, if he still have the mental and physical energy left. Youngsters are ready to take over they just needed backing from selectors.

Posted by 12thUmpire on (January 29, 2012, 19:44 GMT)

Media spin is cheap! But the basics, not so… If you are batsmen, let your bats do the talking… If you are 'keepers, let your gloves do the talking… If you are fielders, let your limbs do the talking… And… of course a similar thing for bowlers!…

Posted by 12thUmpire on (January 29, 2012, 19:38 GMT)

Fans can vote with their feet… stay away from matches featuring liability players, also they can vote with their wallet… boycott ALL products whence they draw huge commercial endorsement fees! If some techies setup Boycott websites(no pun intended Geoffrey!), such movement can gather momentum…

Posted by johnathonjosephs on (January 29, 2012, 19:30 GMT)

A couple bad series shouldn't be enough to kick these legends out of the game shamefully. They have done so much for Indian cricket and the ungrateful fans are calling for blood when they mess up once. Dravid had a stellar series in England, but one bad series in Australia and people are calling for him to retire. Laxman's time has been up and the Little Master can not retire now when he has so much to offer. Why not admit the Australian Bowling was very good and the Indians were outclassed?

Posted by ammar7may on (January 29, 2012, 19:14 GMT)

At least one senior player should always be rested in every series for an in form junior in the slot at the top order. Remember the earlier greats themselves took rest after 2-3 series.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 18:58 GMT)

With all due respect, this is height of shamelessness...he says, "...I'm hopeful that some of the young kids will come through. It might take a bit of time but we'll build up a strong base..."/ But how are the young guys going to come through if he does not make way for them!

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 18:54 GMT)

these 3 guys should retire immediately

Posted by Tiptop32 on (January 29, 2012, 18:30 GMT)

I think time up for Dravid/Laxman. After 8 consecutive failures there is no place for them in test team. They both should be dropped if they are not retiring on their own. What a shameless bunch of players our seniors turning out to be. They should learn from Aussies to go out on a high.

Posted by arvin on (January 29, 2012, 17:25 GMT)

news of dravid retiring was too good to be true... people like dravid/laxman dont retire even if they fail for years... they will alwys cite their records of eons ago and there are enough idiotic fans and equally idotic cricket experts who will support them... dravid may still retire someday if his body refused but very very selfish laxman will want to play even if he comes into bat in a wheelchair... it is time for laxman/sehwag/dhoni/gambhir/ishant to be sacked from test team immediately for better future of indian test cricket... dravid/zaheer and sachin can stay for few more series depending upon their fitness/form but they should also be made aware that they can not play forever... BUT NOTHING OF THAT SORT WILL HAPPEN AS FAILED PLAYERS AND USELESS SELECTORS AND POLITICIANS RUNNING BCCI ARE IN IT TOGETHER... THEY ARE MAKIMNG MILLIONS FRON CORPORATE SPONSORS AND WONT RISK LOSING ALL THAT LOOT WHICH THEY SHARE AMONG THEMSELVES...

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 17:14 GMT)


Posted by only_sehwag on (January 29, 2012, 17:12 GMT)

Dravid played well in the England and WI series...he did not play well against, he has to retire???? does the same yardstick apply to every other individual too (including bolwers)?? if they fail in one series, they should either retire or be dropped? if this kind of weird logic is followed then we will need a pool of 100 players at least, so that a new team can be selected for each series..

Posted by playitstraight on (January 29, 2012, 16:58 GMT)

Yes Dravid, you are completely right sir. After all, we have the big money making IPL coming up, of which you and everyone will play well and then after you have decided that you have enough money, you will retire from Tests. Not only you, but Tendulkar, Laxman and Dhoni will all retire from Tests. I wonder what will happen to our Test team then, maybe it will succeed with the youngsters or maybe fail, we will have to wait and see.

Posted by zesh92 on (January 29, 2012, 16:51 GMT)

@behind the wicket this ICC ranking are rubbish because it doesnt tell the right picture of any team performance.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 16:49 GMT)

I think its time for VVS and Dravid to say good bye. But, after defeat in just 1 or 2 series; Indian Media and Nation must not forget their services for last 1 and half decade and must not disrespect them.

Posted by shefil on (January 29, 2012, 16:31 GMT)

0-4 whitewash in Australia, scoring only 194 runs at an average of 24. His failure came after good performances in his previous two series - 319 runs at an average of 64 against West Indies at home, and 461 runs at an average of 77 in England.


Posted by buntyj on (January 29, 2012, 15:31 GMT)

the goal must be to build a team for india's next foreign tour (rsa late 2013); so the questions to be asked to seniors (including sachin) is whether they can be fit n in form (both better than in tours to eng, oz in past year) to tour rsa in 2 seasons and perform (bat n fielding) at least to their test averages to date in rsa (already below their overall career averages) if selected; an honest answer would have to be no. if seniors then dont step down themselves selectors must drop them; i would also like to see msd dropped from test formats this year (saha is worthy successor) but not viru as captain- would prefer a captain like pataudi or dada even if a youngster, should be at least moderately attacking; from left field-actually, ashwin looks like having a good head on his shoulders; would like new openers to be tried vs nz as both gauti n viru would prefer to play in the middle if selected; difficulty with this is that most youngsters are mid order bats; rahane too likes middle

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 15:29 GMT)

ha, better for the rest of the world the longer those guys plays on for.. i dont mean that as a good thing for india at all, other teams will gladly beat them, i can bet on that....get the youngsters in asap,the right time is now

Posted by Dravid_Pujara_Gravitas_Atheist on (January 29, 2012, 15:22 GMT)

Great talk Dravid. I'm mighty impressed with you. A man who played excellent cricket in three series prior to this is being unfairly targeted by rumour mongers. I also got a feeling that he might have actually decided to retire but might have been persuaded by his team mates and BCCI to play on. All in all, a very great decision by Dravid or by whoever is behind this in persuading him not to retire. Article after article, rumour after rumour are churning out against Dravid and VVS and not even a mention, I repeat, not even a mention of another senior who kept failing and playing inconsequential cricket for more than an year now. I'm in full support of this level-headed decision and hope VVS too doesn't retire.

Posted by wnwn on (January 29, 2012, 15:22 GMT)

India should take a leaf out of Pakistan's book and start introducing youngsters. When Inzamam and Mohammad Yousuf came to end of their careers they were replaced with players like Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq who are already averaging more than 40 at the start of their careers. Keep Sachin for 1 or 2 more years because you need at least one senior player to guide the youngsters when they first start.

Posted by indianpunter on (January 29, 2012, 15:06 GMT)

where is Dravid_Gravitas these days, i wonder? He wanted Dravid to be made captain !.

Posted by MalolanR on (January 29, 2012, 14:38 GMT)

I dont understand why all of u indians want laxman to retire...he has the best record in pressure situation when dravid and sachin failed.....give him one more series dead line....not only for him but also sachin and dravid.....if they fail send them ouot....

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 14:29 GMT)

Since the IPL started, there is no unity in the Indian Team. Sehwag and Gambhir are not playing for the team. Tendulkar, Dravid, and VVS laxman should retire immediately.

Posted by Rohit... on (January 29, 2012, 14:19 GMT)

I would like to see Sehwag leave the team aheasd of Dravid. Dravid has played the entire series as an opener. When he should have tried to build an innings,he was forced to save the team from further loss of wickets. Sehwag is not fit to play away games. Select him only in the home matches.

Posted by Behind_the_Wicket on (January 29, 2012, 14:18 GMT)

@Steven1459 on your words (England lost the series from a low ranked side Pakistan). Really surprising ! We are low ranked by ICC Rank System but if you see performance-vise then maybe we are better than you.You should accept the facts my friend.Jealousy is very visible in your comments. Surprisingly, Yesterday , Everybody was commenting on Trio ( they should resign ) Now , Today , Everybody took U TURN. They like Dravid , Laxman,Tendulker and Sehwag don't go for resign. ????

Posted by buntyj on (January 29, 2012, 14:13 GMT)

i would try to nurture zak tho only in tests (and perhaps trained for 1st slip) only for the reason that there are a number of lefties in world cricket now n indian bowlers (better than zak otherwise) have been traditionally difficult for indian bowlers to dislodge n this may even counter india's home advantage in the series next season; so i would try to continue with zak as long as hes getting wickets though hes not same bowler post injury at this age that he was before.

Posted by buntyj on (January 29, 2012, 14:11 GMT)

indias next overseas tour is rsa end 2013; home series vs nz, eng, aus before that; its possible seniors, openers n msd might score runs at home (but shouldnt be taken for granted);india needs to build a test team fpr rsa tour. so seniors must be asked will they be fit enough to tour rsa in 2 seasons? and field at least upto standards in last tour? and score at least as per their career averages in rsa (lower than their overall career averages); if the answer to any of these is no (remember rsa now have a really strong pace attack unlike on indias last 2 tours) than seniors should step down themselves (even sachin) even if they have a few runs left or doubt if successors are upto the mark. if they dont selectors should ask themselves about seniors and do the needful; i would also like young openers to be tried in the upcoming home series n msd to be retired from tests this year instead of next. but viru bad as captain defensive. we need more attacking captain pataudi/dada types

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 13:50 GMT)

enough guyz......if u dont want to c 3 seniors in team anymore dn stop to watch cricket..nd even u shld not watch ny sport if u dont hv ability to accept`s sport nd winning or losing is part of sport...!!!

Posted by maddy20 on (January 29, 2012, 13:49 GMT)

@TRAM India's BIG 3 have lost the edge. Thats why they are no longer the best and that is why we are losing even though they are in the team!

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 13:38 GMT)

I believe SRT Dravid, and VVS are passengers of a drowning BOAT. If VVS gives sacrifice career of other two persons can be saved, otherwise all three will be forced to retire.

Posted by IndianCrazyFan on (January 29, 2012, 13:30 GMT)

Its pity that these guys just want to stay and hang on . I dont understadn what do they think series by series. You are at a stage where you will need to decide your future atleast 6months ahead so selectors or board can take correct measure or try talented youngsters.

Wake up all seniors before you take a call. I think Laxman should go after SLseries Dravid after England and Sachin after Aus or one more after that

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 13:29 GMT)

For their personal gains they are out to screw Millions of peoples happiness. throw them out, they are spent force and can.t use NOW cricket for their coffers..

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 13:26 GMT)

Well, The players themselves need to decide for themselves whether he have had enough and need to retire....These players have 13000 -15,000 runs to their credit and deserve a little more respect !!!!

Posted by stark-truth on (January 29, 2012, 13:18 GMT)

It has been a rather prolonged and monumental humiliating disaster for India. What is most striking is the huge margins of defeats and visible lack of grit and fight to show pride in playing for a billion people. It is evident too much is taken for granted by many in the Indian team. Gambhir's awful utterance about the "right" of Laxman to call it quits whenever he deems, is a damning indictment on the arrogant psyches of some of these players - selfish psyches that obviously feel little remorse for the widespread anguish they have caused, and for the pall of gloom that engulfs Indian cricket followers.

Posted by ajithpraveen on (January 29, 2012, 13:14 GMT)

Why don't everyone question Dhoni. He is an captain. he should be blamed.. he averaged only 20 in the series... He not at all inspired the team... Dravid had one bad series thats it. What about our captain.. he should be dropped inconsistent in most of the series...

Posted by ajithpraveen on (January 29, 2012, 13:14 GMT)

Why don't everyone question Dhoni. He is an captain. he should be blamed.. he averaged only 20 in the series... He not at all inspired the team... Dravid had one bad series thats it. What about our captain.. he should be dropped inconsistent in most of the series...

Posted by maddinson on (January 29, 2012, 12:54 GMT)

lol to the picture, they seriously can't even show there face now

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 12:42 GMT)

guys i donti know whats wrong with those who r commenting on jammy,he is the most unselfish cricketer india has ever seen,it was just a one bad series for him,every one has to remember that he was the only player to score 3 tons in england and was the indian test criketer of 2011.he averaged 64 and 77 in the two previous series.please stop abusing jammy and blame the entire team as it was a collective team failure

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 12:28 GMT)

Whilst I do think India should be looking towards youth, as the article points out Dravid has been outstanding for India in recent times before this series. I cannot put into words the amount of respect and admiration I have for this man. He has one bad series and everyone is calling for his head. Whatever he decides to do, I wish him well. A fantastic cricketer and gentleman on and off the field.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 11:55 GMT)

Dravid and Laxman Need to retire and if they dont they should be dropped, it times to move on and give some oppurtunity to some younger players. If I was slector or the caoch I would have dopped them in last match because series was lost already, I would have played Rohit Sharma and Rahane. I know they have been legends but cricket is about team not individuals.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 11:53 GMT)


Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 11:53 GMT)


Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 11:39 GMT)


Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 11:35 GMT)


Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 11:19 GMT)

Amazing statement by Dravid, this is the issue with Pakistani and Indian player with the exception Imran Khan. These old players had achieved quite a lot and should have retired after world cup win on a high but no we will play till we are thrown out. Inject young players in Indian team and reap the benefits.

Posted by monis11 on (January 29, 2012, 11:12 GMT)

I was searching for any comment that some of English players are going to play there last test in Dubai. It is very one sided attack against the Indian test team. They have not performed as they were doing for years in the last 8 away test matches. Team won in India & West indies. Currently in word scene there is no team is supremos in all over the world. All teams are the same. India is missing two legends in their bowling department also. No need for anyone to quit, if time comes no one can resist also. Because India have a huge media followers these reports are bound to be there any time.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 11:07 GMT)

If performance is the main criteria,considering him as the top scorer in 2011, then except Dravid' all others should be dropped including Sachin'Sehwag Dhonii and all the bowlers. Why only insisting for Dravid's retirement? Why no body has the guts to tell Sachin to retire? Selectors should be ashamed that instead of giving a chance to a youngster in ODI against Aussies, they have included Sachin just to give him a chance to score his 100th 100.Since' there is plenty of time for the next Test series' it is for the selectors to pick or drop Dravid. '

Posted by crickprof on (January 29, 2012, 11:04 GMT)

young players can perform much better than old lions, time to include young blood in IND cricket team...........

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 10:40 GMT)

All eyes are on sub-continent team; what great cricket has been played by australia, england, SA out of their backyard? great example is England they got allout by 72 runs. Guyz don't criticize great cricketer like Sachin, Dravid, Laxman who won us so many matches. I think we should give them time, they are so mature about cricket that they know when to retire. Just keep faith on this Legend and India will soon roar like tiger.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 10:40 GMT)

Why any player has to announce retirement?There is selection committee to select and drop players`on their present form,age and future planning.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 10:37 GMT)

Dravid, good line - I'm hopeful that some of the young kids will come through. It might take a bit of time but we'll build up a strong base. Only challenge - an old has-been like you needs to make way for the kids to come & try to perform. When you alongwith your friends Lakshman & Sachin cling to positions thanks to good media management (instead of good performances), how do you expect the kids to perform - you yourself are blocking their entry to the arena....unless of course, your statement is purely for media consumption as the politically correct thing to say without your heart in the statement ?

Posted by SamRoy on (January 29, 2012, 10:36 GMT)

@Al_Bundy1 Dravid became selfish after the WC 2007 debacle. Made him a changed man. Otherwise which cricketer in his right mind would say "I am not enjoying my game" just after leading India to a historic series victory in England in 2007. Not enjoying team success is a sure sign of "SELFISHNESS". Just because he was out of form he let go of captaincy. In order to concentrate on his game. It didn't help as he didn't regain form till late 2008. But shying away from responsibility was not what was called for. Thankfully, India had a braveheart in Kumble who never shied away from any challenge.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 10:27 GMT)

What about Selfish Sachin, has he ever played for the country's pride? i love to see sachin stranded on 99 centuries

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 10:04 GMT)


Posted by jaylohere on (January 29, 2012, 9:51 GMT)

Rahul is need to retire in such a haste, when the heat is on our entire INSIPID team. We need to phase him out, mentoring ppl like Rohit,Pujara and easing them into the team. He has always been my eternal selfless "HERO" whoz opened innings in tests to see off the new ball,batted down the order, kept wickets in ODIs & critically played some memorable match winning knocks for INDIA unlike our "ETERNAL GOD"(no one has the guts to take his name, if am right he is also 39) who needs a 100 more oppurtunities to get his 100th Ton,who ran away from captaincy,never budged from his no 4 slot in tests and opening in ODIs..what a selfish player. Solution: Lax(another Gem of indian cricket) shud retire first followed by sachin then dravid, else selectors need to drop them.Sehwag is arrogant,irresponsible and shud be axed, gambhir is another who has to go. Dhoni was never test material. Make Kohli the captain, get Rohit,pujara and Rahane in. Saha as wk

Posted by Abhimanyu on (January 29, 2012, 9:45 GMT)

What a joke! Well, if he is not going to retire now then he should be prepared to be dropped from this team. Do not forget that Dravid and Laxman were picked in the squad because India wanted to win in England and Australia. Now, since India have failed to do that, there is nothing left that they can do for this Indian team. We don't need a Dravid and Laxman to win in the subcontinent, we can do that without them easily, there is enough bating talent (Pujara, Badrinath, Manoj Tiwari, Rohit, Rahane) all waiting for an opportunity. Also Dravid himself is saying " I'm hopeful that some of the young kids will come through" well now tell me how is this even possible with him hogging a spot in the team? Nice JOKE, Dravid!

Posted by Naresh28 on (January 29, 2012, 9:45 GMT)

Indian cricket fans feel more humilated than the team itself. Whatever these seniors say - they have won enough matches in the past - right now its time to say goodbye. The following need to be replaced practically the whole team - Shewag, Gambhir, Dravid, Sachin, Laxman, Dhoni, Zaks, Ishant - only Yadav and Kholi need to be retained. Kholi is captaincy material. Rohit, Raina, Mukund, Pujara, Badrinath could take up the batting slots. Bowlers are big problem for India.

Posted by rsurya on (January 29, 2012, 9:44 GMT)

No one need to retire. Its foolish to punish these legends for this bad patch of Indian cricket. if every others are performing but the three then its good to retire, but no one is performing and is this a good decision or a good solution. these funny solutions may be the reasons for Indian failure. Selection committee should not be from India atleast foreign selector can make a formidable young lineup in future. not vijays and other relatives.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 9:42 GMT)

yeah yeah keep playing till you die.. we'd love to see the most powerful board keep losing their face before the world cuz of sleazy players like yoruself.. i'd always want India to lose and you are just the right guy to block all hopes for any win this team India can gain out of their young players.. well done and well said Dravid..

Posted by om.pani on (January 29, 2012, 9:39 GMT)

Dravid,SRT,VVS Dont retire.dont give any chance to guys are as cricket fans we should retire from watching cricket.if SRT can score 100 ton Dravid u also can so keep going

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 9:38 GMT)

@Rumy- There is a line of difference between thinking out of the box and going mad and you have crossed that.Though i agree with the thought that the seniors 38s have to leave,But Gambhir is a guy you are supposed to pesist with and he will surely disprove the critics soon.We found the temperament to go big in Kohli.He and Kohli are the captaincy material.Similarly Rohit,Pujara,Badrinath,Raina,Tiwary in that order of preference for the middle order, have it in them. Definitely Rest Sehwag as it could provide an oppurtunity to Rahane or Abhinav Mukund for opening slot.Also Dhoni needs to review his test career.Can't forget his useful contributions but with Saha and Karthik knocking the doors,Dhoni might not be best for test cricket. Now that no one has retired.Play 1 of the 3 while grooming 2 new talents for the next series.Once the youngsters have sealed the place with good knocks,the seniors would leave.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 9:37 GMT)

"We haven't done so well abroad over the last couple of series but I'm hopeful that some of the young kids will come through. It might take a bit of time but we'll build up a strong base". Dravid is the one of the kind that have played from any subcontinent team being a Pakistani m a biggest admirer of this guys a true legend but wht he says abt youngsters coming thru can only happen when these gr8s leave which unfortunately isn't happening and the Indian selectors don't have the guts to drop them don't know wht type of sending off these legends need but believe me my ind Friends India need some1 like DADA the greatest captain of the subcontinent after our legend IMRAN KHAN just find some1 with the guts of Dada and this team will change again abroad also forget home ground best of luck for the tri series my Friends and crick info this is my first comment ever plz publish if u can thanx.........

Posted by kex196 on (January 29, 2012, 9:29 GMT)

@ Asrar Chowdhury, He comes on media only after making a 100 :p LOL :D

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 9:26 GMT)


Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 9:13 GMT)

Everyone from the BCCI honchos to the selectors knows that the shelf life of our"great indian middle order" has been over for almost a year.What is important is for our greats to realize that with every tragic denial of a humiliating overseas loss ,they risk belittling the very legacy they have worked so hard to build over the last decade. I refer to the Wall,SRT and Laxman in that order.

Posted by Sports4Youth on (January 29, 2012, 9:09 GMT)

@ rahulcricket007:... i think you are taking no as yes and yes as no. But somehow it does not work that way. if he is sayiing he will not retire now, It means unless he announces his retirement dont listen to these rumors. Till then he will continue. It is such a shame that our senior players are behaving in this manner.

Posted by mohanan on (January 29, 2012, 9:06 GMT)

I can understand Dravid's mind. No veteran player would want to retire on a low (We can take Ponting for example, and see how he has come back from a low). Sachin, still averaged around 35 in the series, but his team mates were poor. The Indian bowling was wavered, letting the Aussies to pile up runs. For the good of the Indian cricket, the aging seniors should retire, but that should be gradual, not immediate.

Posted by SamRoy on (January 29, 2012, 8:58 GMT)

Perhaps BCCI will arrange a series against Bangladesh. where these guys especially Tendulkar can notch up those hundreds and pretend all is well. Height of selfishness. They deserve to be kicked out permanently. Gambhir and Sehwag deserve to be kicked out temporarily. And Dhoni should never play a test match in England, Australia or SA. Mukund, Rahane, Rohit, Virat, Tiwary, Pujara should be the six batsmen. We can say goodbye to Zaheer as well. And Ishant should be sent to England for a county season before he ever gets another test game. Bowling should be a mixture of Praveen Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Abu Nechim Ahmed, Ashwin and Ojha. Mishra and Chawla are useless. If Harbhajan gets back to form he can come back. But only after an excellent Ranji season. And Saha or Karthick as wicketkeeper for tours of Aus, Eng and SA.

Posted by Blackbreath666 on (January 29, 2012, 8:56 GMT)

No way should Rahul Dravid retire.Have most of you guys forgotten what he did in England and in 2011!!Anyone can have a bad series once in a while and just because he's 39 doesn't mean you all go so hard on him.In my view VVS Laxman should be the one to go.He played poorly in England and even here in Australia. How can one forget what all Dravid has done for India and these critics are just stabbing him ruthlessly.Did the Aussies drop Ricky Ponting after he struggled for nearly 2 years.No.Dravid has had just one bad series and is now being criticized by so many.Stop this madness please!!You guys have no idea what will happen once he calls it a day.Support Dravid and don't let the Wall fall..........

Posted by rahulkmc on (January 29, 2012, 8:53 GMT)

@Rumy1: Like your enthusiasm mate. But the names you offered are mostly veterans who will need replacing within a year or so. Agree Kaif would have made an excellent captain, but sadly he hasnt performed at this level. Wasim Jaffer, India were foolish to drop him to get others less potent. Clearly we need better openers - Mukund is a good one, find another player and let Sehwag/Gambir come after them. Pretty sure same batting line-up would be performing better everywhere if we get good openers. But real reason for our abject failures is our bowlers. How many wicket taking deliveries were bowled in the entire series?? Aussie bowlers bowled more of such deliveries in one session!. We need to groom our bowlers. Ishant has clearly shown he doesnt want to learn. If only he had pitched the ball a bit further up, but no, he cant do that. Get a better coach and fresh bowlers and we may have a chance.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 8:40 GMT)

Dravid has done everything perfectly in life and I am sure he will time his retirement as sweetly as his flick shot.

Posted by rahulkmc on (January 29, 2012, 8:40 GMT)

Its high time Dhoni quits tests - poor test captain as we have seen already. He can continue where he is still good - T20/one-days. Someone else is needed at test level. You need an inspiring and performing captain for tests. Only person who is good in current team is Dravid and given that even he failed in this series, its the right moment to look beyond the current players. Leaders are born with the skills, u dont need to have played 100+ tests to become one. Gambhir/Kohli/Sehwag - not leadership material. You need a thinker - Harbhajan is a better captain than these 3, dont want him back in the team though. We need a second dada or jumbo to pull us out of this mess.

Posted by rahulkmc on (January 29, 2012, 8:37 GMT)

For all who are trying to support the Legends and calling for the heads of others like Sehwag/Dhoni/Gambhir - Look at the bigger picture mates. The Legends are old with diminished reflexes. I am pretty sure all will agree that it was heartbreaking to see Dravid of all people getting bowled out. The longer others struggle, the more pressure there is on the Legends. Age, reflexes and increased pressure doesnt bode well at all.If we let them retire now, the others can stay while new players settle in.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 8:35 GMT)

really rami? jaffer? and who is this reddy? i hope u are joking

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 8:24 GMT)

I think calling for Dravid's head is ridiculous. Yes, he has had a bad series - so have other batsmen, (Most of them have had three in a row, when Dravid had had only this one). Last year all of us were singing paens about his greatness when he was the lone soldier to hold fort in our series against England. Laxman, Dhoni, Gambhir and Sehwag have had the most atrocious tours abroad. Why not drop Sachin. Why does 'seniors' get intrepreted only as Dravid and Laxman. I dont remember how long has he been trying to get to his 100th international ton. Does BCCI has the courage to do that. Yes, I agree that the time has come to cut the flab and it needs to be done with care.

Posted by addicted.samyam on (January 29, 2012, 8:02 GMT)

i would prefer the following to play:

1. Shewag 2. Wasim Jaffer 3. Virat Kholi 4. Pujara 5. Laxman 6. Rohit Sharma 7. Wridhiman Shan/ Dinesh Kartik 8. Zaheer Khan 9. Ishant Sharma/ Umesh Yadav 10. Irfan Pathan 11. Ashwin / Amit Mishra 10.

Posted by Pradyumna92 on (January 29, 2012, 7:59 GMT)

its unfair to blame dravid.. remember he was the best batsmen in my opinion tendulkar and laxman should retire first...laxmans horrible form and tendulkars pressure to get 100th 100 is causing the downfall of the team.. dhoni has to change his captaincy ways..

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 7:58 GMT)

This is the best time for Dravid to decently retire and give his place to Rohit Sharma... His best days are over and we cannot expect any big contributions from him...He is already 40... Considering this, he himself should retire before the selectors chuck him out...That would be the mark of a great man...He shouldn't degrade himself by continuing to play... Laxman can be retained for 1 more year coz he has been India's go-to man all these years especially when the team is in crisis...

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 7:56 GMT)

One bad series from Dravid and here we are again. . Come on guys. Apart from all other emotions, just over-view his recent record (before coming to Australia). Yes he is 39+ but he still has it. . Let there be a "phase-by-phase" change so that the youngsters can grasp as much as they can from the seniors. The man has himself contributed to Indian Cricket over the years but yes MS Dhoni, Sehwag, Gambhir and Laxman has been liability to the team for long now. That is my opinion

From Pakistan

Posted by vmbnbi on (January 29, 2012, 7:55 GMT)

I feel its not fair for Dravid to take the blame, agreed he did not have a good series but the last couple of series not to forget the one in England where he was the only one batsman who played well averaging 77 when res of india averaged 27. Its not that the youngsters have not been tried like Raina, Yuvraj and they have all been found wanting with balls swinging and rising to chest levels.. cant pull, cant hook, just edge to slips.. it has to be gradual process you can remove all the Three D, T, L and replace them over night.. have to give youngster chance with the oldies to groove into.. and then gradually they move out.. This time the planning, captaincy was poor, our bowlers did not do a good job, and thus the loss.

Posted by India1231 on (January 29, 2012, 7:38 GMT)


You can blame management for improper schedule of test matches and other T20 you play. I know you are brave enough to attack MANAGEMENT WHO LOOK FOR MONEY ALONE AND NOT Players Fitness etc

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 7:37 GMT)

the back lift is coming from 3rd slop and even it comes closer the bat is not sufficient to close the gap. to over pitched ball, playing half forward. in swing condition allowing the ball to swing. with bat pad gap visible. and bat coming down slowly in relation to the off the pitch pace has brought in trouble. the back lift of the bat should be attempted to be between off stump and middle stump as much as possible. judging off the pitch pace along with swing is essentially. reflexes appears to be slow on the austrialian piches. in england, off the pitch pace is slightly slower than austrialia. so little time to therefore the back light of the bat which some slowly down did not affect him in england. after difficult series. if he plays in india then surely he will perform but these performance are henceforth when it mattered we did not match the bowling. simply surrendered saying good bowling. yes surely good bowling but poor batting.

Posted by hnlns on (January 29, 2012, 7:30 GMT)

Dravid would do well to learn from his former state teammate, Sunil Joshi, who retired saying that he does not want a youngster to lose chance to play because of him. Playing 15 years of international cricket with such a fantastic record home and overseas, what more does Rahul need to achieve ? Always players should make way when they are in a high, even though they may not be at their best ever, rather than people screaming for their removal. There are enough youngsters waiting in the line to replace not just Dravid but also Sehwag, Lakshman, and Tendulkar. Gambhir and Dhoni have to prove themselves that they are still worthy of selection after their dismal performances.

Posted by aravabalaji on (January 29, 2012, 7:24 GMT)

Both Dravid & Sachin are already 39 and have nothing more to prove. They have served the country with dedication & distinction. They deserve to choose their day. But they cannot drag it anymore. They must realise what they are doing to aspiring cricketers. A guy who has scored nearly 30 centuries and maintaining an awesome average of >60 even after playing 100 matches is still fighting for his place. Season after season Badri scores heavily & consistently yet the selectors ignore him just for the sake of team balance as they would put it. Otherwise, there is no reason to ignore him after his impressive debut against hostile SA. He is already 31 but he is fit as ever. He has been made to wait for Yuvraj & Raina to flop & Kohli to click. It is time to build the Test team with the likes of Badri, Pujara, Rahane, Kohli, Rohit /Manoj Tiwari. Dinesh Karthik to be given another look in. He needs to improve his keeping skills.

Posted by JustIPL on (January 29, 2012, 7:18 GMT)

Carry on mate. You're still the best of the lot onthe bench strength.

Posted by enigma77543 on (January 29, 2012, 7:16 GMT)

I think it's unwise & hasty to ask all of them to retire overnight, remember, youngsters aren't going to do well immediately, they'll need some time & being with seniors will mean less pressure on youngsters so I think Laxman should be axed immediately since not only is he not scoring runs but is also a HUGE liability in the field, now he can't even catch so the likes of Pujara, Rohit, Rahane should be given enough chances to prove themselves in Laxman's place; Tendulkar & Dravid should carry for next few series but they should be told that there time is close; or Sachin & Dravid can be asked to play in alternate series (likes WI had one with Walsh & Ambrose), dravid could play one series then sachin in the next & so on, that'll vacate 2 places, openers' slots also need to be looked at but throwing Sehwag out straight away could be unwise, especially since India is only going to be playing Tests in India, may be a different pair of openers are needed for home & away Tests

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 7:00 GMT)

M.Kaif as captain ---- @Rumy1 - One of the most funniest suggestions i have ever read :)

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 6:54 GMT)

Sehwag, Laxman, and Duncan Fletcher all need to go!

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 6:46 GMT)

those who r continuously criticising Rahul Dravid bcuz he didnot hang up his boots and are r ashamed dat this man showed selfishness shud consider Sachin for retirement first bcuz its not Dravid who is being selfish its Sachin who is still playin just to get his 100th 100... Sachin has not performed over 10 months now... A poor austrailia series doesnot make Dravid a ordinary batsman... He still is one of the best cricketers of the world... Remember this thing he is 39+ nd on England tour he was 38+ jst a period of one year and 6 innings of failure does not mean Rahul should retire... There is no need 4 him to retire as of now... Indian team still needs him... it is Dhoni who needs to b sacked 4m Test captaincy bcuz its his thinkin dat doesnot go well in this longer format of the game... poor Dravid... he has always been d first one to b at d recieving end of any criticism... nd Sachin gets away with it very easily... cant understand this thing...

Posted by Karthic2228 on (January 29, 2012, 6:39 GMT)

@Rumy 1 ur too harsh on seniors... Jus bcos of one or two series u cant blame them rest sehwag and gambir u think we can go without gambir jus bcos he didnt score in two series ..... Jus see the technique of the player and comment.... ANd all the seniors knows wen to make a decision.... Ganguly spot is been empty for two yrs... try to fill tat and start thinking abt dravid laxman and sachin... Then talk abt sehwag it really sounds bad to serhwag and gambir ....

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 6:30 GMT)

Why this much for Seniors only other non performers are also not very young these men Sachin,Dravid,Laxman will retire on their own we should wait.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 6:20 GMT)

I can't understand the chorous from the media that the aged players should retire.especially Dravid.Just because they can say and write doesn't mean they are representing the whole country. Players are answerable only to the people/fans of this country.Next Test matches are still 6-7 months away. Obviously'the selectors will not pickup Lakshman & Dravid.By then they will also announce their retirement. Why everyone wants right now?What about Tendulkar? Why these media & ex-cricketers(Most of them have not achieved anything in their career) have no guts to ask Tendulkar to retire?If performance is criteria since 2011, then except Dravid, all of them should be dropped, including Sachin'Sehwag ,Dhoni and all the bowlers.

Posted by wah_wah on (January 29, 2012, 6:19 GMT)

This makes absolutely no sense. He does not want to look too far because there is nothing to look for.If he says he is not going to retire now, does he plan to be around even in 2013 when India goes abroad. He cannot retire when he is 41 and India is about to tour overseas. How can he think that a youngstar would make in at that time. Ane we know that not necessarily all of those who are not part of the team now would fare in India as well. So it would take some time to have a stable team.Look at Aussies, even this series their batting struggled except for Ponting and Clarke. They haven't settled down yet.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 6:08 GMT)

"No immediate decision to retire". yes, the results are bad in Australia. When it was good? This shows the toughness of the guy, who does not want to run away, mentally tough and keeping calm even in worst situation. This is what made up of star sports persons.

Posted by SamRoy on (January 29, 2012, 5:53 GMT)

If you don't retire at 39 when will you retire? The only place you can field is in the slips and half the time you miss simple catches. You can't field in the outfield as you are too slow. Now even your batting reflexes have slowed down (Otherwise one can't get bowled continously). So please do us a favour and retire. Otherwise Laxman and you need to be unceremoniously dumped from the team. Australia had done it to Greg Chappell, Dean Jones, Michael Slater, Mark Waugh, Ian Healy and even Steve Waugh to an extent. India especially after these hammerings need to be proactive and dump both you and Laxman. Your friend Sachin needs to be phased out gradually within a year. So thanks for your service.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 5:46 GMT)

Mr. Dravid, you are a phenomenal batsman and have done great service to India. Your keynote in Australia was as awesome as I have ever heard any player talk. But, it's time you retire gracefully. Or else you will make a lot of runs in India for next 2 years and repeat this performance in Australia on your next overseas tour.

My question is why do you not want to retire? What else do you need to conquer? Is the future of Indian team with the likes of Chiteshwar Pujara not important for you?

Posted by Kapil_Choudhary on (January 29, 2012, 5:41 GMT)

I believe Dravid has already made his decision to retire and is now just basically just looking for a high to go out. It is similar to the situation where he essentially made the decision to quit captaincy after the disastrous WC 2007 campaign but actually quit only after India won a Test Series in England. He clearly deserves to go out on his terms. However, it is unfortunate that India play their next test after only 8 months and an away test after only 2 years which makes right now the perfect time to call it quits from the team perspective. Being the team man he is, though still swayed a bit by personal feelings like any human being, I bet he will retire immediately after playing one last good innings. Hope that innings comes soon and before the selectors lose their patience.

Posted by Htc-Baseball on (January 29, 2012, 5:23 GMT)

Guys our big3 deserve a better send off,,this nt the way to exit

Posted by stark-truth on (January 29, 2012, 5:22 GMT)

Selfish but not untypical of senior Indian cricketers. I don't understand why they can't let the future of Indian cricket - the younger blazing backup batting talents burgeon? Disappointed by Dravid, but I guess he wants to go out on a high.

Posted by Htc-Baseball on (January 29, 2012, 5:21 GMT)

@Rumy1. what kind of a team was that,, gudness..Atleast our team was good in paper,, this looks worst in paper and will be awful on field...The big 3 can be shown their way fine,, sehwag needs to be there as captain...Kaif tiwary - do u think theyll be able to play in seamoing wickets.And where is Yuvi-He s the one who guts in at tough situations-even in England against the toughest opposition he was good..And wher s mukund

Posted by JustOUT on (January 29, 2012, 5:20 GMT)

I will not be surprised, if Sachin says that he will retire after he score 400+ in test match breaking Lara's record. And his senseless fans will still drag him.

Posted by sony_sr on (January 29, 2012, 5:19 GMT)

Gradual phasing out of senior players is done when the team is doing well and to avoid complete failures. But here the situation is different. We are losing everything. It can't go beyond this level even if all 3 greats retire after the adelaide test. I am a die-hard fan of all the 3 great players. I don't want a case where selectors have to drop them. I can't even imagine that happening to Tendulkar.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 5:14 GMT)

dont know why there is no call for sachin to retire...2 months bk dravid was the best in business but now they want his head...let sachin show the way by retiring ,as he is always expected to do in every aspect of the game...wat u say mr.gavaskar & mr.shastri ?

Posted by Freewheeler on (January 29, 2012, 5:07 GMT)

The disappointment notwithstanding, I think the seniors will get a BCCI felicitation ceremony in a month or two. I'm sure they are hurting and would not like to announce their retirements after 8 straight defeats; a 2 month buffer will give them time to recover and go out on a better note that they deserve.

Seeing what pace-strong Pakistan is doing with spinners, I think India needs to drop Ishant for good and play Pragyan Ojha along with Ashwin. I would even wager that it is a good idea to bring in Ravindra Jadeja as the sixth batsman. He won't set the batting on fire, but he'll not auto-destruct either. Moreover, he bowls well, fields well, and has a good temperament and a stable head. A bowling attack with Zaheer, Umesh, Ashwin, Ojha, and Jadeja can certainly pose a few questions.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 5:04 GMT)

It's selfishness because he looks on making records like Sachin. Both players are playing for records, this statements shows like that. Indeed both players are legends but this time they have to retire and get the youngster in. Atleast two batsmen out of 3 should be retired, Dravid,Sachin,Luxman. Indian team should make Ishant Sharma out as he's not any worthy bowler averaging 38 runs per wicket, Even Bravo(W.I),Abdul Razak(Pak),and other all rounders have better average in bowling ,along with the option to bat than Ishant Sharma. Indians must make a separate team for Test cricket from T-20 players. Few batsmen should avoid T-20 games like Sachin. Dravid, Luxman to mould them like test player with greater temperament.One opener out of two should be real test cricketer to know how to block balls and has the ability how to make runs,Sehwag is T-20 player ,he's not test player, he's perfect for subcontinent pitches. 3 good test bastmen and 2 good bowlers are required for test format.

Posted by Cricket_observer_from_1982 on (January 29, 2012, 4:58 GMT)

Dear Dravid , Definetely you are one of the greatest cricketer India has ever produced. Hats off and it is a great honour. But now one simple question to you. why can't you retire gracefully. Why you want to keep going on and on and on . what else you gain more money ? fame ? status ? . This is a problem with every indian. They just cannot retire. You are not an exception. Look at film stars. 70 years and still they want to be hero. Using their money , with so called fan association they wil spoil all youngsters carear. Look at polititions, at 90 they want to become chief minister again. Please don't follow them.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 4:56 GMT)

You have served Indian cricket very well. Now, it's time to say good bye, and please announce your retirement in next series.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 4:55 GMT)

The Australian Test series debacle has been a collective failure of all batsmen put together. For that, in my opinion, there are reasons galore extraneous to the actual form & capability of the players. And on top of that, why does the electronic media jump into conclusion & make Dravid the scape goat. He has done bad only in this series and as we all know he was the top scorer for India in the England series not too along and continued that form with the WI tour at home. Will the electronic media refrain from passing strictures against the wrong person & go on heaping praises, again, on the wrong person even when his performances in the two overseas series have just been average. THERE'S NO NEED TO JUMP INTO ANY SORT OF HASTY CONCLUSIONS AT THIS STAGE. Yes there is an urgent need to find replacements for the seniors when they finally decide to call it a day from the Test arena.

Posted by mohanan on (January 29, 2012, 4:54 GMT)

@Rumy1: Why don't you send your CV to the BCCI for being considered for selection job mate?

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 4:54 GMT)

he means to say that he will wait for next two white washes till he retires .... plz dravid for God's sake ...retire and tell ur mates , laxman and sachin to follow ur foot steps too ..... if these SUPERSTARS dont retire soon , i am afraid to say that India will continue to suffer .... time for BCCI to take some bold decisions now .... the thing is , you guys beleive so much in stars that ur team looks like a bollywood eleven ... so its time for u guys to see off these amirs,shahrukhs n salmans and go for the fresh blood of imran,ranbir and shahid kapoor lolz

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 4:53 GMT)

Guys..its not about retiring but these are all the gurus of Cricket..Lets not make them feel embarrassed. These guys certainly need a great send-off.Lets not humiliate them by writing such stuff.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 4:49 GMT)

huh! relief..will see dravid playing again

Posted by BobCo on (January 29, 2012, 4:49 GMT)

The most worrisome thing for me about Dravid and Laxman this series wasn't the lack of runs, it was the woeful lack of touch they both showed. Dravid, in particular, scratched around every innings. Dravid's propensity for getting bowled was also an unwanted new problem and a bad sign. I thought both looked past their used-by dates, so both really need to think about opting out now. Even at two thirds capacity, Sachin still looked worth his spot, and he really needs to step up and mentor the next generation -- I worry that he seems too aloof, too distant. I'm not a Sehwag fan, I admit (those cement feet!), but its probably worth trying him down the order before discarding him. Dhoni goes, Sharma goes. Neither seem to have the heart to represent India in tests. Rebuild around Ashwin, Yadav, Kohli, Ohja with Gambhir, SRT and maybe Sehwag the old hands. Be nice for SRT to step up and re-take the captaincy for a year, but I can't see him doing it.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 4:48 GMT)

@rumy1 dude kaif seriously :)

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 4:46 GMT)

Newcomers have to earn their place in the side

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 4:46 GMT)

i think It's upto him if he can play.. But as Ian Chappel said "The problem is not aging of the players.The problem is the Star-culture in India". I think it's the star culture that makes people too happy when the win the cup and too disgusted when the team loses a series by whitewash. They need cricket to be a lifestyle not a religion.

Posted by pranksnepal on (January 29, 2012, 4:37 GMT)

I Many forget Dravid is major man who makes india successful in foreign soil , i always put him above tendulkar, i think its better for tendulkar and laxman to sign off dravid should be there for 1 more year u need 1 strong and experience man in team , Tendulkar never score when necessary , And Shewag should come down my suggestion would be for indian team 1.Gambhir2.Rahane 3.Dravid 4.Shewag5.Pujara 6.Kohli 7.Dinesh Kartik(bestWK/ batsman for Test) 8.Ashwin( i think he has done better in australia place where no spinner can do best (plz exclude Kumble .Warne and Murli they are genius 9.Zaheer 10.Yadav 11.ojha/Praveen kumar and reserve rohit sharma badrinath and manoj tiwary sharma

Posted by swaroop677 on (January 29, 2012, 4:35 GMT)

dravid is the man who won the matches for india many times and saved india many times from defeats. he was the man who scored most runs two consecutive series. you can't decide by seing one series. those who have quoted against dravid might not seen the batting of dravid. even in this series his technique very same the before but only thing he was not moving either front or back while facing the ball. there is no problems other than this . his diffence,shots everything the same. ofcourse he is a little tantive around the off stump line as we know. it is problem from long time. except this there is no problem. he is unlike that of many indian players who suffers playing short balls. he got very good technique while playing the short deliveries. the decision made by him was right. he should not retire by seing the down fall of this particular series. if so ,not only him the total 11 members except one or two have to retire even they are 20-35 yrs. before leaving the team hemustguidejnr

Posted by mano.mcse on (January 29, 2012, 4:33 GMT)

No need to retire for seniors. especially Sachin & dravid.

Posted by Mujji_28 on (January 29, 2012, 4:23 GMT)

Hi indian fans.... Dravid is among the best batsman india has ever produced. He is the wall of Indian batting lineup. He is right in a way.. I think time has come for Laxman and Sehwag to show them the doors and pump new blood instead of them. It would not be wise to kick all the seniors at the same time. Batting lineup should be mixture of young and experience players. I believe BCCI should have thought about the backup of these old players some 2 years back. Dravid has given support to indian team so many times when they need him. Lets not forgot Dravid's previous England series where he was the only player who showed resistance. As a Pakistani i would wish Indian cricket team all the best for tri-nation tournament and wish sachin all the best for scoring centuries of century soon.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 4:11 GMT)

I really do not understand how people can talk about dravids retirement. He is 2nd highest run getter in test all time. and highest run getter in 2011.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 3:51 GMT)

I am an Australian supporter so it will be good for India to get rid of all the players that are too old bring younge rgeneration in Laxman Tendulkar and Dravid they can't even run .

Posted by saranfromusa on (January 29, 2012, 3:49 GMT)

There is nothing more to lose, let these seniors end their career in a good note. Let them win test matches in the home soil like all other countries do and be proud of it. It is not worst than England getting bowled out for 70 odd and they say they are the number 1. Australians will face the music when they travel to Asian countires. But certainly it is time to groom the young guns, the future of India, at the same time send off the seniors in respectful manner.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 3:43 GMT)

If I was an Indian, I would be less worried about the form of Dravid than most. Dravid had great series against both the West Indies and England before this current tour when only Tendulkar and Kohli were reasonably productive, with averages in the mid 30's. Australians, have long loved the way VVS has played, but perhaps it is time for VVS, Dohni and especially Gambhir to be under pressure. Gambhir especially, kept shooting his mouth off and could not produce and was technically inept against any ball moving away from him outside off stump. Even in Adelaide, when getting a wicket that could not be any flatter, he meekly surrendered to awful shots. The Indian bowling, is of most concern with only 46 wickets taken on tour and only 35 of them came when Australia, were not going for quick runs, while Australia took 80. The bowling was terrible. Would not just be blaming your batsman and have a good look at your fielding, running between wickets, lower order batting and especially bowlin

Posted by satanswish on (January 29, 2012, 3:40 GMT)

Its already high time 3 seniors Tortoise, Camel & Dwarf Hippo should retire and Captain Grizzly Bear should be kicked out of Indian team.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 3:29 GMT)

I thought Laxman was the worst of the three.. not talking about statistics here but from how uncomfortable and out of shape he looked. Remove Laxman and bring Pujara. Dravid and Tendulkar should retire in 2013.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 3:23 GMT)

there is no better mentor than rahul dravid in the team. also is this the way we indian supporters behave. Dravid performed in england but the rest failed but we were crying for laxmans head. in this series the trio as a whole failed and we are asking them to retire. next test series is in india and if the trio score runs then will u say they should not retire for a few more?

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 3:19 GMT)

Who are you trying to fool Mr Dravid? You have enough fame and money. Now please quit honorably and let the likes of Rohit Sharma in the team. Please also take Mr Laxman with you. He has has had enough

Posted by givemefood on (January 29, 2012, 3:16 GMT)

Eventually you'll find yourself thrown out like a dog and all the accomplishments from the past would have no bearing. So retire. RETIRE !!!

Posted by syedmkr on (January 29, 2012, 3:15 GMT)

The board and the players find a good chance to come good of test team which is best way to the seniors to goodbye with a winning note!

Posted by VIVz_forearm on (January 29, 2012, 3:12 GMT)

would really love to see india play pak in the near players of spin against best bowling attach in sub-continent...wonder if the world champions got the bottle to set-up ths challenge or BCCI for that matter...

Posted by LillianThomson on (January 29, 2012, 3:09 GMT)

How very, very sad. Here in Australia both Dravid and Laxman are more respected than Tendulkar because of their leadership and because they are better team-players, whereas Tendulkar is viewed as a Boycott-like figure who thinks of himself first, which has reduced one of the most gifted batsmen ever into being somewhere around number 15 in the all-time Test averages (and falling). But Dravid clearly has been polluted by some of the same influences as Tendulkar. Does he not see that he is blocking Rohit Sharma's development and career? Does he not see that his ageing reflexes and failing eyes have rendered a once-impregnable technique newly vulnerable, as he gets bowled again and again and again? Time to depart with some grace left.

Posted by SRT_GENIUS on (January 29, 2012, 3:06 GMT)

How will the other kids come through if you don't retire ??

Posted by McCricket_ on (January 29, 2012, 2:58 GMT)

What are the facts when it comes to Dravid's recent returns? Since June 2011, Dravid has scored 1,225 Test runs at an average of 51.04. This compares to the others as follows: Tendulkar, 778 @ 37.0 average; Gambhir 478 @ 25; Sehwag 484 @ 28.5; Laxman 878 @ 36.6; Dhoni 584 @ 27.8 and Kohli 491 @ 32.7. Dravid may not have been the Wall in the last 4 Tests, but his return in 7 months includes 5 centuries and 4 fifties. A thousand runs and 5 centuries in a calendar year is nomally a feat that only 2-3 batsmen achieve across the world. He may well retire sometime in the next 12-18 months, but he should be last in the chopping order.

Posted by dunger.bob on (January 29, 2012, 2:36 GMT)

Dravid is my personal favourite of the big 3. Every inch the gentleman and cricketer. He is the only one I would trust to go when he knows deep down its all over. I hope he plays well if he does continue on though. He's admired in Aust. for his demeanor as much as his batting. No Aussie has sledged Dravid in years. They learnt a long time ago it was absolutely pointless. The man is/was a colossus of concentration. ... a legend. ........

@gkannuchamy on (January 28 2012, 16:31) : I keep hearing about the humiliating defeat in India, but I can't actually remember any. Not anything on this scale. Don't believe me, then look through the score sheets. ... Last time around you did win 2-0 but Aust. was in it up to their necks all the way and came within a wicket or two of levelling the series at one point. India in Australia were worse than abject. They looked scared ... fancy an opening batsman being terrified by some moderate bounce and pace. .. unbelievable.

Posted by whyowhy on (January 29, 2012, 2:33 GMT)

Yes Rahul do not retire, wait till Kholi, Rohit Sharma and Raina retires and then retire as you are needed in the team to guide these youngsters.....I mean on the way to the pavilion.

Posted by southcity on (January 29, 2012, 2:13 GMT)

Rather uncharacteristic of Dravid. We have given Big Three great adulation and now is the time for them to think of the future of Indian Cricket and fade away with dignity.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 2:10 GMT)

the players will start scoring centuries on fla-ttracks against spineless bowling attacks of NZ and soon everything will be forgotten and columns will start appearing about how good this era has been, the "fab four", "captain cool " and things like that...Ashiwn and Ojha will start taking wickets and they will be touted as men with guile and temperament..please stop all this..even the attitude of Srinivasan says that the show will go on

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 2:10 GMT)

Ganguly and Kumble's decision to retire seems decent and timely ............... Dravid and Tendulkar no matter even they play well later on are at the end of their days ................ Better for them to retire decently

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 2:05 GMT)

This is really disappointing couple of series of Team India..they completely beaten in all parts of the game..its time to give yougstars a chance..My playing suad for nxt NZ series is bit diffuclt bt this wil do well and a perfect combination of youth n experiece and talent..enough of seniors blocking d talent in india.. RAHANE,MUKUND,PUJARA,ROHIT,KOHLI,RAINA(C),SAHA/KHALEEL,IRFAN, ASHWIN,ZAHEER,ISHANT,U.YADAV,AARON,PANDEY plz selectors open ur eyes which is gd for indian team n fans...ur playing against the fans emotions

Posted by cloudmess on (January 29, 2012, 2:00 GMT)

I'd love Dravid to go on playing until he is 50 - forget the IPL, just give him an overseas berth in an English county side for the next 10 years, with the same slow wickets on which the likes of Jack Hobbs scored 100 first class centuries after the age of 40.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 1:53 GMT)

dravid is nearing 40, and sachin isn't ready to retire yet. what good can this bloke bring the team? just depriving the kids of opportunities to get stuck in.

Posted by Meety on (January 29, 2012, 1:42 GMT)

I would think he should play 1 more test in India & retire, he deserves a home test finale. That being said VVS should also be gone too! That leaves SRT to mould the middle order for a year or so.

Posted by mrcp on (January 29, 2012, 1:38 GMT)

Why should Dravid the only guy whose over seas average put together is way better than any other Indian cricket player. We won by in West Indies because of luck. Wasim Jaffer, Kaif, Rahane play well in India but would do nothing outside India. We lack quality fast bowlers. Only a few Indian batsman can play against quality fast bowling. We ought to be ashamed that in a country with 1 billion population, we cannot produce quality players. Targeting Dravid alone will not solve the problem. He has been a match winner and a batsman India should be proud of. Ian is right, average Indian will be happy to see Sachin score a century and India lose. All is not lost. It's just a rude awakening to a new beginning!!

Posted by Dashgar on (January 29, 2012, 1:34 GMT)

Sounds like he will retire, he just doesn't want to paint himself into a corner. He has time to decide but his gut feeling says he's ready to go. I'm just reading in between the lines but seriously, he'll be nearly 40 when the next test series comes around.

Posted by kaasu on (January 29, 2012, 1:08 GMT)

What a disappointment - I'd expect that a player of Dravid calibre will want to retire respectfully.

Posted by sk12 on (January 29, 2012, 1:05 GMT)

This is so unlike Dravid. Pretty sure he has been pressurized to not retire now. Bet he 'll retire before the next test series.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 0:58 GMT)

They've had stellar careers, been the best batsmen, and a formidable batting unit. But their reflexes and patience are on the wane now. You can always mentor young kids even when not actively playing. Why not let them learn the ropes while they are still 22-24 yrs old. It'd be good to show a clip of how Anil Kumble and Sourav Ganguly had retired to these guys. Subcontinental greats just never know when to bow out: Kapil, Murali, Waqar, Jayasuriya .. ( and no, everyone isn't Imran Khan)

Posted by playitstraight on (January 29, 2012, 0:35 GMT)

The humble, senior man is right. There is no need to retire, just because he didn't perform well in this series. Instead, the first man who should go is Very Very Special Laxman. Laxman has not performed at all during the England and Australia series. At home, he hit just 1 century vs West Indies. He is the youngest of the big three, but he must go. I think it is better if the BCCI take action first before the players do, because then the players take their place for granted. After Laxman, Dhoni must also retire from Tests, he lacks the technique to play Test cricket. Even when he comes down at no.6, when the ball is not moving at all, he still does not perform. Hard to imagine what it would look like if he opened the innings. There are a lot of bright, talented youngsters we have that are waiting for a place. Only when someone gives their spot, the youngsters can come in. Anyways, like Dravid said, "we'll have to wait and see".

Posted by Hodra99 on (January 29, 2012, 0:29 GMT)

Dravid has truly been one of India's greats. As an Australian supporter I have admired the way he has gone about his cricket over the past 15 or so years. It will be sad to see him go, but his time must be up for the sake of Indian cricket. Laxman is in the same boat. Indian cricket is in crisis now, and it will be a long hard road back to respect for them.

Posted by Dravid_Pujara_Gravitas_Atheist on (January 29, 2012, 0:22 GMT)

Great talk Dravid. I'm mighty impressed with you. A man who played excellent cricket in three series prior to this is being unfairly targeted by rumour mongers. I also got a feeling that he might have actually decided to retire but might have been persuaded by his team mates and BCCI to play on. All in all, a very great decision by Dravid or by whoever is behind this in persuading him not to retire. Article after article, rumour after rumour are churning out against Dravid and VVS and not even a mention, I repeat, not even a mention of another senior who kept failing and playing inconsequential cricket for more than an year now. I'm in full support of this level-headed decision and hope VVS too doesn't retire.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2012, 0:15 GMT)

Where the hell does topic of Dravid retirement even come into the picture? And why people are supporting it? Look at the averages of Indian batsmen in the Tests in last 1 year. Dravid, Sachin And Laxman have the highest averages in the same order. You have to understand. You cannot change the whole suddenly. @Rumy1. Most stupid team I have ever read...

Posted by harmske on (January 29, 2012, 0:14 GMT)

@Rumy1 - Jaffer is 34 & Kaif 32. the selectors need to invest in youth and think about those players that will be a pivotal part of this team for the next 5-10 years. secondly, there is no need to recall Harbhajan (at least not yet) as he as hasn't done anything to prove he deserves his place back in the test team.

Posted by harmske on (January 29, 2012, 0:10 GMT)

@Rumy1 - mate, i'm sorry to say but your suggestions regarding the team for the forthcoming home series are just plain awful! Dreadful even.

Posted by indianpunter on (January 29, 2012, 0:00 GMT)

I am speechless! This is more than denial. Dravid, clearly, does not understand what public sentiment is; nor does he realize the magnitude of his abject failures. I thought that there was an opportunity to play kohli at 3 in the 2nd inns in Adelaide. But, dravid wouldn't give up his place. This is now about self preservation. Time for selectors to wield the axe. The trio deserve to go out in ignominy. I have lost respect for the man.

Posted by vj3478 on (January 28, 2012, 23:56 GMT)

They deserve a send off. But the prob is they dont want to go! Lot of indian players were shown exit without proper send off. Now these players are absolutely wasting the chances given to them and instead waiting to be kicked out.

Posted by TRAM on (January 28, 2012, 23:45 GMT)

Guys, calm down. Believe me, these legends were about to retire with the end of this test series. Of course they would be dropped anyway, even if they dont retire. What is happending is, western media is giving too much hype about these legends' retirement, which BCCI doesn't like (after all it is BCCI's decision, isn't it?, who are they to tell BCCI , ha !). So, it is BCCI selectors who just dont want to encourage any media for the moment. Be patient please.

Posted by samiki on (January 28, 2012, 23:44 GMT)

why are people questioning Dravid... is 13,000 test runs not good enough? look back when he was 37 he was fine, they are just a little out of form, England batsmen that were scoring 600+ just got bowled out for 72 so don't b too harsh.

and yes while i agree let the youngsters play, believe that they should only get a chance when they are deemed to be able to do a better job then Dravid and co.

and for you final 'india fans' learn to support the players who got us to number 1 test rankings and stop asking for their heads just because they don't perform 100% of the time, even the great bradman had a few, albeit very few, failures!

Posted by Steven1459 on (January 28, 2012, 23:42 GMT)

Cmon guys we all knw it was bad preformance by the Indian team, they could of preformed way better if they played with more aggression... But on the other look at England, NO 1 team in the world, couldn't chase 144... all out on 72, 2-0 down, already lost the series from a low ranked side pakistan.... should all there players retire too??? Most teams preform well on there own turfs, yes Australia is been exception in the past but these current aussie bowlers I feel wont look to good outside Aust, especially on turning tracks...just take a example from England.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 23:37 GMT)

Why the hell is everyone targeting THE WALL who has been a consistent performer and was the savior of India in England and just because of one series he is been blamed. What were the others doing??

Posted by TRAM on (January 28, 2012, 23:33 GMT)

@C.FelixLawrence, you said >>Remember, once McGrath, Hayden and Co. retired, AUSTRALIA were losing quite regularly.."<< India's case is different. India is loosing even when these legends ARE playing. If India should send its olympics running team, will they send their CURRENT BEST or will they send their PAST BEST ?? This is sports, man. You better be the best OR give way to others who could be tried. I will buy Dravid's book if he writes one. Thats all the recognition I can give.

Posted by here2rock on (January 28, 2012, 23:33 GMT)

How will young players come through if the senior players won't retire?

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 23:32 GMT)

You are too good to retire now. Look at Mahela Jayawardana of Sri Lanka. He has just been made captain after 4 bad series. Bring in a new coach like Sri Lanka did. It is only Pakistan who can play and win away from their own backyard. Pakistan is the only Asian team who has a local coach. India, SL, and Bangladesh all have foreigners as their top coaches. Please just compare their performances against Pakistan. Do not forget the problems that Pakistan had on and off the field.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 23:26 GMT)

Why everyone is talking about there retirement(dravid/laxman/sachin)??Why CANT the selectors show some balls and DROP them?let them keep on saying they are NOT retired,what a joke all selectors are....SHAME

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 23:22 GMT)

this guy is the most selfish ever, he still wants to play? give a chance to some one new, instead of getting bowled every innings...

Posted by Cricket_Commentator on (January 28, 2012, 23:15 GMT)

Rumy1,Sports4Youth ,BnH1985Fa,Rajesh Madhanagopaln,East_West,Neelesh Singhal: Don't forget the 3 men army's (dravid,sachin,laxman) contributions to our indian team.They r going tough times in their entire career.They give us so many winning moments to cherish.We all know only 1 or 2 year's left in their career.So no need of any urgency to retire none of them.Becaz our youngster's r talented but they r not ready or they doesn't know how to face fast bowling attack or to face short pitch ball's.We all see our youngster's have lack of application against short pitch ball's(WestIndies 20/20 world cup ).So there r lot of problems to the youngster's to face.The only solution is that play youngster's with our great seniors.Add them in to the final eleven in the place of dravid or sachin or laxman.Dont make too many changes suddenly give seniors only one or 2 match rest,& it should be rotates one after this way youngster's gets chance & they can learn frm the seniors.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 23:15 GMT)

DROP THEM.................

Posted by Drew2 on (January 28, 2012, 23:13 GMT)

I remember Ian Healy averaging less than 9 in his last 20 innings. I also remember Adam Gilchrist making his Test debut at the age of 28. While were were hanging on to Healy out of respect, we were deprived of a lot of Gilchrist entertainment. If India have this talent, it needs to come through now, not when they are 28.

Posted by MikeMiller on (January 28, 2012, 23:02 GMT)

Dravid a possibly a fading champion, but India, like Australia, has plenty of those and just a few weeks ago thousands of Aussies were calling for Ponting & Hussey to be retired before the series against India. It'd be unwise for India to retire its oldies all at once and surely Laxman, Gambhir& Sehwag would be discarded before Dravid? Also, like Australia, there is not much quality beating the selectors' door down and demanding selection; perhaps only Rohit & Raina are worthy of an imminent opportunity?

Posted by gkannuchamy on (January 28, 2012, 23:01 GMT)

Well, how many retired from the Australian side when they suffered a humiliating 2-0 defeat against India in India? Ponting was having more pints than runs in the just concluded series against SA and NZL and why didn't he retire? England have been doing worse against Pakistan in Dubai and how many are asking senior English players to retire? The original spoil sport is the media.

Posted by burleighboy86 on (January 28, 2012, 22:54 GMT)

He looked in dire straits in this series. You could see he was trying to dig his way out the only way he knows how, with his defence, but it was only bogging him down. A legend of the game, but the time has come to end it. He seems to have forgotten where his off stump is too, although he was reminded countless times by the Aussie bowlers. In saying that, he did have strong series before this one. The speed and bounce maybe getting to him. So that also puts South Africa and West Indies in the same boat. He, and VVS could probably afford to play a home test series on more suitable conditions for a big finale.

Posted by sammyman on (January 28, 2012, 22:52 GMT)

Why should dravid retire? He is the best ever indian test batsman... Indian team has to look for other loop holes , rather than pointing fingers at someone like dravid... India should be more concerned with failure of captain, sehwag, gambhir, bowlers and spinner.... If dravid retires...will that resolve the will never.... We are trying to overlook other serious problem areas , by just blaming him.... He was leading scorer in test match cricket and is the india's best batsman in tests in the last 16 he is the one who stood at all times(opening or going down the order)... regarding the fielding....with the exception of Kohli.. the rest 10 players are all the same level....Dravid infact is better than a few of the existing ones(watch other too on the field not just him) It is his decision ...if you want to drop him ...the selectors can do so....but drop the rest of 10 as well.......because dravid was india's only hope in the last 18 months......

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 22:39 GMT)

Don't understand why so many people are crying hoarse over RD's decision to ponder over his future plans. Just the fact that RD was undoubtedly India's best test batsman in 2011, and that too by a very impressive margin over the rest of the flock, ascribes him the right to play further. He is one man who had openly vouched for test cricket at times when everyone including the immortal SRT has succumbed to the greed of IPL. Why do Indian fans always go through the same impulsive emotions and talk as if they are Gods of cricket. If age has to be such a primary criterion, then I guess RD wouldn't have probably deserved to go to England as well where India couldn't score over 300 once in 8 innings in spite of RD himself scoring 3 hundreds during that series. So without him, India would have probably not scored even more than 220 runs in an innings in England!! Oz tour has been his solitary failure in last 12 months whereas VVS, Dhoni, Sehwag, Gambhir have had 2-3 failures each.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 22:38 GMT)

Rohit, Badri, Raina, Pujara, Mukund, Rahane, Tiwary, to some extent Vijay, dinesh karthik, saha should be rotated and the best talent should be played .. If not now, dravid/laxman are going to retire soon.. Thanks to Sehwag for serving the team so well in the past and its time for him to be dropped.. Gambhir needs assistance.. Dhoni can play one dayers and T20 with Virat the captain of the test team.. There are promising bowlers in Yadav, Aaron, Ishant ( Though Unlucky), praveen, ashwin, ojha, rahul sharma.. The only disaster in Indian Cricket at the moment is SELECTION and its time for shrikant to give way too..

Posted by CNBAS5 on (January 28, 2012, 22:28 GMT)

If it is not shameful for Ponting, Hussey and Haddin for nearly 2 years...why should it matter for Sachin / Dravid and Laxman. They never faltered like Punter and Co for the past two years.Austrlaia is one nation which is starting to give a LOOOOONNNG Rope to these guys. One beter performance at home does not make for the dozens of single digit scores in the past two years. Punter please take a note and don't go to England and in thise conditions all these performances will into vapour!

Posted by ThKhan on (January 28, 2012, 22:27 GMT)

Its the best time to leave (it would be leaving the fields with some honor, taking responsibility {atleast someone from India should}). And let the other guys to come and join the test side so that by next tour to Australia in 2016 they will come up with a better side. And also a good contender for #1 title. Else, it will be the same or alike story after 4 years as well.


Posted by Al_Bundy1 on (January 28, 2012, 22:25 GMT)

Ok then don't retire. How do you like being dropped? We need to fire the selectors who chose these clowns in the first place. Once we get rid of Srikanth and company, we can drop the Big3 + Viru and Gauti.

Posted by Mervo on (January 28, 2012, 22:23 GMT)

Mohamed Saleh - they have had a proper send off - 8 major losses in a row.

Posted by Al_Bundy1 on (January 28, 2012, 22:20 GMT)

Where are you @Dravid_Gravitas? Maybe you can convince him to retire? I had high regard for Dravid, because he was always willing to change his playing position as per team requirements. I think he has been talking too much to that so-called GOD of cricket - the most selfish person in Sports, not just cricket.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 22:11 GMT)

Ofcourse, Dravid wants to retire when he is 50. Great. We love these shameless morons!

Posted by StatisticsRocks on (January 28, 2012, 22:07 GMT)

OMG I did not expect this from Dravid. SRT,LAX, and RD all should retire now. Please put country ahead of your personal goals. Take up a possition of mentoring the young players in the team. You guys had your golden moment, what more do you want. This is disappointing. Great Athletes know when to stop unfortunately in Indias case that is not true. Here is the dilemna, BCCI cannot fire them especially SRT and Chapell rightly side 'Indias Star Culture has led to problems'. We fans shd stop worshipping these folks and bring them down to earth. SRT is letting the team down by overly focussing on his 100th 100. Where is the TEAM concept? Shame on these seniors.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 22:06 GMT)

Tendency of Indians to over react is very visible from some of the comments, particularly Rumy1 for including Jaffer in the team and making Mohd. Kaif as captain (I was ROFLing. You must be Kaif fan or relative or his father). Jaffer and Kaif would probably not pick themselves in the team if they were selectors =)) =)). Since the topic is about retirement, I think it should only be VVS who has been VVPoor in England and Australia. 8 tests without helping your side cannot be tolerated in International cricket. Dravid was the best player in England and Sachin still has the game and had a bad series and was still the 2nd or 3rd highest run getter for India in this series.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 21:48 GMT)

Why should Dravid retire? Its a shame on the rest of the team who has not done anything in the last 1 year. What is occupying youngsters slots? Lets first get good openers a good number 4 and a good wicket keeper , spinner and 2 good bowlers. There are too many faults in the side and u blame the greatest indian test batsman ever.....Losing your wicket by bowled or by any other means is one and the same....Who is the better fielder in this side? Sehwag, Gambhir, laxman, sachin, zaheer, ashwin, ishant --> all these are too bad only blaming dravid is just trying to escape from the situation....if the team has to be changed ...we need a fresh set of eleven players....

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 21:48 GMT)

Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman didn't do too badly, as compared to the other 3 top batsmen in the playing XI. If failure was the grounds for their ouster, Sehwag and Gambhir should go too. Kohli was the only saving grace. Dhoni was a poor captain, in Ian Chappell's words, supported by Ravi Shastri and Saurav Ganguly. The coach was no inspiration either. He is the first that needs to go. He made a mess of the English team, and now he has done it to India. The selection committee and the BCCI haven't done any wonders neither. All in all it is one big mess, which needs to be sorted out.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 21:41 GMT)

Yeah ryt ... Wait till New Zealand also paints CHOONA on your face in your next home series, Then Retire with Honour.

Posted by ChuckyDoll on (January 28, 2012, 21:38 GMT)

Dravid's statement translates into this: "For the next 8 months, we will disappear and you media and people will forget. Then we will come out of our hibernation, continue to refer to our greatness of 2001 and resume the farcical representation for India in Test Cricket. Just like my friend GG said, nobody can ask us to retire and will go when we want to go, why............ because we have been so great in the past. Don't ask us questions, just let us do whatever we want with no accountability. Yeah, so what if we lost, it happens!".

Sorry, but my respect for Dravid just dropped by half.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 21:37 GMT)

Dear Dravid, you've been playing for more than a decade and you will have to give way to the young talent so that they become the future players. How long would you like to play? Instead of playing for yourself, teach others on how to play and train them or manage an academy which brings new talent like what Anil Kumble did. Look at the Aussie players like the McGrath's and try to follow what they did for their country. Learn from the mistakes, be visionary and be a responsible sportsperson.

Posted by S.Jagernath on (January 28, 2012, 21:27 GMT)

As an intelligent man,I'd expect Rahul Dravid to pick the correct time to retire.Now might be that time.He is one of the greatest batsmen of all time but he is now an old man.He seems to have aged a lot since the test at Trent Bridge,which was a very quick pitch.India does not need Dravid,Tendulkar or Laxman in Indian conditions,so retirement is a good option.Ajinkya Rahane & Cheteshwar Pujara are sparring for that #3 spot.India have the talent,its just about it being developed & utilised.Development can only take place in English County Cricket.Pankaj Singh,Rituraj Rajeev Singh & Dhawal Kulkarni are the seamers that should spend some time in England.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 21:16 GMT)

Not sure why people are wanting to get rid of him, he's the only one that stood up to be counted against England, in less than favourable conditions for him (opening). Where were Dhoni, Laxman, Tendulkar, etc., when England were on the rampage? The last person India should get rid of is Dravid, the guy is a class apart. How knee-jerk is this from the Indian fans?

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 21:12 GMT)

As India has a big holiday, why BCCI is not taking a decision to play some test matches against Pakistan on that period at home or in UAE?

Posted by clouds1231230 on (January 28, 2012, 21:12 GMT)

I am Pak fan, i am very disapointed by indian batsmen especially dravid and sachin,,there is no wounder they both are legends and i think nobody would break sachin record in 100 years, india produced sachin thn how could they wont produce another sachin??time for them to retired ,examples of Imran khan when he was on peak and retired.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 21:04 GMT)

Dravid, you are the man who has one India most matches. Shouldn't you retire now so that younger players can at least experience international competition on familiar pitches, so that when we tour abroad in 2013, they have some exposure on how to play test cricket. Please retire NOW!

Posted by chedullasreedhar on (January 28, 2012, 20:57 GMT)

shame to backup the senoirs,

Posted by Rajesh. on (January 28, 2012, 20:52 GMT)

Rahul Dravid deserves the privilege to decide when he wants to go............. he has done enough to earn that privilege. And people who are all calling for his head should remember that whenever he decides to quit it's not him who will be poorer but Indian Cricket will be. It's time we learn to appreciate and acknowledge what men like Dravid have done for us over a period of time, not just in a series or two.....

Posted by Rumy1 on (January 28, 2012, 20:42 GMT)

The Test team for forthcoming home series should look like this....Wasim Jaffer, Rahane, S.Badrinath/C.Pujara, M.Kaif (Capt.), V.Kohli, Rohit Sharma, W.Saha/I.Khaleel (WK), Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan, Ishant Sharma/Umesh Yadav and Pragyan Ojha. The other three spots could be for S.Sreesanth, Manoj Tiwary, and PA Reddy. Extraordinary problems need out of box thinking to solve. Look at Aussies. They have appointed Bailey as Captain of their T20 international side even when Bailey is yet to make an international T20 debut.

Posted by Rumy1 on (January 28, 2012, 20:41 GMT)

So we saw more of the same. Enough man.Time to rest Sehwag, Gambhir, Dravid, Sachin and Laxman. Clearly, Sehwag is the most irresponsible player in team. This is proved time and again. Good time to bring Jaffer, Badrinath, Pujara and Kaif for the Test series at home. Wasim Jaffer, Badri and Pujara would be a great blend. Kaif would be a great addition as well. Kaif has always been a captaincy material. Make him the Captain. Besides youngsters, you need some experience too. Both Kaif and Jaffer are in early 30s.Sounds much better than greats in 38s / 39s. Time to blood in Rohit Sharma too.Bring back Harbhajan. Ashwin remains an avg. Ranji level offie who has carrom ball. Ashwin stands sorted out by international batsmen including lesser mortals like Bravo,Chanderpaul, Russel, Rampaul, etc. Pragyan Ojha should also be brought back in. He is a much better bowler with lot more variation and skills than this Srikanth favorite - Ashwin.Time to confirm Saha or I.Khaleel -India's best wk now

Posted by Sports4Youth on (January 28, 2012, 20:35 GMT)

Dear R.Dravid. You are 39+ now. You will be close to 40 when india play the next Test series. How long do you intend to play ? Don't you think that some of the very promising youngsters like Rahane, Rohit & Pujara are being blocked away from their righfull opportunities ? Also i don't understand this thing about NZ comming to India without India going to NZ. If i am right NZ came to India in Nov, 2010 and since then we have not gone to NZ. How did this come about?

Posted by BnH1985Fan on (January 28, 2012, 20:18 GMT)

I must say this is horrible -- Indian seniors should absolutely retire. They are occupying places in the team thereby wasting talent like Rohit Sharma, Rahane, Pujara, Raina. They can't bat in foreign conditions, and are lethargic in the field. I was hoping the rumors of Dravid retiring would come true; as a bonus, I was hoping Rahul would convince remaining 3 seniors to retire at the same time. Alas, Indian fans must continue to endure these **stars** of the yesteryear. And that's a shame. I am all about respecting their service to the game; now it is time for them to serve by making way for youth.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 20:17 GMT)

This is a wise decision. Hang on Biggies.... U guys desrve a good send offf.... The team also needs a proper phasing out of Laxman, Dravid & Sachin.....

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 20:03 GMT)

dravid you are a person who has always put team foward of anything else please do it one final time in your playing carrer for the future of indian cricket retire you were and always will be our hero

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 20:01 GMT)

Where is Sachin Tendulkar?

Posted by ramAB83 on (January 28, 2012, 19:49 GMT)

if dravid retired before england series last year.. den dat will be de worst defeat for india ever. he the one man to score some runs.. so he should not be retired. better we can play without shewag without laxman.. but not the great wall of india..

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 19:46 GMT)

No need to retire. One bad series doesn't make anyone retire. Newcomers still need to learn and who can be a mentor than Dravid.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 19:40 GMT)

that is shameless from dravid ...

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 19:30 GMT)

It's time to stand behind the team. Support Senior Trio and Team India like we did:

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 19:24 GMT)

Dravid is still the best player and so called The Wall of India.Needless to mention his contribution to Indian cricket and world cricket fraternity.Mere2 or 3 oversees failures should not be a valid reason to allege and doubt his caliber and commitment.Don't forget prior to India's series Ricky ponting and Mike Hussey likes were almost on the verge of knock out from Australian Test Cricket.Yes...India has performed poorly and strong steps need to be taken to ensure future oversees series goes well with india's favour..But with that mission BCCI should not take some quick steps which will harm indian cricket..Introduce young promising players...Undoubtedly..But phase out seniors carefully so that these young players perform and learn under the guidance of these senior experienced players

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 19:22 GMT)

Dravid..please retire now and save some cannot bat, catch and run like you used to...what more proof does some one need to know that you are not good anymore..Playing for India was something you earned, dont make it look like it was your birth right. You guys have already wasted a year of kolhi,sharma and pujara, please dont make those young guns wait any had your time mate, better start to think outside of cricket..good luck and we love you for all your efforts..

Posted by Al_Bundy1 on (January 28, 2012, 19:19 GMT)

Dravid - show some honor please retire with dignity. It will be a shame to watch you dragged out and dumped

Posted by Rakesh_Sharma on (January 28, 2012, 19:17 GMT)

It does not matter whether he retires or not.Tendulkar ,Dravid and Laxman will never retire. Selectors should not select them.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 19:15 GMT)

It's only prudent if Dravid retires immediately from all cricket. It's good for him and for Indian cricket in general. There are players like Rohit Sharma, Cheteshwar Pujara, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, Murali Vijay etc., waiting in the wings too long. It's better to lose matches with young players than with senior players who are over 35. Not only that, these senior players(VVS, Dravid, Tendulkar) do not look like they have the hunger anymore. Indian test cricket is at crossroads with all these star players losing form and hunger to succeed. We need young players with strong technique and BCCI should conduct a lot of India A tours to Australia, England and South Africa in the next 3-4 years which will help find the right players. Also, our bowling looks very bad. Zaheer Khan will go in another 1-2 years. Ishant Sharma is not capable of taking wickets. Umesh is okay. We need more bowlers like Umesh. All in all, BCCI should focus on younger lot 18-24 and groom them for future.

Posted by JoseBautista on (January 28, 2012, 19:09 GMT)

this guy is a legend. people keep on saying he is done because he is old but the whole team was bad. him and a very few other guys in india can play test cricket and are pure batsmen, so don't pressure him! I say he should play the august test series vs NZ!

Posted by crindo77 on (January 28, 2012, 19:08 GMT)

Of coures, he wont retire, the shameless old man that he is. He wants to play the home series on flat pitches in India so that he can redeem some of his dignity. He can barely run, has been dropping catches regularly and his gate is wide open. Dhoni looks like he is all alone, inspite of these relics standing next to him in the slips everyday for the last 8 overseas matches. Zero input. How come nobody is accusing these guys of wanting to carry on because of 'financial reasons' like Chappell accused Ganguly of? I'm sure BCCI will include them in the Home series again as these 'veterans' will portray themselves as India best option. Keep it up old man. Your country deserves you.

Posted by Vasum on (January 28, 2012, 18:53 GMT)

Dravid, if you retire now, it will be happy ending. If they drop you out, it will be sad ending. Make your decision NOW.

Posted by mukundh1 on (January 28, 2012, 18:43 GMT)

You don't have to Rahul. It was our team's collective failure. Let individuals take no moral responsibility for the defeat, for that would be unacceptable. Please do not admit that your eyesight is failing you (despite getting bowled eight times). Please do not concede that you are slowing down the tempo of the game by scratching your way at the crease irrespective of the needs of the situation. The lesser said about your slip catching and running between the wickets, the better. Hang on, for as long as you can so that when you are finally ditched for non-performance, we may feel no sympathy for you and thus forget to acknowledge your greatness.

Posted by Cpt.Meanster on (January 28, 2012, 18:40 GMT)

Dear Rahul, I don't understand what you mean by 'one series at a time'. I have utmost respect for what you have done for Indian cricket BUT I think you have to be reasonable and fair towards our younger players. Please PLEASE retire. Hopefully that would convince Laxman and Sachin to follow suit. Another 7 or 8 months of no cricket is not gonna make your mind and body any fresh. Pave the way for a NEW INDIA dear Rahul. Let the team go back to former glory. LET the team win/lose with fresh blood. Enough is enough ! We Indians cannot go through any more torture.

Posted by Rakim on (January 28, 2012, 18:38 GMT)

I think Indian "greats" are being selfish. If they can't win matches let alone series for their country... then they shoul RETIRE and give a chance to people who actually wanna win

Posted by rahulcricket007 on (January 28, 2012, 18:34 GMT)


Posted by bombay4u on (January 28, 2012, 18:21 GMT)

What BCCI slectors need to do is have 5 year plan for Pitches in india, by which all pitches would become gradually more sportier each year so first year offer more bounce and then more grass with some turn on day 4-5 that way even at Junior level players learn and grow up with bounce and grass on the pitch.Gradual increase in thier sportyness will give time for players to adjust the batting style and time for making phisical changes to the grounds. For batting at any given time two of the 4 should not be in test team, meaning rotation tell juniour are more ready and learn from seniors, i.e not to play Laxman atall, only two of the 4 meaning , Shevag, Tendulker, Dravid or Ghamhir to play in given match rest of the spots to go to new emerging players. Shevag should never be the captain, he does not know any thing about how to place his feilders and attach the teams.

Posted by East_West on (January 28, 2012, 18:18 GMT)

Shame on you DraviD - go out with pride - and please give a chance to any youngster- your, laxman and sachin shelf life is done! get the hell out shameless fellows!! sachin is just useless - 100 who cares dude! get out now! laxman go and play in ranji!! shameless spineless Fake 3 + fltatrack bully - gauti and sehwag!! dhoni, please resign and move on!!!

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 18:15 GMT)

I think Dravid is the best overseas player and record holder in India so I don't think he should retire at this time. I would say laxman should retire since he is not playing with the bat neither his fielding is gud nor running between the wickets. We should not forget our Opening pair who is also very important debacle in the last 2 overseas series. Mukund played well against England but all people wanted Sehwag at that time, Now he should get chances instead of gambhir or sehwag. Go India go, ALL THE BEST for upcoming ODI's.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 18:13 GMT)

Mr. Rahul ! You are not just a veteran (35+), you are 39+. You have been bowled 7 times (counting the no ball off Siddle) in a single series sir. Even Chris Martin would have felt ashamed after that. Plus you didn't catch a single time in the entire series. Do you believe that through any means of your past records, you get a place in this team?

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 18:09 GMT)

This is height of shamelessness from a man, who had indirectly given little bit to the team from his selfish slow batting over the years. What else does Rahul Dravid think is required for him to be "thrown" out of the team, and he doesn't care for the team!! Probably it is the bunch of all those "fair critics" which has made Dravid think that his contribution in the team has been unmatchable for some reason. They tell that he has kept the wickets for the team in ODIs, which is supposed to be a great selfless favor for team; err, he wouldn't have been in the team, had he not kept wickets in those days, he did it for himself. He is the only potent person who can draw a test match, when we would surely have won, eg: 3rd test in England (2007), when he wanted to improve his own batting records, didn't give a follow-on, and batted as a snail to kill the game. Someone please tell Dravid that we too don't want you to retire, because you should be stripped off from the team!!

Posted by SibaMohanty on (January 28, 2012, 17:59 GMT)

Respect. You can only have respect for this man. The manner in which played his cricket, the manner in which he conducted himself on and off field, his unselfish approach, his commitment and work ethics are qualities rare to find. Even in centre of criticism after a failure for which he would be cursing himself, he knows the value of his words and his action. My respect for Rahul Dravid gets enhanced every passing day.

Posted by Dhanavignesh on (January 28, 2012, 17:50 GMT)

Yes, i agree with Dravid. No need to make immediate decision about retirement of Dravid and VVS. Already they made a good platform for young test cricketers. We need them to handover to youngster with a big smile on their face not with a hand under chin. Hope dear dravid and VVS will do necessary steps for the future test matches. We (indian fans) looking for a good cricket in fore-coming 20 and 50 over matches. Surely they will make some magical move in 20 and 50 over match in aus to boost the supporters hope on indian cricketers. Cheers Dravid..........

Posted by Romenevans on (January 28, 2012, 17:46 GMT)

When i think about Indian Cricket, Passion and self respect, team above records, only one name comes in my mind, Anil Kumble. Rest all are suffering with a disease called "Selfishness"! Enough said.

Posted by Romenevans on (January 28, 2012, 17:45 GMT)

When i think about Indian Cricket, Passion and self respect, team above records, only one name comes in my mind, Anil Kumble.

Posted by m_ilind on (January 28, 2012, 17:42 GMT)

In Indian cricket, players are either forced to retire or they announce their retirement when they are on the verge of being dropped. Only the great Sunny retired on his own terms, when he was still performing! still remember his last Test innings against Pak in B'lore! that's a truly great player for you!

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 17:39 GMT)

Totally agree, VVS, Dravid and Tendulkar very much part of the rise to the no.1 TEST RANKING...... They still have a lot to offer........

Remember, once McGrath, Hayden and Co. retired, AUSTRALIA were losing quite regularly.... Only now are they re-building!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, all three have lot to offer to TEAM INDIA in TEST CRICKET for a couple of years more.................

Posted by Khiladiyon_ka_khiladi on (January 28, 2012, 17:36 GMT)

Dravid and Tendulkar are playing good and missed this series so they can get a chance, But Sehwag Gambhir Laxman and Dhoni are the main who let team down they are main culprit of last 2 overseas series all time it seemed to me they got out because they are afraid of getting out and they unnecessarily too much defensive, they blocked their shots and got out in last inning sehwag did good job when siddle forgot his line and length but it was too late, if he had shown that type of character before then it would have different series such as other players did same. they didn't try to attack I'll again say they were not good bowling attack its you ppl who made it look like that. even you made good batting pitch like a bowling paradise.I think with too much 20-20 you forgot how to stay in 5 days match.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 17:32 GMT)

Dravid said "We haven't done so well in abroad over the last couple of series but I'm hopeful that some of the young kids will come through''. If no one going to retire from the team, how come young kids will come through Mr. Dravid ?

Posted by Romenevans on (January 28, 2012, 17:29 GMT)

Dravid said """"We haven't done so well abroad over the last couple of series but I'm hopeful that some of the young kids will come through. It might take a bit of time but we'll build up a strong base. """" and """Their next Test series is only in August, at home against New Zealand. """ LOL! That sums it up nicely, no need to say anything else. Don't want to retire...but youngsters will do good....Next series a home series vs. new zealand....Wow Good! No! Very good indeed!

Posted by Herath-UK on (January 28, 2012, 17:28 GMT)

I think IPL is playing a role in a player's retirement these days if especially from India and Sri Lanka;of course you are bound to get a higher bidding if you are in the current team.Who can blame them? Ranil Herath - Kent

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 17:26 GMT)

Guys, these players have performed phenomenally over the years! The law of averages have just caught up, so give these guys a break! I feel the trio have a good 2-3 years left in them. Look at Ponting & Hussey! Their comeback was just wow! The trio will be back stronger! I can guarantee that these three still have their best innings left to be played for India!

Posted by Romenevans on (January 28, 2012, 17:24 GMT)

He was my Hero. Never expected him to be that selfish. I'm embarrassed to say that "I was one of those fans of Dravid the team mean" Leaving the team for better future, is the best possible thing you can do to still contribute for the team. Still don't want to retire??? Never seen such selfish people ever in my life. Feels so disgusted.

Posted by s3ns3 on (January 28, 2012, 17:19 GMT)

Dravid's waterloo started in '07/'08 tour of Aus when he was asked only to take the shine off the new ball and definitely NOT repeat '03/'04 heroics. He lost his natural competitive nature. He briefly regained his top form only to be asked again not be the top dog or risk being dropped or life made difficult. It's a shame Dravid plays is at the mercy of foxes who toe the line of the so-called best batman! Pity Dravid!

Posted by donda on (January 28, 2012, 17:18 GMT)

Just let them play, see Ponting just scored over 500 runs in this series at home. These old players when play in india will score heavily so why to worry for next two years. No need to give chance to new players because they are not playing abroad any more. If these players fail at home then fire them.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 17:10 GMT)

Dravid...The only player who thinks about the team.Team needs you in tests .Other 2 seniors need to think of retirement, (and 0-8 is a slap on "Dhoni-the great captain" ,"IPL","100th hundred" and the "world cup title".)

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 17:09 GMT)

Every soul knows that Rahul is the perfect team man!! So if he feels that he should leave for the betterment of the team then surely he will hang up his boots!! So people should stop questioning his place in the side as he will leave when the time is right for him and the team!!

Posted by rahulkmc on (January 28, 2012, 17:07 GMT)

First time since I have seen Rahul playing (long before you debuted for India) I feel that he has hurt me and a billion others with this statement. I was expecting him of all people to hang up his boots after a wonderful career. He has nothing to prove anymore. He is near invincible at home and was quite often the lonely soldier fighting away from home when others gave in meekly. I was expecting him to put country ahead of him and let younger players come in his place. He wont be getting any younger in 7 months time when India plays a test match. For once I feel really let down by Rahul.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 17:06 GMT)

The wall - Youngsters like Virat and Rohit need your mentoring ... We want you to stay for another couple of seasons

Posted by TheCommonMan on (January 28, 2012, 17:04 GMT)

Hi Friends,

Don't blindly say that the seniors has to retire. Before that, We have see the recent tour records. From the records we would finalize who is the first person has to retire Dhoni WI Series (Away) 3 5 0 97 74 19.40 Eng series (Away) 4 8 1 220 77 31.42 WI (Home) 3 5 1 165 144 41.25 Aus (Away) 3 6 1 102 57* 20.40 Schewag Eng series (Away) 2 4 0 41 33 10.25 WI (Home) 3 5 0 245 60 49.00 Aus (Away) 4 8 0 198 67 24.75 Lax WI Series (Away) 3 6 1 243 87 48.60 Eng series (Away) 4 8 0 182 56 22.75 WI (Home) 3 5 2 298 176* 99.33 Aus (Away) 4 8 0 155 66 19.37 Sachin Record Eng series (Away) 4 8 0 273 91 34.12 WI (Home) 3 5 0 218 94 43.60 Aus (Away) 4 8 0 287 80 35.87 Dravid WI Series (Away) 3 6 1 251 112 50.20 Eng series (Away) 4 8 2 461 146* 76.83 WI (Home) 3 5 0 319 119 63.80 Aus (Away) 4 8 0 194 68 24.25

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 17:02 GMT)

Frankly, i have no more respect left for these guys anymore now. They have proved once and for all that how selfish they are. Man, we would've had some hope at least if they had put up good fight. They were just zombies on the field. Keeping them in the team is going to do more harm then any good.

Posted by trinibay on (January 28, 2012, 16:57 GMT)

Eight months away until the next test? Dravid should retire immediately..imagine being bowled 5 rimes in a series..India need to seriously consider retiring these players Tendulkar who goes in a shell and wont attack the bowling, Dravid and Laxman who cant run. Cricket has changed and if India dont change they are going to be the laughing stock of the cricketing world. If you compare Indias bowlers to the Aussies the indian bowlers are only half as fit. I say fire the coach as well.. 2 series 8 losses...

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 16:57 GMT)

great here comes more loses it wont be long until we start to lose in india what was the point of taking rohit sharma along when they werent going to give him a chance dravid,laxman,tendulkar all need to retire they are legends but theres a time when you gotta go and now is the time they should have retired after the world cup

Posted by g.jeevan05 on (January 28, 2012, 16:55 GMT)

One series at a time as Dravid said in England.Give "The Wall" respect he needs after all he was India's best Batsmen last year!!!!

Posted by anilkp on (January 28, 2012, 16:54 GMT)

Stat from S. Rajest is an eye-opener: this series saw terribly high bowling averages and terribly low batting averages. That the seniors did not play a role that they are so much expected to--and capable of--playing, is obvious. But, equally annoying is the bowling anf fielding. The new-ball bowlers were damn smart to scalp first 3 wickets in almost each innings, but then took ages to take the 4th. Zaheer, Ishant, Yadav, all were fit. The pitches were helpful; someone quipped they would also be licking their lips watching the WACA strip. But what happened? Yadav is consistently going for over 5 runs each over; Ishant traded a wicket for 90-odd runs. When the batters do not score, bowlers do not take wickets, fielders do not latch on to flying balls, captains exhibit blatant indifference and aloofness, old seniors refuge to hang their boots, young players wait for the opposition to tour India so that they can give something in return...where is any hope?

Posted by Haxin on (January 28, 2012, 16:51 GMT)

I am genuinely surprised. I had always thought Dravid, who carries himself with so much dignity, would call it quits rather than be shown the door. Both VVS and Dravid should go now and give the youngsters a chance. It's not like scoring mountains of runs against NZ in India is going to prove anything.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 16:51 GMT)

rahul dravid retirement is not needed

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 16:47 GMT)

not like that sir,we no need players who cant able to save atleast one test out of four in australia.we need players to beat australia in australia

Posted by anilkp on (January 28, 2012, 16:44 GMT)

I have no disrespect for The Legends; but if we have to lose like this, better we lose with the youngsters. That will make them stronger. More now than before, a young player misses a chance if a senior plays. The seniors have achieved all they wanted to; they should have that pragmatic mindset to look at their own former colleague Ganguly; or several other competitors like Nasseer Hussain. If they played this series like Ponting did, no Indian fan would react to Dravid's statements now. But, the truth is, none of them did what Ponting did. Three series, 11 Tests, including two 4-0s, is too long a time to keep failing and still boast that all is well. Personally, I do believe that The Legends can still notch up hundreds; but please, let us start building for the future. Now.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 16:39 GMT)

This legend has done so much for our Indian cricket just one bad series you cant blame these guys why not blame Dhoni and ask him to retire I suppose Saha did better than him... The 3 legends atleast showed some character to stay at crease along with Kohli unlike Gambhir, Viru n Dhoni.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 16:39 GMT)

Need Dravid around to help mentor the younger guys into the team. But in order for that to happen we need the younger guys in the team!! Come on selectors, sort yourselves out! Should have already had an idea who can replace the big 3. Need Pujara, Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Mukund, Rahane, and maybe even Raina to be regulars in the Test team before the next away tour in 2013

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 16:37 GMT)

Everybody become better in their home turf; so is Australia.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 16:34 GMT)

Really...:) He should stay as long as he can... one bad series can't make him a bad player. Good luck dravid. Once he finds a right person for no.3 slot he can move down the order and finally end on high....!

Posted by VickGower on (January 28, 2012, 16:34 GMT)

"We haven't done so well abroad over the last couple of series but I'm hopeful that some of the young kids will come through. It might take a bit of time but we'll build up a strong base."

How will the young kids come through if you guys don't vacate your slots? You are 39. You are financially secure. You can play IPL and stay involved with the game. We can't test youngsters for the 2,3,4 slots by playing them as openers, or at no. 6.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 16:33 GMT)

lol................itz 0-8 and even now these fellows dont want to retire...GOD help us....!if it is the 100 century that is stopping sachin`s retirement i dunt what is stopping Dravid and LAXMAN from retiring............way to go pujara,rahane,rohit,virat,mukund,badri,,karthick,pandey ,robin and pathan!

Posted by nlambda on (January 28, 2012, 16:33 GMT)

Am pretty sure this was the last game for Dravid. My guess is he was persuaded by Srikanth, Dhoni and Sehwag to not retire today to avoid further heating up of the mood back in India. Fact is that Sehwag, Dhoni, and Srikanth all deserve to be fired and will be trying very hard to calm tempers right now and save their jobs.

Posted by gkannuchamy on (January 28, 2012, 16:31 GMT)

Did Ponting and many seniors in the Australian side announce retirement from the game for the humiliating defeat the team had suffered recently in India? Looks like media (esp the Western media) are trying to bite off more than what they could only chew.

Posted by   on (January 28, 2012, 16:27 GMT)

come on Dravid........when........give chance to others who can do better..

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