April 26, 2016

We are family

I've got all my sisters (and brothers and parents) with me

Pardeep Pandit / © Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Behind every successful cricketer is a family that helped get him/her get there.

Harbhajan Singh is resplendent in his wedding attire, which includes a sword and a garland made of several 100-rupee notes, while seeking blessings at a gurdwara with his sister (left) and mother (right) before his wedding in Jalandhar.

In 2011, Harbhajan's mother, Avtar Kaur, once sent a legal notice to UB Spirits objecting to an MS Dhoni advertisement that mocked one featuring her son. She demanded a public apology, saying such an ad would create "disunity and friction" in the India team, which, at that time, was in England for a Test series they would go on to lose 4-0.

McNeill / © Getty Images

On Sheffield Shield debut in Sydney, New South Wales opener Len Richardson had his arm broken by Jeff Thomson, playing for Queensland. Richardson was NSW's top scorer in the first innings with 87 before he retired hurt. Here his sister Margaret hands him a cup of coffee in his parents' home in Sydney on the rest day of the match. As an expert on brother-sister relationships, I'm going to confidently state that this service was only provided at the photographer's request.

Graham Chadwick / © Getty Images

In the long line of foreign-born England Test cricketers is also Andy Caddick, born and raised in New Zealand. Here he visits his parents and dog in Christchurch during England's 1996-97 tour to the country. Don't miss the serious side-eye (and stink-eye?) the adorable beast is giving photographer Graham Chadwick.

SR Gaiger / © Getty Images

England captain Percy Chapman's mother fixes a sprig of "lucky" heather in his buttonhole before the Test team departs for their 1930-31 tour of South Africa. But the tour didn't go so well for Chapman or England. They lost the Tests 1-0 and Chapman's highest score in the five matches was 28. It was also the last Test series of his career.

Michael Dodge / © Getty Images

It's a swamp - the Marshes* are here. Test cricketers Shaun and Mitchell flank their father Geoff, a former Test opener, mother Michelle and Mitchell's partner Isabelle Platt at a Christmas lunch in Melbourne in 2015.

April 26, 12.15 GMT: Updated to reflect that the photo, in fact, doesn't have all the Marsh siblings.

Nishi Narayanan is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo