The winners are... December 29, 2006

Ashes competition No.4 results

Cricinfo staff

Steve Waugh faced England in a record 45 Ashes Tests © Getty Images
Just when you thought Christmas was all over for another year here it comes again - well, at least for the five lucky winners of our Melbourne Ashes competition. It certainly turned into more of a fight than England managed to give Australia, so after the gifts handed out to Shane Warne at the MCG now it's Cricinfo's turn to dish out some festive offerings.

First off, no doubt you are all eagerly wanting to know the answer to our little teaser - which Australia player holds the record for appearances in Ashes Tests? The answer is Steve Waugh, who lined up against the old enemy 45 times in official Ashes matches. Thanks for all those who answered Allan Border, but his tally of 47 matches includes five matches which weren't Ashes Tests while Waugh's includes just one which wasn't for the Ashes.

Julian Callachor, United States
Stephen Rance, Ashby, Western Australia
Melissa Meredith, Boulder, Western Australia
Nick Moore, Sydney
Denise Bowles, Karratha, Western Australia

Well done to those five - prizes are on the way quicker than you can say 'Skippy the bush kangaroo' - and don't forget there'll be another chance for get your hands on some Ashes goodies during the final Test at Sydney, which starts on January 2. Happy New Year.