April 15, 2003

State selection panel re-elected

Cricket Victoria is pleased to announce the 2002/03 State Selection Panel was re-elected last night for two years, until the completion of the 2004/05 season.

The decision, made at last night's April Delegates meeting, was a ground breaking one as it was the first time the State Selection Panel had been re-elected for a period of longer than twelve months.

Cricket Victoria's Chief Executive Officer, Mr Ken Jacobs, said the decision demonstrated faith and support for the job the selectors had done in the recently completed season. "It was agreed by all delegates that the selection panel be given a two year period in which they can continue to work with our coaching staff to develop a playing list that they believe will bring success to Victorian cricket in both the Pura and ING Cups".

He added " the selectors were very diligent in their approach in ensuring the best sides were picked to represent the Bushrangers and we congratulate them for their commitment to the task".

The Victorian State Selection Panel comprises Michael O'Sullivan (Chairman), Ray Bright, John MacWhirter and coach David Hookes.